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Here at Marijuana Seeds Center, we welcome all cannabis growers, collectors, marijuana aficionados, and people who would like to grow marijuana plants. We believe that the best way to grow the best tasting, good quality, and most delicious weed is to start from the best and the freshest cannabis seeds.

We searched the world for the top marijuana seed breeders and brands to partner with so we can build this One-Stop Shop for Premium Cannabis seeds so you won’t have to jump from one seed bank to another just to buy your favorite cannabis strains at the same time. You can do it all here for the best prices.


We dream of a happier and greener planet. We can only achieve this through your help. Instead of buying weed, we urge cannabis aficionados to try growing their own supply of high-quality organic weed. With our best-quality cannabis seeds, every grower can successfully grow marijuana even in the comfort of your homes and gardens.

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There’s no need to look elsewhere to buy marijuana seeds online. We are your best weed seeds shopping destination because of the following reasons:

Amazing Deals Await You

Deals are offered every now and then like Free Shipping, Extra Seeds, and a lot more. Surprises await you if you choose us.

Discreet Shipping Methods

We understand that privacy and secrecy are of top importance for you that’s why only use discreet shipping anywhere from around the world. The seeds are shipped inside a discreet packaging.

Highest Seed Germination Rates

We are proud to have the most viable marijuana seeds in the market. As long as you follow our simple germination steps, you can sprout your marijuana seeds quickly and securely even at home.

Partners with Top Marijuana Brands Only

We have very strict standards in choosing which marijuana breeders and brands to carry. We have built our business from scratch through word-of-mouth as our customers refer us to their friends and we do want to maintain that.

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How to order cannabis seeds at Marijuana Seeds Center?

It’s easy to order cannabis seeds at Marijuana Seeds Center. No matter where you are, anytime, anywhere, you can always place your order from our seed brand and breeder partners through our website. You must be at least 19 years of age to order cannabis seeds. 

We recommend that you first browse our large collection of cannabis seeds. Decide first what kind of marijuana plant you want to grow. All our seeds are efficiently cataloged so you can easily find what you need. Choose from regular, feminized, auto-flowering, fast version, or high-CBD seeds.

We do not accept COD payments. Please check our list of payment methods before you place your order. If you prefer a payment method that’s not on our list, please contact us before you order.

We have special deals and promos as well as free seeds for qualified orders.

No, we don’t have an actual, physical store. To place your orders, visit our official site. Ordering through our official site is like buying seeds from an actual seed bank. We guarantee that your orders are secure and all information that you share with us is safe and are used only to verify your orders.

We have guarantees for all our deliveries. We guarantee that your seeds will arrive fresh, ready to sprout and grow as soon as you germinate them. We have high success rate of delivery with our methods.

We have special deals on shipping.

We sell the best cannabis seeds at the most affordable prices. All our seeds are of the highest quality, are fresh, and will sprout as soon as you germinate them. You may compare our prices with other seed banks and find out how much you can save when you order your cannabis seeds from Marijuana Seeds Center.

Yes, depending on your country. Our seeds are shipped from multiple locations from around the world to make sure of high success of delivery. If the delivery hub won’t pass any borders then you will receive them inside the original breeder’s packaging.

Yes, we ship worldwide via our discreet shipping methods. The seeds will be packed inside random stuff like toys, cellphone casing, wallet, and many others.

We guarantee that all our orders are shipped to customers once we receive payment. In case your orders are seized at the border or during inspections, we will gladly replace this at no extra cost.

The answer depends on where you’re located. Usually, order arrives in 7 to 21 days. You will receive an email notification though with an estimated delivery time after you place your order.

You must be at least 19 years old to order cannabis seeds. If the legal age or age of maturity for ordering cannabis in your area is 21 years old then you must be at least this age to order. We require identification to prove your age when you receive your package by mail.

We accept all kinds of payments including cash by mail, credit card payments, and bank transfers among others. We don’t accept Cash on Delivery. Please find and use your most trusted and most preferred payment option for your needs. And if you have a preferred payment method that’s not on our list, contact us before you place your orders so we can help you out.

We accept payments in USD as this is the international currency for paying for products online.

Stealth shipping is a type of shipping that delivers cannabis seeds secretly to any destination locally or abroad. When you choose stealth shipment, your orders will be removed from their original packaging and sent inside items that are completely unrelated to cannabis or marijuana. It can be inside toys, clocks, books, cards, and other items. Also, stealth shipping ensures that your information won’t be seen on the package. There are no shipping addresses, logos, brand names, or anything that will tell that there are cannabis seeds inside the box or package. Our stealth shipping comes with a minimum price.