best seed bank to order from

Best Marijuana Seed Bank to Order From

Choosing the best marijuana seed bank to order from can be difficult with all the fraudulent sites existing in the web right now. Below you will find different ways to ensure you are putting your trust on the right marijuana seed bank before you make the very first purchase from them.

These simple criteria will spare you from lots of hassles and disappointments, plus you’ll end up with high quality seeds.

Different Marijuana Strains Options

The very first thing you need to consider when buying from an online cannabis seed shop is their available marijuana strain types. If you are looking for a strain to purchase, this may not be available at some shops.

Moreover, less popular strains are not being advertised in some websites even though they are currently available now. So, if you are looking for strains, it is best to contact customer service to know if what you are looking for is available.

However, if the specific strain that you’re looking for is not currently available, just make sure that your chosen seed bank has several more top quality strains available to make sure they aren’t selling weed from the bottom of the barrel.

Once you’ve known the quality of strains sold in each online seed shop, then you can experiment with different strains you haven’t tried before.

Shipping and Stealth Methods Used

Majority of online seed stores ship anywhere in the world although some have exceptions. Before buying marijuana seeds, it is imperative to know if the shop ships to your address. If not, you’ll have to look for one which ships to your area. But more importantly, you also should learn the stealth shipping methods they use when delivering your order to your home, especially if you are in an area where it is illegal to buy weed.

It is very important that the stealth shipping methods the seed company uses are enough to protect your freedom; otherwise you’ll get a big red flag from the customs and your future packages will be put at stake. This means that all international packages addressed for you in the future will be thoroughly checked, thus rendering all the best stealth packaging techniques used by the company useless.

It’s best to read reviews made by previous clients to see if they are satisfied by the packaging methods used by the online seed shop.

Payment Methods Used

Another important thing to consider when buying weed seed online is the payment methods offered by the company. Bitcoins are considered as the safest payment method when buying weed online as it completely makes you an anonymous customer. Aside from Bitcoins, many seed shops offer different payment options like cash, credit card and PayPal. However, be extra careful when using credit cards and other personal information when buying weed seeds or other products, especially when you’re in areas where marijuana remains illegal.

Customer Service

A good reputation is the ultimate determining factor whether you should do or not do business with a seed bank. There are shops who have gained an excellent reputation for providing great quality products and most of them have been around for many years, or even decades. These kinds of online seed shops have the biggest base of loyal customers and they are a much safer option when buying marijuana and other products.

Furthermore, excellent quality of customer service is a sure way to separate a legitimate shop from a bad one. Legit shops will always strive to satisfy their customers by offering their top-quality products and providing them with compensation in case there has been a mistake during the delivery process.

Bad online businesses are only interested in taking your money and not your personal satisfaction. They will only strive hard to take your cash, and then get rid of you as soon as they get what they want. Hostile and ungrateful customer service is one of the earliest signs to look for when searching for the best marijuana seed bank to order from. If you don’t get a response or being offered substandard customer service, you know that it’s time to turn your head around.

How to Avoid Scammers?

With the rise of the digital age, it is now very easy to create websites overnight. The internet is full of fraudulent people and it is getting worst since it is has permeated the cannabis industry. Whether you are buying medical or recreational marijuana, make sure to make a good purchase by choosing a proper seed bank following the tips listed above.

Beware of the closet growers who create their own cannabis sites for commercial purposes. Some are skilled to make their sites look legit online, thus affecting the reputation of good marijuana shops that truly sell quality marijuana products.

They are lurking in many different forums, searching for information, advertising their sites, and there are some people who are truly deceived by their different marketing strategies. If you spot them on Facebook, or other social media sites, flag or report them immediately to prevent other people from falling into their fraudulent schemes.

In general, during your search for the best marijuana seed bank to order from, you’ll encounter several that are fake and deceiving, but by following these criteria we have offered, you’ll minimize potential losses early on by recognizing the qualities of good and bad seed banks.

Once you follow our tips closely, along with doing your own research for your chosen seed banks, you will never have to worry about getting yourself in a bad situation for choosing a bad seed bank. It’s best to get feedback from trusted people and start by making small orders at first.

Let’s help our pothead virtual friends by providing helpful information and referrals inside forums and direct them to the marijuana seeds center’s recommended reliable seed sources. Let’s aim for a better and greener community wherever you are on the globe.

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