Best Indoor Hydro Strains of Marijuana

Best Indoor Hydro Strains of Marijuana

Now, already puzzled by me starting with that Pfewww maybe?

But gee, when it comes to the best indoor hydro strains, you can quickly fall victim of looking for quick answers.

After trying multiple different marijuana growing techniques with various strains and installations, here’s the tip top tip (the moral of the story!).

One strain which works great to grow for me, might not work well at all for you!

We live in different climate zones, different cities; we use different lights, feed different nutrients…you get the idea.

But what I can do is share with you some of the strains which worked wonderfully with my indoor hydro setup.

And then, based on some of my experience, you can come up with the strain which will be the sweetest to grow and suit your unique needs.

With marijuana, there is rarely solid, strict, maths-kind-of rules. There is more desire, passion, love, and some dedication along with patience.

And so, here’s my appetizer for you – the top 5 marijuana strains which I found to work fantastic for indoor hydroponics.

#1 – Northern Lights

It is not an exception for many beginner marijuana growers to start with Northern Lights.

But if you also did so – then good job, you smartie! I’d say Northern Lights is one of the most forgiving strains.

Apart from the never-mind attitude to your mistakes as a gardener, the high with Northern Lights is ultimately chilling. A nice head high with a pleasant and relaxing body buzz.

Northern Light is a notorious big-heart and thus, it is generous with multiple potent buds (yep, despite the possible mistakes!).

When introduced to an indoor hydroponic setup, Northern Lights didn’t disappoint me; instead, the ones I grew hydroponically turned out twice much yielding than the traditionally grown in soil.

Hope you’d have the same good luck (only takes a bit of research and you can get an A+ J

#2 – AK-47

And if AK-47 is not a cult-classics, don’t you think? One of the most popular strains grown worldwide.

It wouldn’t be illogical to have very high expectations about growing this one, especially in a controlled indoor environment together with the power of hydro setups.

AK-47 is a beautiful hybrid with a slight dominance of Sativa, which makes it the mellow and laid back buddy who loves to socialize.

The flavor I got from my hydro-grown AK-47 easy simply one-of-a-kind.

It thrives on indoor growing and it thrives on hydroponics – what more can I say. The entire grow room was filled with this floral aroma and the buds were ready to harvest in about 50+ days.

#3 – Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is yet another legendary name I just had to include in this list. You know, experts state that most Kush varieties are hydro-loving, and I can’t agree more.

Afghani Kush is also my favorite good night sleep tight gemstone.

In hydroponic setups, it does no less good than when introduced to growing in soil. Moreover, the potency I achieved was truly mesmerizing.

Anyway, being a heavy Indica, I did have high expectations on that note. Sure great to have some Afghani Kush when pain of any kind kicks in.

The most spectacular view is the sticky, sparkling buds.

#4 – White Widow

I rank White Widow 4th because I got a bit decreased yields when compared with Afghani Kush.

Afghan handled nutrients pumped at 1800-2000 PPM both during the stage of vegetation and flowering; Afghani loved it!

But with White Widow, there were times when high nutrients were more delicate to handle.

Don’t get me wrong, though, if you like the type of high as with White Widow, then it will definitely worth some extra efforts.

As a true hybrid with both Indica and Sativa traits and qualities, White Widow is a happy, giggly creativeness-invoker. Absolutely an excellent one to share with friends.

Compared to Afghan Kush, the hydro-grown White Widow finished flowering a bit earlier – within about 50 days (for a reference it took Afghani about 6 weeks to flower after switching to 12-12 cycle).

#5 – OG Kush

One more name of immortality and international fame.

I almost feel awkward when I mention OG Kush nowadays when an array of exotic hybrids are popping out one after another.

But as a mentioned earlier, I wanted to make this list simple but useful (even though a bit retro; old but gold).

When looking for your favorite strains to introduce to indoor hydro installations, you can always use the strains here as the basics.

That’s because so many of the new cup-winners do possess the genetics of strains in the same category as OG Kush – legendary ones.

The reason for adding OG Kush last is the big height and stretch it tends to reach.

That could be quite inconvenient if your growing space is limited in size. The yields are pretty decent, though.

Meanwhile, the flowering stage lasted for about 6 weeks with hydro, as opposed to almost 9 weeks of waiting with traditional growing in soil.

Definitely worth the efforts for having some delicious OG Kush around.

The high is a happy relaxer, which works wonders for many occasions.

All in all, when choosing the best indoor hydro strains, don’t spare yourself the research.

Most importantly, you are looking for a strain to suit your needs, demands, expectations, personal preferences or you name it.

Don’t just go blindly following somebody else’s experience.

But then again, I do wish you all the luck if you decide to try any of the strains which I shared from my humble experience to respond excellently to hydroponics.

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