Best Cannabis Seeds for your Weather

Best Cannabis Seeds for your Weather

Weather condition is one of the factors to consider when growing marijuana. The health of your marijuana plants depends on it. There are best cannabis seeds that will fit your weather and this post will give you some suggestions for strains that you can look into.

While marijuana can naturally be grown in places where other plants can be grown but you still have to consider the type of strain you are growing if you want to get the best harvest at the end of your growing.

Factors would include the length of exposure and intensity of light, altitude, temperature, as well as other seasonal changes should also be considered. As a grower, it is definitely your task to identify which cannabis strains are best for your specific weather.

Your Options for the Best Cannabis Strain

It is very important to keep in mind that marijuana plants are not all alike. There are certain differences that need to be considered, such as the preferences of the grower, as well as the surrounding climate. Through the years, marijuana has evolved quite differently across different areas and locations. For example, in tropical areas, marijuana plants grow with small leaves, yet several flowers. On the other hand, strains that grow in Central Asia and the Middle East, usually have bigger leaves and buds that are denser.

The differences in the sizes of leaves also reflect the consistency and strength of differences. Those with bigger leaves are commonly found in areas with weaker exposure to light. They evolve in such a way because they need to absorb as much amount of sunlight as necessary. The bigger the size of the leaves are, the more sunlight they may be exposed to. All of these differences may appear superficial initially, but they can really make a great difference, especially when it comes to deciding which cannabis seeds to plant. If you are living in an area where there is less amount of sunlight, or if it is generally weak, you may want to choose strains that can grow bigger leaf sizes.

Best cannabis seeds for Hot Climates

Here is a list of the best marijuana seeds that can be grown outdoors, especially in areas in the Southern Latitudes where the weather and climate are warm. If you are in Southern Europe, Australia, or Southern parts of the USA, these strains can be added to your list of options.

White Widow

This strain is known to be very powerful and potent, which is commonly found among Dutch coffee shops. It offers an energetic and powerful, yet very social high. As such, you have to be prepared to experience a really strong high. The seeds of this strain are great even for beginners in growing marijuana. It is quite a strong plant which grows best in warmer weathers, such as in Australia, Italy or California. With this strain, you can expect really high yields.


The Blueberry strain offers a fruity and blueberry taste, as well as a euphoric high which lasts longer. The seeds can grow into stout and dense plants with purple, red, as well as blue tints. This strain is well suited for growing in Mediterranean and sunny climates such as Mexico, Florida or Spain.

Amnesia Haze

This strain introduces high that is mostly focused on the head. It offers a hazy and flowery smoke, which is perfect for a strong and mellow high. It produces buds that are dark lime green in color, steady, and covered densely with crystals. This strain is also included among those classic marijuana seeds strains which have introduced several dozens of crosses. It grows best in states in the South such as Texas, as well as countries such as Colombia or New Zealand.

Best cannabis seeds for Cold Climates

The following are some of the best marijuana seeds that can be grown in outdoor environments in the Northern latitudes, where the weather is cooler. As such, if you live in countries in Northern Europe, Canada, or Northern states in the USA, you may choose from one of the following strains.


Strawberry Kush offers a head high which gives a hint of Sativa, while complementing its Indica stone. This strain is high yielding, which is also fast flowering, with some glistening buds which do not need colder temperatures to change color. It also has the capability to grow in cooler weathers such as the Washington State, Britain, as well as Netherlands.

Super Skunk

This strain will certainly leave you with that strong buzz all-around, yet still clear. It is highly famous for its very aromatic high and potent flavor. The plant that it produces comes with light green color overall, with some brown hairs. This strain flowers extremely fast, and may stand in colder weathers such as in Oregon, England and Canada.

OG Kush

The OG Kush strain comes with a lemon or distinctly sour flavor. It is also known to have the highest level of THC content among all Kush strains. These plants grow with dense buds which may be harvested easily come harvest time. They are known to grow really well in colder weathers such as in the state of Minnesota, and countries such as Sweden, or United Kingdom.

Choosing the Best Cannabis Seeds

Choosing the right kind of strain highly depends on your climate and growing preferences. If you are already familiar of the areas in which certain strains are grown normally, you can definitely get a great idea as to the type that will also be well-suited to your own climate.

However, it should also be noted that weather is not the sole factor that needs to be considered. It is also important to look into the differences between the native seasons as well as the seasonal changes of your marijuana strain. It is very important to choose your marijuana strains appropriately. Overall, it is also important to choose strains with great genes. Regardless of the strain that you choose, make sure that you do proper research first before purchasing anything.

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