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Different Cannabis Seeds Germination Methods

The process of germinating marijuana seeds involves the goal of getting your seeds to sprout. Sprouting, as a process, occurs when you start seeing white, little tendrils, popping out of your seeds. That tendril coming out from seed during the process of germination is the first root of your plant, often called the taproot. Your marijuana plant is expected to grow other roots during its lifetime, but all of them will sprout coming from the taproot.

Soon enough, your taproot, along with other earlier taproot offshoots, will start to grow longer and longer. They will start to push the marijuana seed up. Afterward, the shell will break through your growing medium’s surface. There, you will start seeing cotyledons, or the first leaves coming out of your marijuana seeds.

What Your Cannabis Seeds Need for Germination

There are certain things that you need to take into consideration and certain requirements that should be met accordingly in order to ensure the best rates of germination.

One is moisture. This means that your growing medium and your seeds should be kept moist throughout the process.

However, it is very important to make sure that they are not soaked too much (18 hours max is best), except the hard seeds, which may be soaked up to a maximum of 32 hours.

Also, during the process, make sure to leave your seeds behind as you wait for the taproots to emerge.

Your seeds will also appreciate it if they feel enough warmth in their germination area.

Remember, though, it should just be warm enough, but not very hot. While seeds can still go through the germination process in colder temperature, it may take longer.

You may want to check on your seeds from time to time, but make sure that you are gentle when doing so.

If you move them, make sure that you do not touch the white root because it can easily snap off. When you are planting your marijuana seeds, plant the seed with the root down.

This can make sure that your seed does not have to reorient itself all over again. At the same time, avoid placing them too deep into your medium. The ideal depth is about 1.3 cm to 2.5 cm.

Germination Methods

There are different methods that you can use for the germination process. Here is a description of some of them:

Method 1: Seedling plugs and starter cubes

This method is highly recommended by several growers. Starter cubes and seedling plugs have been specially made for this purpose, making the germination process easier.

All you need to do is to place the seed on the plug or cube, add water according to directions, and the seeds will automatically be provided with the best condition for them to germination.

Each of these plugs or cubes comes with a hole where you can just place your seed. All you need to do is to stick the seed into the hole, pinching the top to close it.

Method 2: Planting your seeds directly on the medium

Most often, the natural way is the best way to grow. With this option, the seeds would simply sprout from the soil, emerging as the taproots start to grow down. You may also plant your seeds right to your final medium for growth.

This basically works in all of the growth mediums, while others may turn out to be tougher than the others. Among the best benefits of this method is not worrying about shocking your very young seeds while transplanting them. Because the seed is already placed on its final place, it can easily adjust to its environment.

Method 3: Soaking Overnight

One common method of germinating marijuana seeds includes soaking them overnight in water that is slightly warm. This is typically done in a glass of water. Best water to use for this is distilled as it is free from any impurities.

This is particularly effective for those seeds with harder shells, as well as those that are already a few years old. The process of using warm water helps in waking up those seeds that are older. The viable seeds will float, then later sinking towards the bottom of the glass.

There are other methods as well, such as creating your own germination station, as well as using a paper plate. By taking into consideration which one is best for your needs and preferences, you can expect high success rates in your germination.

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