Do You Have to Cure Weed?

I will never forget the looks on my best friend’s face when I asked him Do you have to cure weed?

I guess the most suitable way to describe what I saw in his eyes was something like a Is she really asking me this question?!

So yes, buddies, if you want to enjoy the maximum effect and taste out of your cannabis harvest, then you absolutely have to cure your weed.

Below, we are digging into detail about the benefits of curing marijuana buds, as well as the simplest method to do this like a pro.

Do you have to Cure Weed: Revealing the Secrets of Ultimate Marijuana Potency and Flavor

The process of curing weed refers to simply placing the dried cannabis buds into suitable jars for a particular period of time.

Moreover, the jars you utilize for this purpose need to provide an appropriate level of humidity to enhance the properties of your crops.

But before we get any further, let’s find out why it is so essential to cure marijuana buds properly.

1 – Better Taste

During the process of curing, the chlorophyll which remains in the harvested and dried buds breaks down.

Thus, the taste of your green medication improved significantly.

By significantly, I mean a tremendous difference!

You know those super yummy high-quality cannabis buds we can get from some of the best dispensaries?

Well, that notorious deliciousness would have been impossible to achieve without the process of curing.

Cured cannabis possesses the full blend of subtle flavors, which often give some of the strains their legendary names.

That’s exactly why most street dealers fail to surprise us with an exquisite flavor of the weed; most of the time, they just lack the patience to wait for a few extra weeks of curing the cannabis supplies.

2 – Smooth Smoke

It is exactly thanks to the complete breaking down of chlorophyll that the overall smoothness of weed smoke dramatically changes after curing.

The often annoying harshness which provoked coughing or poor experience with the herb vanishes.

There is also less of the “freshly cut grass” after-taste left behind in your mouth after smoking uncured weed.

3 – Improved Effects after Consumption

Though there is too little solid evidence on the ability of the cured weed to increase the potency of the green medication, every seasoned marijuana aficionado would swear on getting a better experience after consuming properly cured buds.

For sure, cured weed is less likely to cause you headaches or other unpleasant conditions, related to badly dried and/or cured cannabis.

4 – A Decrease of the Possible Adverse Effects, related to Marijuana Consumption

As the process of curing reduces both the bacteria and the mold which hit marijuana buds, the overall efficacy of the healing properties of marijuana is tremendously increased.

But what’s more, some of the most unpleasant negative effects, such as paranoia, anxiety, and intrusive, racing thoughts are sufficiently decreased through the process of curing.

In fact, most of the people who ever got any of these uncomfortable after-effects have absolutely either consumed more marijuana than needed or they consumed poorly cured buds (and sometimes, both!).

All in all, it is really not worth it depriving yourself of the amazing benefits of curing marijuana buds!

Want to know how to do this on your own?

It’s easier than you think! Check out this cute, no-nonsense tutorial on curing weed.

How to Cure Weed Like a Pro?

1 – Let your Buds Slow Dry (3-10 days)

Slow free drying of your marijuana buds is the groundings of successful curing.

Hurrying up to quickly dry your weed cannot give you the ultimate taste and experience after consumption, even if you apply the curing process perfectly.

2 – Place the Dried Buds in Mason Jars

Choose whatever size of jar fits the quantity of weed you are about to cure. It’s good to fill the jar almost all the way up but doesn’t pack the buds too closely, though.

Do not try to press them too firmly; leave them a bit loose. Aim for filling about 75-80% of the jar.

Also, wide-mouthed jars work best.

3 – Open the Jars Regularly & Sustain Perfect Humidity (7 – 21 days)

The perfect humidity level for curing weed is anything between 60-65%.

Generally, a room temperature of 21 Celsius (70 Fahrenheit) will work great for the process of curing.

You can adjust the humidity by gently opening the jars for an hour or so every day during the first week. Using a suitable hygrometer and humidipaks will help you complete curing with absolute precision and ease.

In the case you notice buds sticking together or feeling damp, take them out of the jar immediately and leave them out for about 24 hours.

When shaking the jar with the buds inside, they shouldn’t clump together. That means you are on the right track.

Well-cured bids might still feel sticky to the touch but that indicates the rich THC-cover.

The Bottom Line

Now, that we are at the final, I am wondering how you feel about the question we started this article with.

Do you have to cure weed? Sure, we have to!

Not that it is a must or something but is it worth all the efforts for growing your own weed if you sacrifice their best potency and flavor at the end?

If you find this article useful, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and/or share with friends.

Our mission is to keep spreading the knowledge of easy and effective cannabis cultivation with the world. Alone, we can’t make a difference L but together, we can do this, bud-buddies!

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