best way to germinate marijuana seeds

Best Way to Germinate Marijuana Seeds with High Success Rate

There are a lot of ways on how to germinate marijuana seeds the right way. The success of your germination depends on the quality of your cannabis seeds and the method used. Here is the best way to germinate marijuana seeds that we have high success rate every time.

Germinating cannabis seeds and caring for your little sprouts is one of the easiest phases of cannabis cultivation. That said, if you lack the knowledge about what you’re doing, it can also become one of the easiest step to ruin your cannabis seeds.

If you want to get the highest rates of germination as possible, it is always best to start with high quality marijuana seeds from reputable seed banks. It is not easy to see whether certain marijuana seeds will successfully germinate. However, it is also not difficult to determine the weaklings even by just simply looking at it.

Healthy seeds are oblong-shaped and are usually brown in color with some stripes. Tiny, soft and pale or greenish seeds are immature and display lower chances of germination. Nevertheless, there’s no other way to test it. Just plant it, wait and see.

Germinating marijuana seeds is an essential process in order to give your precious plants a good start in life. While there can be a lot of methods to try to successfully germinate your cannabis seeds, we offer only the tested and best way to germinate marijuana seeds.

Cannabis Germination

Marijuana seeds need only 3 factors in order to germinate successfully. These are:


Marijuana seeds germinate best under temperature between 20-25 degrees Celsius. Aside from that, cooler or warmer temperature slows down or inhibits seed germination and in worst cases, it encourages mold formation.


Water and moisture are the triggering factors of the seed’s dormant hormones to be activated. As water and moisture penetrates inside the seed shell, hormonal processes happen and the seed will start to grow taproot.

To continue the seed’s germination, constant and adequate moisture is required until it grows into a healthy plant. Usually, growers use distilled bottled water to ensure that there are no contaminants or impurities present that will halt the seed’s growth.

Although tap water can also be boiled and used, boiling only removes bacteria and other contaminants but not the impurities.


Marijuana seeds germinate best when they are in complete darkness. That’s how nature intended them to be, although there may be several exemptions. A normal seed usually germinates under the soil where there is no light, and usually goes in the direction of light once they have grown.

Here’s our Best Way to Germinate Marijuana Seeds Method for a high success germination rate.

Cup of Water and Paper Towel Germination Method

There are different ways you can germinate cannabis seeds. But the best way for us to do this requires only a glass, paper towels and water. This method assures 80% success rate while others who have tried this experienced a 100% success rate.

Before germination, ensure that you have adequate working space. Make sure all your things are clean to avoid cross contamination, and then prepare all the materials needed.


  • Kitchen Paper Towels (avoid Kleenex, and they must be free from contaminants like perfume or dyes)
  • Bottled water/ Distilled water (it must be free from gas or additives)
  • Tweezers
  • A glass or cup and a plate

Step 1. Fill the glass or cup with distilled water and drop the seeds inside. Its fine to see the seeds float, and let them soak for 12 to 18 hours. Keep them in a room with a warm environment (probably 20-25 °C).

Soaking is the most important step in the germination process because it lets the water penetrate completely inside the seed.

Step 2. After a few hours, check your seeds and see if they have sank down the bottom of the glass. Don’t worry if they still didn’t. Maybe air bubbles is just keeping them afloat or better yet, gently tap the seeds with your fingers and you will see them sink into the bottom.

Step 3. After soaking the seeds for 12-18 hours, you will notice that the seeds have cracked and a small white root slips through the crack. It is important not to soak your seeds for over 18 hours as too much water can drown and kill the seeds.

Prepare the Paper Towel Set Up

After seeing the taproot emerges from the crack on the seeds, this is the best time to prepare the Paper Towel Set-up.

Step 4. Prepare 2 or more sheets of paper towels to create a thick layer on the plate. Fold them into two and place them on the paper plate.

Step 5. Moisten the paper towel with distilled water. It should be damp enough but not too wet. If there is any excess water, drain.

Step 6. After Step 3, in between the folded paper towels, add the seeds by keeping them apart each other to prevent tangling of the new taproots.

Step 7. Leave the plate in a dark, closed and warm space, and don’t forget to frequently check the moistness of the paper towel. Do not let the paper towels dry out. Re-moisten the layer by dripping enough water every 5 to 12 hours depending on your environment.

It is important to always check your cannabis seeds at least twice every 24 hours. Most seeds germinate within 1 to 2 days and can even take up to a week depending on the strain you’re working with.

Wait for the taproots to reach 1/2 inch or 3 cm before you transplant them to your grow medium.

Important Notes:

  • Do not handle the seeds bare-handed. Our hands naturally contain oil which can affect the germination process. If there is a need to handle the seeds, use clean/sterilized tweezers and be very cautious not to damage the seeds.
  • When the taproot has already reached quarter or half of an inch, the seeds are now ready to be planted in the soil with taproot facing down.
  • If your seeds fail to germinate after following all these steps, the last resort is to drop them again in a glass of distilled water and wait for the taproot to break out. Once it has appeared, proceed with the paper towel method and wait until the taproot becomes ½ inches long.

This method has been working for us that’s why we consider it as the best way to germinate marijuana seeds. Each grower differs though. Some have their own germination method that have been working for them as well. However, if you are looking for a method that you will surely get high success rate with then give this method a try.

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