Does Marijuana Go Bad

Does Marijuana Go Bad

You may know that the curing and drying process should be done properly to ensure the safekeeping of your stash. But it’s a normal thing to ask yourself, ‘Does marijuana go bad?’ as you don’t want a single bit wasted. Are the dry buds would remain the same as long as you keep them in the ideal place?

As you know, there are precious cannabinoids that you don’t want to lose. So you’re probably worried if ever they would remain in a specified period or just vanish. This article will give you the answers.

How Long Do the Freshness Stay

You can keep the dried buds around half a year or a year. Exceeding that time means the aroma and potency start to evaporate. Some research focused on this topic to provide some information. THC gradually disappears in terms of percentage and based on the following period:

1 year – 16 percent

2 years – 26 percent

3 years – 34 percent

4 years – 41 percent

What if you had forgotten that you kept some stash and you just found out about it? A bad memory won’t help you but the smell from the dried buds can. The aroma is faint when the weed is passed its prime.

You can also expect that it will have a harsh taste and smell which is caused by being stored for a long time. Another clue will be seen in its appearance. You will be able to guess the age. When breaking off fresh buds, they shouldn’t be crumbly. Old ones can be spongy to the touch. They may sometimes be too dry or too moist.

Molds – Does Marijuana Go Bad

Molds can be seen even on fermented food and they can also dwell on dried things like marijuana buds. It needs a lot of attention to figure it out. The molds on marijuana can be so tiny but they would appear powdery and fuzzy. So take note of that.

The smell of weed with molds can be described as musty. You can compare it with a damp pile of hay. The taste may be disgusting for you but there are other more important things that you need to be aware of.

A study conducted at the University of California revealed the bacteria living in the molds of twenty samples of marijuana. They came from different pot growers and dispensaries located in the north of California. So, it’s something that you have to consider when giving importance to checking the molds.

Molds found on weed can cause coughing, vomiting, and nausea. They are just minor cases and no major health problems can arise. However, it poses a risk to people whose immune system is weak. The bacteria or fungi living in molds may give them illness or bring them their final rest.

Whatever your condition is, you better throw the molded marijuana into the trash. It’s not worth it. Imagine eating something with molds. It’s not a good idea, right? Thus, it’s the same with marijuana consumption.

Even if the weed is newly harvested, molds can develop. It happens in handling and drying is not reliable. Some elements like humidity and dampness can get into the buds. It usually happens to marijuana that wasn’t harvested at the right time and improper way. So the result is a low-grade collection of buds.

Factors that Make Marijuana Go Bad

1. Temperature

The ideal temperature in storing marijuana is not over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. When it exceeds, your buds are prone to the growth of molds and bacteria. The weight of high temperature leads to decarboxylation of cannabinoids which means THC can be dissolved. Heat is not good for the preservation of compounds found in marijuana.

Low temperature also degrades the aroma and flavor of the flower. When you place the buds inside a freezer, it encourages humidity to appear. Humidity creates moisture on the buds that can break the trichomes.

2. Humidity

High levels of moisture develop on marijuana buds when humidity strikes. The fluid transfer tends to be slow during the curing and drying stage. The acceptable range of humidity is from 59% to 63% so degradation of buds can be avoided.

High amounts of moisture can’t only cause molds to develop but they result in ammoniated flavor. It happens as air circulation is restricted. On the other hand, low humidity brings defects too. It dries the leaves and the foliage so they become fragile and brittle.

3. Oxygen and UV Light

Based on the aforementioned factors, temperature and humidity can alter the buds. So there’s no leeway for UV light exposure and oxygen to be gentle to them. You ought to know that it can ruin the marijuana flowers in the fastest way possible.

UV rays can crush the organic matter at a fast pace. Degradation and loss of cannabinoids happen then. So you have to protect the buds from excessive light exposure.

Marijuana growers should not only consider the effects of the light in an indoor plantation during the growth of the plants. But don’t neglect the importance of it even if it’s in the final stage or when harvest time is approaching.

Since THC is an unstable compound, only a small amount of light can degrade it. Even the commonly used CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lamp gives off a small amount of UV light. The need to minimize this should be given enough attention.

Too much oxygen can also hasten the degradation of cannabinoids. THC is converted into CBD when the environment is extremely oxidized. It happens too quickly so always be attentive with the oxygen level when curing the buds.


Temperature, humidity, UV light, and oxygen are the things that you need to manage when curing, drying, and storing marijuana buds. With these factors, you have to answer ‘yes’ to the query, ‘Does marijuana go bad?’. They are not always harmful as it all depends on how you control and maintain the amount or the level. Make sure you store your stash in an ideal place.

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