Best Nutrients for Autoflowering Cannabis

Best Nutrients for Autoflowering Cannabis

If you are considering starting your marijuana venture with autoflowering seeds, then you absolutely need to utilize the best nutrients for autoflowering cannabis plants!

Doing so will help you enjoy maximized yields and delicious, potent buds, generously covered in sparkling THC.

Above all, you simply need to understand that autoflowering weed varieties differ significantly in terms of growth patterns, as opposed to the rest of their cannabis relatives, such as Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains.

But most importantly, remember that each marijuana plant species need the very same basic nutrientsNitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K).

(as long as some additional elements, such as Calcium and Magnesium, but as for now let’s stick to the nutrient N-P-K trio).

The big difference with autoflowering green beauties comes with the amount of nutrient solution you are about to feed them, as well as your precision.

With autos, even one wrong step during the flowering stage can spell disaster for your marijuana growing operation.

Now, cheers up, you talented cannabisseurs because we are here to help!

Read on and by the end of this article, you will be able to understand how to utilize nutrients like a pro and take the best care of your autoflowering marijuana garden.

#1 – Autoflowering Marijuana Plants Nutrient Schedule: Mission Vegetation

During the vegetative stage, you will win from helping your green beauties grow strong and healthy leaves, as well as reliable stems, which won’t be easily broken or damaged.

However, when your green babies are still within week 1-2 of their development, nutrients can do more harm than good.

Thus, if you are not much seasoned with marijuana growing it is best to simply skip fertilizing your emerald princesses at that point. Plain water and a nutrient-rich soil will do the trick perfectly fine.

Once the pre-flowering stage of your marijuana plants begins, though, you can benefit greatly from administering suitable dosage of extra Nitrogen and a lighter but healthy dosage of both Potassium and Phosphorus.

But here comes the thin line with autoflowering cannabis strains. It can be very tricky to distinguish precisely when your autoflower cannabis plant has entered the pre-flowering stage. It just happens so quickly!

Well, I must admit that my very first encounters with growing autoflowering marijuana varieties were doomed to fail because I simply didn’t acknowledge the genetics of those beautiful creatures.
The fantastic Cannabis ruderalis, which manages to evolve even when faced with totally unfavorable conditions, has found a secret way to survive; it has overcome its own genes in order to flower very quickly, within as little as 7-8 weeks.

And there is no time to lose, indeed because the harsh conditions which create the character of Cannabis ruderalis are only getting worse as the short summer passes.

Now, bearing in mind that your autoflower marijuana plants carry those amazing genetics, you should also understand that it is exactly thanks to that sturdy genetic inheritance why autos don’t need so many nutrients. Their ancestor and close parent – Cannabis ruderalis, is native to inhibiting poorly fertilized soils.

And that’s the reason for the low tolerance which autoflowering weed strains show towards excessive nutrients.

If you want to help you green beauties strive, first make sure you recognize that your plant is in pre-flowering. You will be able to see the tiny future buds-to-be popping.

Then, you can administer nutrient supplements with 2 parts of Nitrogen and 1 part of both Potassium and Phosphorus.
For example, if you notice a label with 20-10-10 N-P-K (Nitrogen – Phosphorus – Potassium) ratio or a 10-5-5 – then you are good to go with those.

But please remember to be humble with nutrients and only proceed with feeding your green beauties with as little as ½ of the recommended on the label nutrients.

When it comes to growing marijuana autos hydroponically, in fact, your mission becomes much, much easier.

I hate the concept that hydroponics is not beginner-friendly because what better way to grow your weed easy than having full control over the growing medium?!

Thus, if you want to find out the best hydroponic nutrients for autoflowering, all you need to do is equip with a simple nutrient kit for the pre-flowering and the flowering stage, a pH measuring tool, and…love.

Yep, keep the pH, feed your nutrients, lay back and enjoy life.

Stick to the nutrient ratio we listed above and you will grow like a pro.

#2 – Autoflowering Cannabis Nutrient Schedule: Mission Flowering

When the blooming of your green beauties is kicking in, Nitrogen is less needed than it was during vegetation and pre-flowering.

Now your green goddesses are thirsty for more Potassium and Phosphorus.

This is the time to give your autoflower weed a good boost. Use your bloom phase fertilizer properly and you will be delighted with your astonishing autos!

Feed your cannabeautieswell, supply them with sufficient light and you will get maximized yields for ½ the time you would otherwise have to wait with regular marijuana plants!

Just don’t you dare forget the golden rule about autoflowering marijuana and nutrients – LESS IS MORE.

It is easy to fall into thinking: Hey, that cool fertilizer is food for my plants; vitamins, power, so nice! I’ll give you more, my green queens, there you go. (and that happy hearty face as if you just did something wonderfully kind) Oh, I knew you were hungry! Now grow, grow, and make me happy.

Really, cut that tiny voice of your head.

Remember that cannabis is a creature of habits. It loves consistency and it is always against extremes.

The Bottom Line

Come on, buddies marijuana growers, make up your mind and stop freaking out about nutrient supplementation.

Even the best nutrients for autoflowering cannabis plants will not help you if you are not strict about what you are doing.

Start small and walk your way up with nutrients very gradually.

You are already dealing with phenomenal marijuana species when you are growing auto-flowering strains, so your green babies are willing to take an extra mile to help you on your cannaventure.

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