How to Find the Best Grow Boxes for Weed

How to Find the Best Grow Boxes for Weed

If you want to grow marijuana indoors, then you will want to consider grow box or grow tent. There are many grow boxes for weed that are available in the market now but finding the best one that will suit your needs can be confusing because of the many choices available.

Building your own grow box for your cannabis plant can be satisfying and fun, but the grow boxes for weed from the manufacturers also include their expertise and experience. You are assured that these grow systems have been proven safe and effective.

Why Grow Marijuana in a Grow Box?

One of the things that most growers struggle is the fact that you need to provide your marijuana plants with an ideal environment where they can grow healthily.

Cannabis plants require specific requirements such as lighting, ventilation, watering, right temperature and humidity. The growing environment for your plants is one of the most important considerations in order to achieve a successful grow with great yields.

You’re lucky if you can grow cannabis outdoors, especially if you have an ideal climate that’s perfect for your plants. However, growing outdoors can be a nightmare to people who are in a part of the world where the climate isn’t favorable.

If not, you can still grow any cannabis strain indoors with the help of proper equipment and tools, and through the use of grow boxes or tents.

Grow cabinets or boxes make the best option for farmers without an extra space to spare for their cannabis plants. They are very easy to set up and allow complete customization of the environment that is needed by your plants.

By the use of grow boxes for weed, you can easily manipulate the environment that meets the needs of your marijuana plants throughout their growth cycle. The best thing about grow boxes is that they are durable, discreet, and lockable so you are assured of your safety and so as of your plants’.

When choosing an appropriate grow box for your marijuana, the most important considerations are the following:

Cannabis Odor Control in a Grow Box

We all know that marijuana exudes some pungent and sweet scent that’s quite overpowering like in the case of Skunk, Kush and Cheese strains. Keeping the odors of these buds well sealed is a serious task especially if you don’t want nosy neighbors to know you’re growing marijuana in your home.

Grow boxes are designed to seal in odors generated by marijuana, although some are just more effective than the others. Check if your grow boxes have these odor control systems installed:

Odor Absorbing Gels

Cheaper grow boxes use odor absorbing gels to control the odor of marijuana and they work well in small spaces. However, they might not be potent enough to control the odors of most stinky strains or if you use larger set-ups. Moreover, gels lose their potency over time and needs replacement. Always prepare to change them sooner as you notice any odor escaping from your grow boxes.

Carbon Filters

For a total peace of mind, carbon filters are best used by growers as far as marijuana odor is concerned. Carbon filters work by trapping odor molecules in tiny spaces through the use of activated carbon granules. These chemically treated carbon granules filter the air thus eliminating any odor coming from your marijuana plants.

Like Odor absorbing gels, you will also have to change the activated carbon granules in your filter for better odor control. If stealth really is your concern, branded carbon filters always work better than generic versions. Sad but true.

Marijuana Lighting

A nice grow box for stealth growing should be completely light tight, which means it shouldn’t have lights coming out of grow cabinets. Here are the different kinds of lights you can use for your marijuana plants.

LED Grow Lights

LED lights considerably have low energy consumption and have long bulb life than any other types of grow lights. They are small and fast to emit light and offer less heat emission so you’re assured of less risk for fire significantly.

However, LED lights are initially more expensive than HID lights but they are usually cheaper because you can use them for long term than HIDs. Overall, LED are powerful enough to light big areas like greenhouses and grow rooms, plus they are safe and don’t use mercury like CFLs.

HID Grow Lights

High Intensity Discharge (HID) grow lights are another great choice for growing marijuana, and they’re particularly a cheaper choice for starting growers because of its low set up cost. HID grow lights are divided into 2 types:

  • HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Grow Lights- has strong red/orange spectrum of light which is suitable for flowering cannabis plants. However, they also generate lots of heat and it can cause a serious problem when used in confined spaces.
  • MH (Metal Halide) Grow Lights- operates similarly as the HPS lights but the lights they produce are stronger in the blue part of the light spectrum. This promotes growth of plants and photosynthesis, thus it’s great for vegetative period.

CFL Grow Lights

Compact Fluorescent grow lights are increasingly becoming popular especially for small growers who use grow boxes and grow tents. Energy-wise, they are efficient and produce less heat so you can put your plants closer to the lights.

Grow Temperature

Heat is much of a concern especially when you’re using grow boxes. More often, grow lights are the primary source of heat inside marijuana grow boxes. HID lights in particular, generate lots of heat and could burn marijuana plants when used in small spaces like a grow box. For better heat management, you can choose between CFLs and LED lights to better control the heat inside you grow cabinets.

Good cannabis grow box should be lined with reflective Mylar sheeting, to distribute light evenly inside your grow boxes. It also provides insulation and improves the growth of your plants.

Considering your Budget in Buying a Weed Grow Box

When purchasing a marijuana grow box, here are the things to consider getting the best deal for your growing needs.

When choosing an appropriate grow box, think about your long term goals. If you are an occasional grower, then maybe a cheaper grow box makes a good option. But if you intend to grow marijuana continuously, invest in a more expensive and high quality grow box to enjoy it for long term use.

Remember that the costs of grow boxes depend on the materials used. Grow boxes that use LED lights to cost more than those using CFL and HID lights, but it’ll definitely save you cash in the long run.


Noise is one of the primary concerns especially when you think about stealth. The main source of noise from a grow box comes from the fans inside. Low hums and noise from the water inside can be almost inaudible during the day but it can be deafening at night.

Ask the manufacturer about what they have to say regarding the components used inside your grow box. If you intend to grow marijuana completely unnoticed even by people around the house, then you should buy a system that’s completely silent.


The last but definitely not the least is the appearance of your grow box. This is the key to a successful stealthy grow. Some grow boxes really look like a boring furniture or speaker and could exist around the house without catching anyone’s attention.

So, the next time you’d want to buy or build your own grow box, think about all these factors and you’ll surely increase your chance of cultivating potent marijuana inside grow boxes for weed.

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