aphids on pot plants

Aphids on Pot Plants: How to Prevent Them?

Are you currently taking good care of marijuana plants? Maybe, you already have a marijuana garden or maybe you are still thinking of having one. Well, there are things that you must know first. You might have some ideas on how to take good care of cannabis plants and you might have knowledge of the things that your plants need. However, it is very much important that you know how to solve some problems when it comes to growing marijuana. 

You will get ideas on how to prevent aphids on pot plants with the help of this article. Let us know the things that you should do to keep your plants healthy and to maintain good development, but first, let us explore more about aphids, their signs, and how to prevent them.

What are Aphids?

You might be thinking about what aphids are. Aphids refer to the usual pests that affect most of the marijuana cultivators. They are considered as the insects that suck sap. They bring so much destruction to your plants. They have different sizes and they can also be white, black, or even green when it comes to their colors. 

By knowing the structure of aphids and how do they look like, you will be able to determine them and it would become easier for you to identify the pests on your marijuana plants. You must also observe your plants for you to spot the pests. 

Aphids on Plants: How to find?

What are the ways of finding aphids on your cannabis plants? What should you look into? They can be mostly seen in the stem part of the plants as well as on the plant’s leaves. The aphids that can’t be seen easily on marijuana plants are those green aphids. In some cases, they can be found on leaves’ underside.

You have to remember that aphids can greatly harm your plants because they can produce honeydew which is a very sticky particle that can develop into a mold. Aside from that, they can make the plant’s infestation worse. For your plants not to be damaged by the aphids, you must prevent those aphids from marijuana. 

How to Prevent Aphids on Pot Plants?

What are the possible ways of preventing aphids? Will it be a serious problem for your cannabis plants? A small population of aphids is not so serious; however, you have to remember that they can reproduce quickly which might extremely affect your plants.  You might be wondering now as to how to prevent aphids on pot plants. 

The first thing you need to do with protecting your plants from pests, you need to find a good environment for your cannabis plants. The environment that you should choose is the one that is hard to attract pests. Another thing is that the temperature of where you cultivate weed should be exact and there should be a ventilation method. 

There are also some other helpful tips on how you can protect your plants against infestation from pests. Here are the lists of the things you can do with protecting your crops:

  • Clean as well as prune the areas infected

If you were able to see aphids on the cannabis plants, you need to prune the area which is infested with them and dispose of them right away. Then, if you had pruned your plants, you need to hose or spray them water with vinegar so that the remaining insects will be killed. 

  • Organic insecticides should be used

To ensure safety for your marijuana plants, it would be best for you to use organic products rather than chemicals. Organic insecticides can help control some kind of pests. If there is already a pest infestation, then you can use the insecticides every day. You can use the organic insecticide which is called Essentria IC3. 

If your goal is to prevent future pest problems, you can add spinosad when supplying water to your plants. It would also be better for you to apply insecticidal soap. It would entirely remove the aphids, but you should not put this directly on your weed buds. It should also be applied twice. 

  • Oils for treating your weed plants

Many cultivators use some oils that are essential in treating pests in their gardens such as aphids. You can also use Neem oil in your garden. It can be used as a protection to the pest. You can also try some other oils that are effective in treating weed such as cinnamon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and lemon oil. 

All you need to do is to mix your preferred oil with the water. After that, you can apply it to the cannabis plants using the mister. The stated above oils have substances that would help prevent pests on your plants. 

You should take note not to apply oils that are aromatic because they might affect your plants’ buds’ fragrance. There are some alternative ways as well, such as with the use of some vegetable oils, for example, cottonseed, soybean, and canola. These oils won’t affect so much with the alteration of your buds’ smell. 


Growing weed and taking good care of weed takes a lot of hard work as well as effort. The growers must know the best strategies in growing weed as well as the things to do in protecting weed. If you are planning to have your weed garden, then you must first study and explore more about cannabis. You must learn the important things about cannabis. It would also be important that you are prepared and ready whenever there will be problems with your plants.

Insects and pests can be a serious problem for your plants. Therefore, you must know how to prevent them and you must know the signs. The above-mentioned ways of preventing the aphids on pot plants are very helpful with those cultivators who have problems with aphids and for those people who want to start their marijuana garden.

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