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How to Prepare Dry Ice Hash from Cannabis Buds

Making a dry ice hash is pretty easy and fast. This is known to be the most efficient process of extracting resin from the cannabis buds. Once you know the power and the ability of dry ice hash, then you will realize that there’s so much more than your previous vaping decisions. You will find out that dry ice hash is the best means when you decide to make a hash.

If you want to know more about how to prepare dry ice hash from cannabis buds, then this article will give you a guide to creating dry ice hash that will induce superb highs coming from the cannabis buds.

What is Dry Ice Hash?

Dry ice hash is just a solidified carbon dioxide. This is not flammable, and you can just buy it from the local pharmacies. You can also buy it online that is delivered through special containers to keep it cool and survive the transportation process.

Generally, dry ice hash is not that pure as any other hash. Since it is from a fresh frozen trim, it can only withstand a temperature of around 80ºC. That’s why the hash that is produced is wet and may take a couple of days to dry. This is good since the dry ice may break the trichomes from the plant before it tears apart.

Also, the dry ice process is the fastest way to extract the kief, and many smokers tend to smoke dry ice hash because they like pressed kief kind of product. Smoking dry ice hash will also not require you with any specialized smoking equipment, as you can just smoke it through regular pipes. 

How to Prepare Dry Ice Hash from Cannabis Buds: Step-by-step Guide 

To know more about making dry ice hash through the cannabis buds, read down below the useful steps and guidelines in making it. You will be guided to come up with a high-quality and tasty hash with the use of dry ice. Once you’ve achieved it, you will never be coming back to your old vape.


First and foremost, you need to prepare all the necessary materials for making a dry ice hash. Below are the materials you should prepare to make a dry ice hash. Once you’re done preparing all the necessary materials, then you’re good to go.

  • Shredded cannabis leaves or buds
  • Empty bucket
  • A room that has very good ventilation
  • Bubble bags or mesh bags
  • Oven gloves and goggles or glasses
  • Long sleeves for working
  • A clean and flat surface
  • Scraping tool
  • Pollen press


Put the shredded cannabis leaves or buds into the bags. Then put the dry ice pieces into the bag afterward. Make sure you’re wearing gloves in doing it, as well as goggles or protective glasses.

If you’re not wearing thick gloves and goggles, chances of damaging your skin may happen. You need to wear oven gloves at least, but don’t expect that Latex gloves will protect that much from this kind of temperature. 


You can crush the dry ice with a hammer and then insert the smaller pieces right away for logistical matters in order to improve the cooling process. When the dry ice and the shredded buds are mixed together, you will observe that it freezes the plant right away, and the trichomes become so brittle.


Carefully detach the trichomes from the plant and hold the mesh bag using your hands on a flat and smooth surface so you can easily collect the kief. Then shake the bag carefully and with control. You will observe that there are golden powder sprinkling on the surface, only to find out that those are the resin glands or the kief.


Continuously shake the bag for up to 10 seconds and wait another 5 seconds before shaking again. Do the shaking repeatedly. By doing this, it allows the cold to spread evenly. If there are no more kief coming out, you have to place it all into the second bag that is bigger and do the shaking process again.

You can just separate the kief that came from the other mesh bags. You can also find everything at the same time if you wish. Keep in mind that when you are extracting the kief, do it in a room that doesn’t have any air circulation. Otherwise, everything will blow into the air and the room.


After extracting the kief, you have to collect it where you see it fit. You can also skip the hash making process and sprinkle the kief into a joint to make it more potent. You have to be patient in doing this and just finalize the process by turning the kief into a quality dry ice hash. If you’re doing it right, there’s no way it could turn out unsuccessful.


Carefully place the kief in the Pollen Press and close the lid. Tighten the press, and there you see very nice small blocks of very high-quality dry ice hash. Then you’re done.


Now that you know how to prepare dry ice hash from cannabis buds, you can easily make your own without having to spend too much. You can get the top grade and high-quality hash at the cost of shaking a bag and a bucket in just a matter of 15 minutes. You realize how easier and faster it is to make than any other method.  

Just don’t forget to do it safely as it has disadvantages. You need to wear protective equipment so that your health won’t get compromised. Always prepare thick gloves, protect the eyes, and wear something less revealing because the process may later cause skin damage. In the end, making high-quality dry ice hash would be worthless if you’re not doing it right and safe.

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