Easiest Way to Clone Cannabis

Easiest Way to Clone Cannabis

Are you just getting started with your marijuana adventure, looking for the easiest way to clone cannabis?

Or maybe you already have some sufficient experience with growing your very own green medication but always searching for better tips and tricks to help you out with your cannabis cultivation mission?

Whatever other reasons might be hidden behind your desire to learn how to clone marijuana plants easy, you are at the right spot!

Below,we are listing the most essential guidelines on effortless cannabis cloning, after nearly 10 years of medicating with the herb.

Honestly, some of the lessons, regarding cannabis growth, I had to learn the hard way and see my green babies suffer and even die.

However, I want you to embrace a positive outlook on marijuana growing because you simply get better with each trial and error.

But there’s little place for any mistakes with cloning, as long as you comply with the major principles.

Yep, even kids can do it, and so can we, too!

The Easiest Way to Clone Cannabis Countdown: Top 5 Wrong Moves

1 – Never Clone Sick Marijuana Plants

You don’t want to grow sick clones, right?

Sick clones will either die or they will develop as sick marijuana plants.

If you are really very lucky and precise, you may somehow manage to turn a sick clone back to normal, this will cause you spending way much energy and efforts.

And what’s worse, you can’t even be sure whether that same clone, once sick, would be able to cope well with any further issues as it grows.

2 – Never Use Unsterilised Tools

Would you clean your wound with a dirty tool?

I bet you wouldn’t because you don’t want to expose yourself to bacteria.

And neither do you want to put your fragile clones under germs attack.

For this purpose, carefully sterilize your scissors or cutting knife before you proceed with cutting the clones.

3 – Never Work in Unsterilised Environment

Just like unsterilized tools can spread bacteria over your freshly cut green babies, the same goes to the bacteria, which is present in your workspace.

Moreover, not only germs mean trouble for baby clones.

Animals’ fur and dust are 2 additional threats you want to eliminate from the environment before you cut the clones.

4 – Never Cut Down your Clones by Snapping the Stems

Okay, you can image cloning much like cutting a loaf of bread.

It is not hard at all and you can easily just break the bread in pieces without the use of a knife.

However, doing so will not help to make nice, equal toasts.

With cannabis clones, if you decide to snap the stems instead of cutting them, you are simply acting amateur.

After all, more clones mean more marijuana plants and more of your favorite green medication.

So however simple the process of cloning, both pinching and/or snapping are not your best moves.

5 – Never Leave the Clones Aside – Place in Water ASAP

Finally, as soon as you have cut the clones, you need to put them in a glass of water immediately.

The more the clones spend time out of the water after being freshly cut, the greater the chance of bubbles forming inside the stems.

You don’t want these bubbles because they can further block your clones’ ability to absorb water and literally kill them.

Cloning Cannabis Explained Simple

#1 – Pick up the stem you are going to cut and take a moment to take a good look.

Yes, it’s a simple procedure but there is still no need to rush.

Make sure the water-filled container where you are going to place the cuttings immediately, is kept handy, as well.

#2 – Strive for cutting within the same angle the stem goes.

As a rule of thumbs, most stems (above 90%) go at an average of 45 degrees, so this the angle you are striving for when cutting.

Not that something dreadful will happen if you cut it any other way but fitting into the natural pattern of the plants’ growth will increase the speed of recovery after the initial stress of cutting.

#3 – And You Are Done!

Aim for taking between 8 to 10 inches per cutting (that’s 10-20 cm).

One cut, place the clones in fresh water (sure we’d say this for the 3rd time, it is so crucial!).

The Bottom Line

Although not all marijuana growers are interested in cloning their green ladies, it is sure a big plus to know the easiest way to clone cannabis!

Cloning is so inspiringly rewarding and it is beautiful to see all the clones, 100% identical to the Mother Plant, growing and flourishing.

Just make sure you avoid cutting any clones at least 3 weeks before harvest and always flush the soil before gathering the clones.

Wish you a happy and fulfilling cannabis cultiventure!

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