Does Marijuana Affect Sperm

Does Marijuana Affect Sperm?

Marijuana is now the top favorite especially to men who are fond of smoking. However, with men who dream to conceive a child, it might be a different story. Once it was legalized, a lot of studies came out discovering other new ways to utilize marijuana for. Now, men would usually ask, does marijuana affect sperm?

If this green herb has effects on the body, is it also possible to have an impact on your body fluids and secretions? Such important questions arouse many experts to pursue conducting more researches to further understand marijuana’s unique characteristics.

More About Marijuana and its Properties

Scientifically, marijuana is a type of herb that’s been kept restricted globally from being used and reproduced. This is because marijuana contains properties that were considered addictive to humans. However, time passed by so fast, and various studies and researches have been conducted leading to the positive health benefits that it can bring as well as the risks it may cause.

THC and CBD are the natural substances that the bud contains. These two are distinct from one another and they are expected to deliver different functions to the body. If you are a beginner in the use of marijuana, you better be careful about the dosage and strain you’ll try to avoid the overwhelming feeling and overdose.

THC or “tetrahydrocannabinol” fulfills the role of marijuana for recreational use. It has a mind-altering effect that can make you feel thrilled, excited, motivated, and energized. With one toke, you may be able to do a lot of things afterward. The THC level that you may acquire 100% depends on the type of strain as well as the manner of use that you’ll do.

CBD or “cannabidiol”, on the other hand, is the compound found in marijuana that serves well any patient with its highly medicinal effects. This substance will hit you physically and make you couch-locked for some time. Unlike THC, it does not make a direct impact on the brain and your thoughts, too. CBD takes away pains in menstrual cramps, fatigue, muscle spasm, and sclerosis.

What is Sperm?

If that’s how marijuana impacts the body, then maybe it also has great effects on the liquid and secretions that are produced inside the body.

Sperm is a men’s reproductive cell which is what meets with a female reproductive cell to produce the human embryo. The human body part that responsible for creating sperm is the testicles. This organ also produces the male sex hormone which is called testosterone.

Approximately, the male produces up to 73 million sperm cells on one ejaculation. Additionally, when the sperm cells get inside the female vagina, it can stay there alive for up to 5 days to wait for the female egg for fertilization. Sperm cells are greatly affected, however, by two major factors which are its count and motility. But it’s still not clear how does marijuana affect sperm.

How Does Marijuana Affect Sperm?

Sperm count is the actual number of sperm cells produced by a male individual while sperm motility is its ability to approach an egg. In this case, marijuana plays an important role. Marijuana affects both of those factors and usually causes male infertility.

Several lab tests show a negative result on marijuana being used by males who desire to become fathers. Sperm gets completely affected by marijuana and smoking because it reduces sperm concentration and sperm motility.

An up to 20% decrease in mobile sperm cells is due to THC consumption which results in the inability to fertilize an egg. With frequent use, men can acquire a sperm count of 30% less than their normal release compared to others who do not consume THC.

What’s more threatening, though, is the fact presented by one study that shows marijuana’s chance of affecting the sperm itself aside from the mobility and sperm count. It was found that marijuana can cause mutation onto the DNA carried by the sperm cells. Likewise, men who use weeds develop less to no chance of orgasm with more frequent use.

Effects of Using Marijuana in Conceiving a Child

Based on recent studies and despite the negative results found on lab tests, it was also discovered that the manner of marijuana consumption makes a great difference in its impact, too. Most marijuana users these days have found one other way of using the herb aside from just smoking it and that is through eating edibles.

Some of the possible delightful edibles you can try instead of smoking marijuana are the following:

  •         Brownies
  •         Coffee
  •         Gummies

On the contrary, doctors also admit the fact that there’s no clear answer to whether it affects fertility or not. But, if a couple is experiencing difficulty conceiving while also using weeds often, then maybe it’s better to stop or reduce their consumption in the meantime. Other possible effects of marijuana on the body related to sperm and fertility include:

  •         Hormone changes
  •         Reduced libido and sexual activity
  •         Reduced sperm sustainability

These effects are said to be lingering and may take from weeks to months after discontinued use. When worst comes to worst, frequent high THC consumption can lead men to suffer from erectile dysfunction and eventually lose the ability to engage in any sexual activities.

Choosing the right strain may help also in preventing a greater effect on sperm cells. As mentioned earlier, the problem can be due to the dosage and amount of THC level. Thus, all you need to do is to find the appropriate cannabis strains. Here’s a list of the best weed strains with just the right dose of THC for men to love.

  •         ACDC
  •         Charlotte’s Web
  •         Harle-Tsu
  •         Ringo’s Gift
  •         Harlequin
  •         Jack Herer
  •         Blue Dream
  •         Pennywise

Final Thoughts

Of course, your love for marijuana and your desire to have a child are two different things. You cannot enjoy both at the same time. Your priorities matter so you can make that important decision on which one you’d like to pursue. Again, how does marijuana affect sperm? There’s no definite answer but it’s really up to you and your consumption.

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