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How to Deal with Cannabis Bud Mold

What do you feel when you’re walking in your garden and find out that molds are developing on your plants? When you are growing cannabis, there will come a time that molds may develop into the buds, and it’s something you need to be aware of. Molds are always ready to occur; that’s why you must know how to deal with cannabis bud mold to prevent it from worsening.

Of course, all these challenges in planting cannabis come with solutions. As you can see, there are many cannabis plants grow successfully despite the development of molds. When you know ways on how to eradicate bud mold, then it’s never going to be a problem. In this article, you will learn different ways of dealing with the cannabis bud mold. These ways are going to be a big help to achieve a perfect growing plant. 

What is a Bud Mold? 

The bud mold is also known as a rot that happens to develop in cannabis buds’ cores. It usually starts on the stem located inside the bud and slowly spreads away. The molds are hard to discover at first, especially during the early stages. During the outbreak, the mold may break all over the bud and spread out in any direction.

Later on, the molds will produce their spores that may also spread to the surroundings. The molds may appear at first, and you can observe that it is white and thin, and will suddenly change its color into black and grey as the buds will turn into being slimy. You need to understand that once the cannabis bud starts to mold, then it’s not advisable to consume it. It’s no longer safe at all and must be thrown away. That’s how important to know how to deal with cannabis bud mold. 

Cannabis Planting: How to Deal with Cannabis Bud Mold? 

Perhaps you want to know ways in dealing with bud molds every time you attempt to grow cannabis. One of the best ways to prevent the growth of molds is to know and understand why it grows in the first place. At first glance, it only grows on a few leaves, but later on, you observe that it gets worse. To prevent it from spreading, here are the effective ways to do it: 

Avoid Wetness and High Humid Places 

You should not place your plants in high humid places for long. If it rains, you not to at least cover the plants or shake it off when it gets wet. Since fungus needs to germinate in a wet place, then chances of developing rot in your cannabis plants would be most likely to happen if you don’t let it dry. 

Training and Pruning of Plants

One of the best and effective ways to deal with cannabis bud mold is through regular trimming. Ventilation and humidity are both impacted by how crowded and dense the canopy is. If you regularly trim your plants, it increases the airflow, which reduces the moisture. When you also train your plants, ventilation may be increased, and the colas are being stretched from each other, so it won’t touch anymore.

Good Air Circulation

Having an exhaust fan is a smart idea to vent out the hot, humid air and replace it with fresh and cooler ones. You have to ensure that there should always have plenty of air moving over your plant’s leaves and buds. However, this may take time to plan out, but then it’s worth it.

Removing all the Buds with Molds Immediately

If you want to keep your cannabis plants healthy, once you observed that there are growing molds already, even if you think it’s small, remove it immediately, and there will be no excuses. You also need to be careful in removing the buds with molds because you might lose all of the plants if you cut it improperly. You should also not let the part with molds touch other plants, as it could also be affected. 

Defoliating Bushy Plants 

If your cannabis plant gets bushy and gets too long, try to remove the leaves on the bottom and the plant’s middle. For each leaf, continuously add moisture; removing leaves may help to reduce the humidity around your plant. If you observe that the leaves are too heavy, immediately remove it because it steals your plant’s energy. The leaves are better off removed and gone, most especially if you are lowering the humidity. 

Keeping the Plants’ Immune System Healthy 

Plants are indeed living things. If they are not being taken care of or there is no proper monitoring, then their immune system turns weak and vulnerable. If that happens, the chances of getting molds are most likely to happen. Cannabis buds with a strong immune system are more likely to prevent molds’ growth and stay healthy, throughout its growing process. 

It is highly recommended that you put in diverse nutrients and use compost tea to keep your plants healthy and away from molds. It increases the microbes in the soils, thereby keeping the plants’ immune system healthy and strong to fight against any infection. 

Bud Mold: What Causes it to Develop? 

The cannabis bud mold is usually caused by a kind of fungus. This fungus is commonly known as the Botrytis cinerea and causes the cannabis buds to rot inside. Below are the causes that you need to know why bud molds develop into your plants. It is helpful if you know the causes so you can prevent it earlier or right before panting.

  • Mild temperatures 
  • The ventilation is poor 
  • The buds are dense 
  • The plants are weak and not taken care of 
  • Trimming is only occasional 
  • Areas that keep on raining and wet 
  • Very high humidity 


Just like humans, plants do also have a life to live despite their kind. With proper monitoring and being hands-on when you grow a cannabis plant, you can keep them away from infections and mold. You only need to understand and follow the ways on how to deal with cannabis bud mold, and then I’m sure enough that your cannabis plant will grow healthy enough and safe to consume. Treat your plant as your life, and take care of it like your life depend on it. You’ll see favorable and better results later on.

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