Best pH Level for Weed

Ah, the notorious pH levels!

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, understanding the best pH level for growing weed is like jumping from the first date to the bedroom; when you play your cards right – you are in paradise but if you don’t – well, you simply wait for a better game.

The good part about providing the most suitable pH for your green beauties to thrive is that anyone can do it.

Yes, even the newbies who are just starting their first marijuana growing attempts!

All you need is to equip yourself with pH testers and follow the tips we are listing below.

Moreover, there are pH testers to suit each budget and you can easily perform simple pH stripes tests or go for more precise pH meters if you are serious about your marijuana growing operation.

Basic Rules about the Best pH level for growing Weed

pH levels serve to measure the acidity vs.alkalinity of your growing medium and water supplies.

When the ph levels are kept in balance, marijuana plants thrive and give the best of themselves upon harvesting.

However, cannabis is not called weed in vain.

The ancient civilizations who cherished the powers of the herb acknowledged the fact that marijuana plants are simply weed when growing in nature.

Even in sandy soils, which are highly acidic and too porous to hold any water, a weed will always strive to survive and flourish, no matter the unfavorable conditions!

But here is the thin line between growing cannabis in the wild and cannabis cultivation – those who master the pH levels are doomed to succeed in their marijuana growing adventure!

Of course, when it comes to all kinds of plants, remember that you are dealing with living creatures.

You cannot predict every single step of the journey.

At least when balancing pH levels is involved YOU are the one in charge to accomplish this task.

You can’t blame the pests, can’t blame the hot sun, the poor-working water system, or whatsoever.

You simply need to learn how to measure the pH levels and keep track while also being able to react in the case you notice any abnormality (decrease or increase in the acidity or the alkalinity levels).

As a rule of thumbs, remember that the best pH for growing weed in soil is anything between 5.5 and 6.5on the scale of 1 to 11.

And here are the top4 TIPS to help you move through a pH level amateur to pH level PRO.

1 – Measure & Adjust the pH of the soil Before you even Germinate your Seeds!

The best way to make sure your soil is perfectly balanced is to measure it straight from the beginning.

That means utilizing your pH tools before you have already planted your green beauties.

Also, be aware that in the case you enrich your soil mix with additional nutrients, such as compost, it might take a while before all the elements blend together well to measure the pH levels accurately.

However, if you are opting for store-bought soil, then you can monitor the pH balance without the need to let the soil mix blend any further.

Hydroponic marijuana growers will need to measure the pH levels each day.
Thus, it might be unnecessary to start with your preparations as early as with growing in soil.

2 – Monitor the pH Levels Frequently

Okay, now that you have measured the pH levels suitability straight from the beginning of your cannabis growing operation, you only need to keep monitoring for the right pH levels.

The less experienced you are with cannabis cultivation, the better it is to increase the frequency of pH measurements.

Doing so will help you avoid unpleasant issues from ever happening.

In the case the growing medium is too acidic, your marijuana plants may fail to consume Copper, Iron, Manganese, and Boron, among others.

And provided that the pH levels are too alkaline, your green beauties will not be able to access Magnesium. Calcium and/or Phosphoric acid.

If you are opting for traditional soil growing then it is best to measure the pH levels every week.

If you are growing hydroponically, your mission for adjusting the pH balance will be much, much easier.

You only want to make sure the nutrient solution blends perfectly with the water and keep the levels consistent.

And as we mentioned the water you are feeding to your plants, don’t forget that you also want to measure the pH levels of the water, as well.

Once you are feeding your green goddesses with pH balanced water and grow them in a pH balanced medium, you are already out of the amateur marijuana growing league!

But most importantly, you are a giant leap ahead in growing those juicy, fat, multiple and dank buds.


3 – Test the pH levels in the most suitable time (TT – Testing& Timing)

As a rule of thumbs, with marijuana plants timing is everything!

That refers to all the growing conditions and demands of your green babies, such as access to light, watering, and nonetheless – measuring the pH levels.

For example, if you monitor the pH balance straight after feeding your cannabeauties with nutrients, you won’t get reliable results from testing.

That’s because the pH levels of the soil will adjust at least 48 hours after fertilization.

With hydroponic growing, though, things are once again much more effortless.

Since you are in charge of constantly providing the nutrient solution ratio, you simply know very well what’s going on from the very start.

You only need to stay consistent and that’s all!

4 – Don’t Freak Out

And finally, don’t freak out if the pH levels need to be stabilized and adjusted, you talented marijuana growers!

Instead, embrace this as part of the beauty of cannabis cultivation and a chance to become a better weed growing guru!

Bonus Pro Tip

Keep a diary on the nutrients you feed to your green beauties, as well as accurate notes after measuring the pH levels!

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