Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds for Sale

We have a variety of autoflowering marijuana seeds available all year round and we ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, and anywhere around the globe. Our automatic cannabis seeds are of the best quality and will be ready to grow as soon as you germinate them.  All our autoflowering cannabis strains are the most popular online; you can now grow the best strains in the comforts of your home. Take advantage of our best deals and discounts on shipping and for qualified orders; buy your autoflowering cannabis seeds supply now and find out how much you can save when you order today.

What are autoflowering marijuana seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are seeds that will grow into automatic or autoflowering cannabis plants. These plants will flower automatically, just like what its name suggests. Compared to regular cannabis plants that will need a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark lighting schedule, autoflowering plants won’t need any special lighting schedule to grow. Your plants will flower according to the number of weeks the plant has reached, usually at 7 to 9 weeks. 

Autoflowering plants or ruderalis flower early at 7 to 9 weeks, earlier than other strains and regular cannabis strains. Because of this, you can cultivate automatic plants twice or thrice a year. Automatic plants are also smaller than other cannabis plants. This characteristic makes an automatic strain perfect for indoor growing or stealth growth.

Can you distinguish auto seeds from other seeds when you order from seeds distributors and suppliers? The answer is no. Auto seeds look just like any other seeds. These seeds are small, round, and have a dark color, almost black. Some auto seeds shine and are dark blue while some are brown. Viable auto seeds are smooth, closed, and with no pits, holes, or cracks. Seeds that are opened or with a dry inside are not viable seeds. Also, seeds must be heavy as this means that there is viable material inside them. The only way to test how heavy seeds are is to place seeds in water. Seeds that float have no viable insides while seeds that settle at the bottom of the container are heavy seeds.

Also, proper germination of auto seeds is important to make sure that these seeds sprout correctly. We use the paper towel method to germinate auto seeds. Seeds are placed in between two moist paper towels to sprout. The towels are placed in a dark environment to keep these moist and ready to sprout. Once the seeds have sprouted, they may be transferred to a new container.

Auto seeds and auto feminized seeds are the most expensive types of seeds in most seedbanks. Even from a local seeds shop, auto seeds are very expensive and are available in short supply.

Why are automatic cannabis seeds so popular?

A lot of cannabis growers prefer automatic strains because these auto plants have the following impressive characteristics:

Automatic cannabis plants are for beginner growers

Automatic or ruderalis auto plants are known for being one of the easiest to grow. When you use autoflower seeds, there’s no need to follow a strict lighting schedule and thus, you won’t have to micro-manage your auto plants as they grow and produce buds. Beginners may not be able to expertly follow what cannabis plants need and thus, may benefit from cultivating easy-growing automatic cannabis plants. 

Autoflowering cannabis plants can save you money, time, and effort

You can save money when you grow auto plants as these plants flower early and will be ready for harvest earlier as well. And as you harvest early, you can immediately start a new set of auto plants to grow more weed. 

Autoflowering cannabis plants let you grow your medicinal or recreational weed supply

Auto seeds and autoflowering plants also come in medicinal and recreational strains and thus, you can grow your supply at home. Whether you prefer recreational or medicinal strains, you don’t have to go to a dispensary anymore.

How do you grow autoflowers from seed?

Here are some tips to grow ruderalis or auto flower plants

Provide standard cannabis plant needs

Growing autoflowering cannabis plants or auto seeds is very different from growing regular strains as these do not need to be exposed to a special lighting schedule to bloom. In fact, you don’t have to do anything for your auto plants to bloom as these will just flower automatically. 

The least you can do is to provide all its growing needs, very standard requirements for cannabis plants. Check the growing requirements of the strain you want to grow before you do anything. Consider the temperature, humidity, and lighting requirements of each strain. 

Use correct fertilizer products

If you must provide nutrients or fertilizers to grow your auto plants, use organic products to produce the best results. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer product packaging. Take note that cannabis plants have different nutrient requirements as vegging auto plants need more nitrogen for better plant growth. During the flowering stage, auto plants need more phosphorus and potassium which are nutrients needed for enhanced bud formation. You don’t need nutrients when sprouting autoflower seeds as the seedlings have all the nutrients they need from inside the seed cotyledons.

Indoor vs outdoor cannabis growing

Go for indoor growing as this is the best way to cultivate autoflowering cannabis plants. When you grow auto strains indoors, you can monitor your auto plants better and protect these from pests and extreme weather. Indoor growing is preferred by more growers as it makes it easier to tweak your growing environment. You can easily adjust the temperature in case the growing area is too cold or too hot or improve humidity levels if the room or space is too humid or too dry.

Also, because auto flowering cannabis is small plants, these are designed specifically for indoor growing. These auto plants are so small you can cultivate one or two auto plants inside a cabinet, on your window sill, inside a locker, or inside a stack of buckets as with space buckets.

But don’t get us wrong. You can still grow your auto flowering plants outdoors if you really don’t have space indoors. Just remember to secure your auto plants; keep these under the shade and avoid strong rains and wins.

Use the best type of lighting

Autoflowers or auto plants will grow best under the best lighting. Now, there are so many types of lighting such as LED, CFL, and HPL lighting. Each one has its pros and cons; understand well these advantages and disadvantages before you pick a particular type of grow light.

LED lamps are probably the most common as this type has many advantages. First, LEDs are more energy-efficient, will require less power to work compared to other types of lighting. LED light is more intense and can shine brighter longer than other bulbs but won’t make the growing area very hot. Also, LED lamps come in different colors which may be used to grow auto plants and to bloom buds. LEDs lamps and bulbs are more expensive than other lamps though but many growers still agree that LEDs are worth using.

CFL is compact fluorescent lighting and is as bright as LED and is available almost everywhere. CFL is also available in different wattages, colors, designs, and styles but for CFL to be effective, you need to place these lights at various angles to allow light to shine all over your auto plants. CFL lamps are not cost-efficient but are easy to change or replace if these start to flicker or burn out. CFL is one of the most popular choices among growers cultivating auto plants.

Of the three types of lighting, HPL lamps are the most intense. These are high-powered lights that can emit so much light but at the same time, produce a lot of heat. Growers use HPL lamps to produce more yields but at the same time, monitor the temperature of the growing area. This type of lighting can eat up a lot of power and thus, it’s not economical to use one. HPL lamps are also available in different wattages, intensities, When these lamps start to burn out, you can easily replace them by buying replacement bulbs from the local hardware. HPL lamps may be too intense for auto flowering marijuana. if you want to use HPL to grow auto strains, consider improving the air flow or air circulation inside your growing area. HPL lamps can easily dry your auto flowering plants and this is not a good thing. Monitor temperature and humidity inside your auto garden and correct any problems right away.

Choose well the type of lighting for your auto plants. Also, consider reflective materials as these reflect light to your auto plants so nothing is wasted. And when it comes to light schedules, we recommend a 22-hour light and 2-hour dark or 18-hour light and 6-hour darkness.

Water auto flowering cannabis properly

Watering should be taken very seriously if you want to grow healthy, productive cannabis plants. You cannot risk overwatering or underwatering your auto plants so you must stick to a strict watering schedule.

If you’re growing your auto plants indoors, you must only water when your soil is dry and not when it’s wet or moist. Doing so may only overwater your auto plants or dilute the nutrients in soil. If you notice that it takes too long for the soil to dry up or absorb water, check for overwatering symptoms.

If you’re growing your auto plants outdoors, we recommend watering during the early morning as this is the best time to water auto plants. During the early morning, it is not as hot or warm and thus, the plant is still able to efficiently drink water. Watering much later such as during noontime or after noontime will only dry up the soil fast and your auto plants will have only a short time to drink up water and nutrients in soil.

Autoflowering cannabis does not need any special watering considerations. As long as you’re using clean, pH-balanced water then your autoflowering strains are in good hands.

Training your autoflower cannabis

Training is all about keeping your cannabis plants short but productive through the use of special growing techniques. Training cannabis is quite complicated for first-time growers but we’ll try to explain this in the simplest way.

There are two kinds of training or stress training: low stress techniques and high-stress techniques. In low stress techniques, there is very little stress to auto plants as the technique does not involve any cutting or trimming of the plant. One such technique is using wires or screens to keep auto plants short so lights can reach all the bud sites. Only the bud sites are allowed to move through the wire or screen while all the remaining plant parts are kept under the screen or wire. The sea of green and the screen of green method is an LST that aims to improve yields but without any damage or stress to auto plants.

Meanwhile, high-stress techniques are methods that involve cutting parts of the plant to improve its growth and blooming. Techniques like trimming, pruning, and topping are just some of the most common HST and these are only for experienced cannabis growers.

Where is the best place to buy Autoflower seeds?

Autoflowers is available in almost all local and online seed banks but not all seed banks have the same quality seeds. To find quality businesses that sell top autoflowering cannabis seeds, remember the following:

Look for seed bank recommendations

To find automatic flowering seeds, look for recommendations from family and friends who are also into growing cannabis. Ask for reliable seedbanks locally and online as well as recommendations for the best auto strains to buy from the seedbank. You may also try reviews of seedbanks that sell autoflower seeds and automatic seeds USA sites.

Check out top cannabis strains

To grow the best autoflowering cannabis, start with quality autoflowering seeds. You must look for strains that are easy to grow, weed seeds that will thrive indoors or outdoors, high yielding seeds, and strains for growing indoors. In short, the seeds auto you will select should be the best of all marijuana seeds strains to get the best results. To help you in making the best choice, we have rounded up five of the best auto strains in the market. These are listed at the end of this page.

Find seedbanks that offer special promos on shipment or free seeds

Let’s face it, it’s expensive to buy auto seeds and in fact, it is the most expensive cannabis seeds in most seedbanks. This is why it’s best to look for companies that have special discounts and deals which will help you save money when you buy seeds. The most common promo offer is a free shipment offer for qualified orders. Usually, it’s a free regular shipment if your orders reach $250 or higher and another common offer is a free seeds promo. This promo is for orders $420 and above. There are more special promos and offers available in Canadian and US seedbanks and most of the time, these promos change or vary depending on the site and the region where the seed bank is located.

Look for seedbanks that have your preferred payment method

We all have our own preferred payment methods as some people prefer to pay for their purchases online while some prefer to buy seeds using cash. So before things get complicated, check the preferred payment method of a seedbank may it be online or a physical store. When buying seeds from an actual shop, most businesses prefer cash more than any other method. Some may accept checks but rarely will some accept credit cards. US seedbanks and dispensaries do not accept credit cards, only cash. This is why most seedbanks and dispensaries in the US have ATMs on site.

Meanwhile, online seedbanks offer a wide variety of payment options including credit cards (VISA and MasterCard), debit cards, checks, money transfers or bank transfers, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and even online payment methods like PayPal and Skrill. Usually, you can find the payment methods accepted by an online seed bank from its FAQ page.

Find seedbanks that offer trusted delivery/shipment methods

Another important thing if you want to buy high quality auto flower seeds or autoflower seeds strains is to find seed banks that use the delivery or shipment method that you prefer. Some seed banks only offer standard delivery and this is not enough especially if you live abroad. Standard delivery can take a lot of time and your seeds auto flower strains may be affected by the extended shipment time.

Therefore, it’s always important to check for the delivery options available when looking for a seed bank to order autoflower seeds. It’s also important to consider stealth shipment as this is the best and the safest way to ship autoflowering seeds as well as other seeds. Remember, autoflowering seeds takes only 7 to 9 weeks, from seed to harvest. This very short cycle should be considered when looking for the best shipping option. Some autoflower seeds strain may even sprout earlier, quicker than 7 weeks. If your autoflower seeds order will arrive later than expected, better buy your seeds locally or from a local seeds supplier instead.

Seedbanks with a variety of contact methods

It’s very important to consider the seed bank’s contact details as you may need to contact a representative in case there are issues with your auto seeds or autoflower seeds orders. The online seed bank must have at least a business phone number, email address, a customer contact form, and chat service to quickly talk to a representative. A seed bank with all these contact methods is a reliable, good business to order your autoflower seeds.

Are there any seed banks in the United States?

Yes, there are seed banks in the USA but most of these are located in states where cannabis use, growing, and sale are regulated. Also, there are US seedbanks that transact business online. Just a simple search online will lead you to the most popular US seedbank sites.

But take note, not all online seedbanks that claim to be from the US are legit. Because of the high demand of cannabis auto seeds, different autoflower seeds strains, and other cannabis-related products, scammers are taking advantage of growers, users, and breeders. Therefore, you must always be careful when buying cannabis seeds online. Buy your autoflower seeds only from reputable, experienced, and established seedbanks.

If you’re from abroad and you want to purchase from a US seedbank online, consider checking if the site caters to your country. In some countries and regions where cannabis is not regulated, residents find it hard to look for seedbanks that will ship to them. Often, their orders end up getting seized or won’t arrive at their delivery addresses. It pays to know local laws about cannabis seeds and marijuana use before you order. This will make sure that your autoflower orders will arrive at your delivery address safe and sound.