Does Marijuana Help With Anxiety

Does Marijuana Help With Anxiety?

Does Marijuana Help With Anxiety? A lot of people are frequently asking if marijuana helps with anxiety. Well, this won’t be legalized by many states and countries if not for its medicinal value. If you want the answer, then yes, marijuana can help people with anxiety, and not just that, but stress, depression, and other mental conditions as well. 

With that in mind, a lot of people are turning into the therapeutic benefits of marijuana to help manage various emotional and mental disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder or GAD. 

Even though that there is still a lot of scientific research going on to further prove this claim, there are already initial scientific results that marijuana can help people with these conditions through its calming and uplifting effects. 

However, these are just temporary relief that needs to be maintained by those who depend on it. 

Can Do you use marijuana for medication? 

Every time you consume a substance to alleviate or treat any medical conditions by yourself, this is considered as self-medication. Most of the time, self-medication provides you fast relief of any discomfort and symptoms especially if you pair it with your prescribed medicine or therapy. 

However, the drawback of self-medication is that you’re becoming drawn to the conclusion that its efficacy is already enough for you, even though there are chances your condition requires a serious medical approach. 

This goes the same as using marijuana to treat various ailments including anxiety. So, how effective marijuana is for anxiety? 

Is marijuana a good alternative medicine for anxiety? 

Marijuana is currently being used as a source of an alternative to treat anxiety and its symptoms. This is a more natural replacement for the synthetic drugs that are used for anxiety. Initial reports suggest that medical marijuana and synthetic drugs have the same components that can treat anxiety such as the very common medication called benzodiazepines. 

Marijuana displays a lot of potential in helping to lower our body’s cortisol level. Cortisol is the hormone that indicates the level of stress that we feel which is associated with an anxiety disorder for many people. 

If your body has a high cortisol level, this means that you feel anxious, depressed, or stressed. Marijuana’s relaxing and uplifting effects. The euphoric feeling you experience using marijuana is responsible for replacing anxiety with tranquility and peace. 

Because of this, marijuana changed its perception and its anxiety-busting effects are now being used to further push its legalization worldwide. 

What symptoms of anxiety can be treated with marijuana? 

Furthermore, to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, marijuana can also help relieve other symptoms associated with this condition. To give you more details, we’ve listed down the symptoms below: 

  • Distraction- There are specific strains of marijuana, especially Sativa strains that contain high THC levels that help stimulate the mind and body and give extra focus. These strains are very common for people who want to power up their morning which they use before work and before school.
  • Fatigue- Sativa strains that contain high THC levels are perfect for people who are slacking off. These strains are very popular for recreational use. Aside from the euphoric experience, you will enjoy stimulating effects that will help ease your anxiety and stress.
  • Insomnia- This kind of condition is very common for people suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression, however, there are also strains, specifically the Indica varieties that are well-known for its stoning, but very relaxing effects that virtually tranquilize the body. Because of its stoning effect, it instantly makes the person very sleepy. 
  • Agitation- People who have anxiety often are unease and often agitated like they’re worried about something always. Since marijuana has relaxing and uplifting effects, this will instantly get cured especially if the person uses concentrate or tincture that is the most common marijuana product by people who want to relax. 

Where can I get marijuana to treat my anxiety? 

Unfortunately, there are few countries and several states in the US legalize marijuana medically and recreationally. With that in mind, most people often take their medical marijuana for their ailments under the radar. People, particularly in Canada and some states in the US that legalize the medical use of marijuana can fully benefit from the products made for this kind of condition.

To figure out how to obtain medical marijuana in your location, you have to research the laws on medical marijuana so that you can get your supply without apprehended by law enforcement. 

Also, you cannot get medical marijuana over-the-counter. These are prescribed by doctors who are licensed by the federal law to provide medical marijuana to their patients. 

Before you even get medical marijuana to treat your anxiety, you will also undergo several medical tests to find out if your body is not susceptible to any adverse effect that may worsen your condition. Considering that marijuana contains psychoactive effects that might be too potent for some people, particularly those who have pre-existing medical conditions, everyone is subject to a series of processes.

What treatment methods are effective in treating anxiety with marijuana? 

If your medical records are clean and you don’t have any pre-existing medical condition, and your state or country legalizes marijuana, there are various methods you can follow to cure your anxiety. 

  • Smoking- The easiest and most common way to use marijuana is smoking which is both used for medicinal and recreational use. However, you should not make this a habit since smoking in general can harm your health. 
  • Edibles- There are various marijuana products that you can ingest aside from smoking. These are edibles that you can eat and provides you both mild and potent effects of marijuana depending on the amount of it mixed in the ingredients. If you’re not a fan of smoking, marijuana edibles are your go-to solution for your anxiety. 
  • Oils- Marijuana concentrates are often manufactured as essential oils and topical that can be applied to your skin. You can use marijuana patches that contain very high levels of CBD that help you alleviate the symptoms of paranoia and anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Anxiety is a serious mental condition that needs serious medical attention and fortunately, there’s marijuana that can help people alleviate the symptoms effectively. So, does marijuana help with anxiety? It can, but temporarily, that is why relying heavily on marijuana won’t entirely help you with your anxiety. To beat this serious condition, you need your family, your friends, and sometimes your faith to overcome this.

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