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Crop King Seeds Review – Are they Scam?

Shipment Options: Worldwide Discreet Shipping
Company Location: Vancouver, Canada
Payment Methods Offered: Bitcoin, Paypal, Visa & Mastercard, Cash, Western Union, Moneygram, and EMT Interac (for Canadian Customers)

Read this Crop King Seeds review if you want to learn more about this Canada-based seed company.

History of the Company

Crop King Seeds is one of the best sources in terms of getting the most reliable and potent seeds in the whole world. The team behind this company has worked for hand in hand with several breeders, allowing them to secure a variety of options for their customers.

As such, this strategy has improved the effectiveness and potency of the strains offered. Sometime in 2005, however, the company faced some challenges, due to certain laws and regulations revolving the use of marijuana.  That time, they had to shut down operations. Good news, however, they were able to regain their operations in 2012.

As of the moment, the company has already been widely recognized as a pioneering company in this industry. The reputability of the company is incomparable, with the majority of the reviews being positive. The company has also done a great job when it comes to impressing different customers.

Their brand is also sold in over 400 stores in Canada already and the number is growing.

Choices and Seed Quality

The moment you browse the different strain selection of Crop King Seeds, you will immediately notice that they only have limited stock, but there are some positives with this setup. The company takes the time to engineer each and every one of the strains they sell. This provides you with the capability to buy seeds, which have been personally crafted with careful and precise breeding. With this, the company only offers strains that are most potent, which comes with the highest germination rate as per what they claim and most of their customers have been claiming.

We have purchased from them as well and we got 90% germination success rate using their water soaking + paper towel soaking method. You should follow their germination method because it is in their policy that they will replace the seeds if it gets less than 80%. Pretty awesome eh!

You might say “Really? Are you kidding me? Most companies where I dealt with didn’t even reply to my emails or some took a few days before I got a reply.”

Perhaps, all of those who have been buying marijuana seeds over the internet had the same horror as most companies don’t have the customer service level that most big companies (not marijuana) as this industry is different (thanks to the laws, most companies don’t want to have a phone # or chat).

But, Crop King Seeds is different. It stands out in the seed business arena as they have 24/7 phone support, live chat, and email.

Customer Service Quality

When it comes to the customer service capabilities of Crop King Seeds, most users report positive feedback and we do too.

For instance, if something is wrong and you have to raise some concerns, you can easily reach the team behind the company without any hassle. The company offers outstanding solutions, with different types of contact methods which work really well. For one, you can make good use of the website in order to send the team a message. At the same time, the site comes equipped with an online chat, giving you the capability to speak with a customer service representative instantly. They also provide a physical address, a toll-free telephone number, which allows you to get in touch with respectful, topnotch and professional representatives.

If you are in Canada, you can walk into their main office where their main operation is and you will be greeted by their friendly staff.

Website Functionality

The website of Crop King Seeds is really user-friendly, even though it can be said that it comes with an old design. In terms of functionality, you can navigate easily throughout the website easily, with content that is also self-explanatory. As you enter the site, you can see the menu instantly, located on top of the primary web page. You can get different information regarding different topics, even the company phone number which is situated at the top right-hand part of the page. All in all, the website is great, offering users a great experience in browsing.

Shipment Options

The company offers to ship worldwide. The original style of packaging is used for Canadian customers. However, international customers will take advantage of discreet shipment. The seeds are often placed inside random objects. The discreet package is also used with all seeds being placed inside sealed containers, keeping them fresh throughout shipment. There is a standard $10 shipment fee on all orders outside Canada, with the orders taking up to 25 days before orders are received. You can also avail of express shipping, with a fee ranging between $30 and $60, depending on the country where you live in. The order may be received in 5 to 7 days.

Seed Pricing/Available Payment Options

Crop King Seeds operates as an international company, meaning that they offer different payment methods, making sure that all of their customers can make a purchase. Among those payment methods are credit cards, as well as digital currencies like Bitcoin and Paypal. Needless to say, you can certainly find a specific method which will work well for your needs. You may also observe that the prices can be a little expensive, but this can provide the assurance that you will get the highest quality of seeds available.


  • Produces strains that are beyond impressive
  • Expert team behind the company
  • Complete information regarding the company listed on the website
  • Complete options on customer service features


  • A limited number of strains available
  • Prices of the strains are quite expensive compared to other seed companies

Overall Feedback

Most of the feedback provided by customers, in general, are positive, highly praising the quality of seeds produced by the company. Even though the prices may be higher compared to others, the assurance of healthy marijuana plants is well worth it plus they have the best customer service in the industry so far with 24/7 toll-free phone, live chat and email.

However, don’t ask them growing related questions as they will tell you that they are not allowed to discuss it. There are many Crop King Seeds review out there both negative and positive in forums and other websites regarding their customer service because of one – they don’t talk about growing and some other issues that no seed company can control. Well, you can’t please anyone.

Overall, Crop King Seeds is one of the best and worth your money and trust.


When searching for high potency and high-quality seeds, it is very important to check on what Crop King Seeds has to offer. The selection provides potent seeds, equipped with a really high germination rate.

If you are unsure, you can contact them anytime as they are available 24/7.

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