Does Marijuana Affect Sexual Performance

Does Marijuana Affect Sexual Performance?

Drugs and sex are usually a topic for most adults. There are lots of people that like to experiment both and see how does marijuana affects sexual performance. While marijuana is the most common drug used to correlate with sex, this plant also has different effects on someone’s health, body, and brain.

Overview of Marijuana

Marijuana is a plant and also known as the hemp plant. It is usually used in the form of seeds, dried leaves, stems, and flowers. The chemicals found on the plant are called cannabinoids, which are the active ingredients. Keep in mind that cannabinoids somewhat differ from plant to plant. Marijuana or cannabis plants often grow in warm climates worldwide, and it has many names such as weed, dope, herb, dank, pot, ganja, cannabis, and more. Cannabis is not just used for personal and recreational purposes because there are different studies today that it has many medical benefits. However, the storage and preparation have a significant impact on its potency level. It can contain various chemicals, including THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which has the most considerable effect on users.

There are two well-known cannabinoid breeds, which are cannabis, Sativa, and cannabis Indica. Here is its comparison:

Cannabis Sativa

The Sativa strain is considered as cerebral high, energizing, uplifting, and stimulating to its users. There are plenty of users that claim it affects their mind and body in different ways. 

Cannabis Indica

On the other hand, Indica strain causes the body-high, which users feel a sensation on their overall body. Remember that there are hybrid strains in which Sativa and Indica are crossed-breed. 

Methods of Using Marijuana

You can use and experience marijuana in many ways. One of the most traditional methods is grinding the cannabis dried leaves and smoking it using a pipe, vaporizer, joint, and bong. Also, it can be eaten in any food which is infused with marijuana extracts. With its increased popularity, many have been creative in looking for ways how to consume them.

Does Marijuana Affect Sexual Performance?

You probably heard different stories and experiences of how marijuana has affected someone’s sexual performance. Many claim that it helps them well, but it is best to see what the research says about it.

While many research studies show that plenty of males reported experiencing unique sexual benefits from marijuana, like increased stamina, the findings like this are difficult to conclude. Although many conclusion displays that it helps male last longer in bed, the research cannot rule out that it might just be the time perception of some men. To summarize, they might experience longer sex while being high, and the time they spent having sex when sober might not have a big difference.

With the hope of providing the most concrete result, many biomedical researchers have started to conduct a detailed survey and research about the effects of marijuana on men’s erectile function. Their efforts are paid off because weed has the potential to hurt them in the future rather than helping them erect.

In animal studies, cannabis is said to have an inhibitory effect on some receptors of penis erectile tissues. There is no parallel research to humans because of the legal and ethical complications in research. However, animal studies show that marijuana is not a sexual enhancer but a sexual inhibitor.

Few Considerations When Using Marijuana

There few things that must be considered when using marijuana. One thing that researchers and even doctors remind is the dosage. When marijuana is consumed in a small amount, it will have minimal inhibitory effects on sexual performance. You may experience improved performance with low dosages. On the contrary, you may experience sexual problems such as erectile and reaching orgasms when you use alcohol and marijuana in massive amounts.

The idea of large quantities of marijuana is complicated; research also shows that erectile dysfunction is more common three times higher than those people who do not consume. Remember that marijuana does not have just one strain. Marijuana has various strains, and each has different effects on the body and mind. As mentioned above, Indica is more relaxing, while Sativa is a stimulator. While researchers have not yet studied if these strains have effects on a person’s sexual performance, they are planning to explore it in the future.

Each user has their level of sensitivity to marijuana, just like in alcohol. Some people can keep it together or has a high tolerance for alcohol, and some are wasted even in just one drink. It is the same case with enjoying marijuana, may it be edible or smoke form. A few people get sleepy, giddy, and even paranoid with small quantities.

There are many effects of marijuana that can result in psychoactive effects, health benefits, and sexual function effects. These effects are due to the different combinations of drug sensitivity, marijuana strain, and dosage. You will eventually feel different results with others, depending on how it will interact with your body.

The Conclusion

There is still limited research and studies that tackle the effects of marijuana on sexual performance. While this mainly concludes that cannabis is a sexual inhibitor, the resources are still limited. Be mindful when using cannabis or marijuana because certain factors can cause allergic to some. It is essential that you know the risks and can cause several side effects when taken with some medications.

While there is a lack of evidence that marijuana is safe and effective, many couples still opt to use this. Some claim that their sexual performance becomes well. However, it is essential to know that too much dosage can have potentially harmful effects. How does marijuana affect sexual performance depend on various factors, such as the strain and dose of cannabis? You need to consider many aspects, and it has its pros and cons, and it is up to you how much you want to risk if you are willing to try it. Always remember that until now, more evidence is needed to support its claim that it improves sex experience.

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