Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review

If you are looking for high-quality marijuana seeds at affordable prices then you might want to check this company. However, before buying some cannabis seeds from them, read our Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds review.

Shipment Options: Worldwide Discreet Shipping
Company Location: The Netherlands
Payment Methods Offered: Cash, Credit Card, Bitcoin, SEPA/Bank, Western Union

History of the Company

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is a company which was established in 1993. Ever since that year, it has already been known to ship only high-quality cannabis seeds to different countries. This online seed bank is also known for other positive reasons, including their capability to do fast shipment, and not to mention, discreet delivery of seed orders. This company comes as a result of the effort of a group of stoners who have decided to dedicate their lives to becoming breeders. They work in collecting, as well as spreading cannabis seeds to different locations all over the world. The founders believe that all individuals deserve to enjoy the benefits of using marijuana for educational, recreational, and most importantly, for medical reasons.

Choices and Seed Quality

When it comes to selecting cannabis strains from this online seed bank, you can expect a lot of different options. In fact, the website’s main page claims that they are home to over 100 different marijuana strains, all of which are categorized appropriately, making them very easy to search. At the same time, there is a specific portion in the seed bank’s website that features the available “hot items”. They are being featured so as to make them accessible even for new growers. This online seed bank does not just sell marijuana seeds, but also marijuana-growing related products.

Customer Service Capabilities

The customer service team may be contacted via email. Also, there is a page that is solely designed for frequently asked questions. This page enables you to search for particular answers even without having to directly ask a representative of the customer service team. The online seed bank has received positive responses in this aspect.

Website Functionality

The website of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is relatively easy to use, even for beginners. All of the things that you need can easily be located on a single page. There are certain links leading to well-organized pages. Accessing such pages is also easy, complete with images and graphics which are clear when it comes to giving guide and instructions. This can definitely help you in making well-informed decisions when buying your marijuana seeds. The hot deal items are also displayed on the main page. For each option on marijuana strains, the specific number of seeds included in a single pack is also clearly indicated. Another interesting feature of the website is the fact that even though the primary language being used in English, changing to other languages can also be done for more effective understanding. This is also true when it comes to the possibility of changing the currency depending on your location.

Shipment Options

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer worldwide shipment. Customers are provided with the tracking details in order to make sure that checking and tracking of their order status become relatively easy. At the same time, the shipping period does not just depend on the schedule of the postal service of the company, but the local services as well.

Seed Pricing/Available Payment Options

This online seed bank offers several options for payment, including cash, credit card, SEPA/Bank, bitcoin, as well as Western Union. Both the processing time as well as the time for posting may vary. The good thing is that the information is included on the page for payment options. At the same time, each payment option comes with an attached discount. Some of the payment options also offer anonymity.


  • The website presents comprehensive details regarding the available strains
  • Wide strain options available
  • Clear graphics used
  • Stealth packaging available
  • Hot deals presented on the website’s main page
  • The website also presents the related products visibly


  • The website does not provide enough details on the background of the company
  • There are certain companies where the seeds cannot be shipped

Overall Feedback

Customers who have tried ordering their seedlings from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds would certainly agree to the fact that this online seed bank is unquestionably one of the best options out there. Aside from offering stealth delivery and a wide range of available strains, the website is quite easy to use, even for first-timers.


All in all, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer an option that is guaranteed when it comes to providing marijuana seeds. On top of the actual variety of strain options, which numbers to more than 100, the company also guarantees delivery, excellent customer service, as well as worldwide shipment. Even the website is quite easy to use. This is great even for first-time growers of marijuana. Other information is also available, including forums, blogs, and a growing guide. The payment and shipment processes are very easy to complete. Overall, this company has a good reputation in the seed bank industry.

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