Best Humidity Level for Weed Plants

Part of your mission as a marijuana grower includes utilizing the best humidity level for weed plants to flourish.

Without adjusting and monitoring the humidity in your growing room, you can’t possibly enjoy sufficient crops.

When it comes to outdoor cannabis cultivation, however, Mother Nature will do a huge deal for maintaining and providing balanced humidity levels.

As a rule of thumbs, humidity is closely related to the water schedule of your green beauties, as well as the temperature in your growing space.

Thus, in order to learn how to maintain the ultimate humidity level for your cannabis plants, you absolutely need to gain a proper understanding of the factors, which affect humidity.

Below, we are listing the most essential guidelines on providing balanced humidity levels for each stage of the development of your marijuana plants.

#1 – Understanding the Basics of Humidity Levels for Marijuana Cultivation

Humidity refers to the quantity of water evaporation, meaning the quantity of vapor in the air.

But moreover, the humidity levels in your growing space are interconnected with the amount of evaporation which occurs in your cannabeauties.

Thus, if the humidity is too high, your precious green princesses can exhibit a specific reaction, which aims to protect them.

That reaction causes your plants to close their stomata. Subsequently, closing the stomata leads to slowed down growth.

#2 – What is the Best Humidity Level for Cannabis?

So far, we discussed the extreme significance of harmonized humidity levels for supporting the growth of your green babies.

But what’s more, the most suitable humidity level for your cannabis plants is not a constant number.

You can imagine this much like with the different needs your plants exhibit in terms of lights and nutrients as they grow.

Thus, it is important to understand that you want to adjust the humidity levels accordingly to the stage of development of your emerald ladies.

Bearing this in mind, there can’t possibly be one single perfect humidity level to strive for.

Just keep reading and find out the most appropriate humidity ratio for each phase of the lifecycle of your cannabis cuties.

#3 – How to Adjust the Humidity Level for Weed Plants the Best Way?

The most rewarding humidity level for your green beauties is the one that matches their particular stage of development.

Humidity & Seedlings

Marijuana seedlings are at a very delicate stage of growing.

They require a lot of moisture as to help those healthy and superessential leaves to pop out and thrive.

But moreover, you want to help your green babies take up more water through their leaves, as well, and not merely from the growing medium.

That will ensure your plants will grow healthy and strong to produce multiple buds.

As a rule of thumbs, aim for sustaining the humidity levels at about 70% during the very first week of your seedlings.

Gradually, you need to decrease humidity to a rate of about 40%, which you will need to sustain during the flowering stage.

Simply aim for reducing the humidity without any abrupt changes.

An average of 5% of lowering the humidity levels per week will help you reach the desired rate for the flowering phase.

For measuring the humidity, all you need is a hygrometer.

Hygrometers are both easy to find and utilize, and they are pretty cheap, as well.

Humidity & Clones

With clones, adjusting the humidity levels is much different than with seedlings.

During the first 2 weeks of cloning your green babies, you have to strive for sustaining the humidity at 60%.

Afterward, the roots will be excellent in growth as to start gradually decreasing the humidity with about 5%.

But instead of keeping lowering the humidity levels with the same percentage each week, with seedlings you want to keep sustaining the humidity level at 50% for the following 3-4 weeks of flowering.

Then, you will have 2 more weeks to sustain humidity at 45%.

As a result, you want to reach the 40% humidity level for the last 2 weeks of your seedlings’ lifecycle.

Humidity & Flowering

Once your plants are advanced with flowering (meaning they have already passed the pre-flowering stage and budlets are easily visible with those charming fuzzy pistils), your green beauties no longer need such high humidity.

That’s because their roots and leaves are already mature enough to absorb all the water and nutrients they need from their strong roots.

Moreover, high humidity during flowering comes with a huge risk of mold. Mold leads to bud rot which can literally spell disaster to your crops.

As you can see, utilizing the most suitable humidity level for weed plants is a key factor for supporting your green ladies and getting a reliable chance of enjoying maximized yields.

Don’t feel stressed out about adjusting and monitoring humidity because you can easily control the process by maintaining temperature and watering schedules.

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