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10 Famous Indica Strains You Should Try

Indica cannabis strains are regularly the top choices among cannabis connoisseurs. At the point when any cannabis user needs and wants more a fiery hit of cannabis, then this type of cannabis strain is their number one choice.  

A well-established question about the concept of using Indica marijuana strains is that what is the top best or what famous Indica strains should I use. Could I only look on the side of its terpene profile or the taste? As then, would how strong it will hit me or how strong it can heal me could be the next question? If so, this paper is the answer as this would give you the top 10 famous Indica strains you should try with regards to terpene profile, aroma, and potency.

Famous Indica Strains

A short plant surrounded by the wide leaves and bushy is the common look you can see on Indica plants. Its will in general is giving you a high content of yield and the growing days are not too long. In short, Indica marijuana strains are not the best choice when you are a cannabis grower.

Indicas additionally has a unique impact on both the mind and body. Moreover, this resembles a pill that will lead you to get drown in dreams as couch-locked is the total point of strength that will hit you. With regards to medicinal benefits, Indica marijuana strains are good for anorexia, insomnia, anxiety, muscle spasms, chronic pain, sleeping problems, and many more.

By such, here is a list for you that will impose the agenda on what are the famous Indica strains that would perfectly give you the best things, which you’ve always wanted to, have in the first place.

9 Pound Hammer

  • With an earthy and sweet tone in its fragrance is the thing you can have from the 9 Pound Hammer marijuana strain.
  • JinxProof Genetics is the responsible breeders of this sour yet sweet in taste cannabis. As such, the underlying flavors circles around the tone of berry, grape, citrus, and lime.
  • 9 Pound Hammer will pound your stress and pain away due to its healing properties, alongside its 17 to 21 percent THC content.


  • Afghani marijuana strain is a substantial Indica cannabis named after its origin. 
  • Various people cherish the Afghani marijuana strain due to its strong resin creation that can be passed on to other strains when this strain is part of the genetic lineage.
  • A natural earthy and sweet tone under its terpene and aroma profile is what you will savor together with the lulling kiss as it helps you to fall asleep easily and comfortably.

Barbara Bud

  • Barbara Bud marijuana strain is one of the famous Indica strains due to its good effects.
  • The genetic lineage of the Barbara Bud marijuana strain starts when the Afghani is then bred with the Shiskaberry strain. Furthermore, this has topped the Indica industry on how it softly kills the manifestations of mental cloudiness you’ve had.
  • You will be tormented in the total pressure of how sweet and fruity it smells partnered with a bubblegum undertone, and this has been named as a famous healer for muscle fits and stress.

Big Buddha Cheese X Cheese Reversed

  • The popular yet clone-only Cheese marijuana strain has been reversed and then crossed with Big Buddha Cheese to have the Big Buddha Cheese X Cheese Reversed cannabis strain.
  • Within the development of yields, this plant offers you more than what you can expect, and you can easily sense the sharp cheese upon the first puff of this cannabis strain.
  • If you are a lover of skunky-cheese that has the sweet filling of tropical notes, then Big Buddha Cheese X Cheese Reversed marijuana strain is best for you.

Cookies Kush

  • Who would have thought that Cookies Kush cannabis strain, per its name, would give you the other tone which is the best apple and lime combined undertone?  Consequently, the Cookies Kush marijuana strain also brings you the pungent yet sweet, earthy, and lime flavor notes.
  • Crossing the famous Girl Scout Cookies with some OG Kush is the genetic lineage of this cannabis strain.
  • Cookies Kush has gendered first place in the year 2014, belonging to the Best Coffeeshop Strain under the competition Amsterdam Cannabis Cup

Granddaddy Purple

  • Granddaddy Purple or commonly known as GDP is one of the famous Indica strains. This marijuana strain is a Californian staple that has berry and grape on its aroma profile, coming from its Big Bud crossing with Purple Urkle as the parents.
  • This delivers a heavy notion of euphoria along with a soothing physical feeling that will save you from torment.
  • Stress, muscle spasms, insomnia, pain, and appetite loss are just part of the conditions this cannabis can cure. Furthermore, you will feel like floating in clouds due to the total bliss that you can feel.

Northern Light

  • If you want a couch-locked famous Indica strain, then your best choice would be the Northern Lights cannabis strain.
  • A smooth and distinct flavor will play around your taste buds and nose due to its terpene and flavor profile.
  • At around 18 percent is the THC content that can be yours. Consequently, hitting you with a solid feeling of drawing you back to lethargic.


  • The fruity or tropical notes together with the sweet misty undertone and citrus hint are the flavor that you can savor from the Somango cannabis strain.
  • The underlying effects this Indica prevailing strain gives are the relaxing, uplifting, and calming feeling. You would automatically burst into total happiness as this keeps the bad thoughts away.
  • If you are a fan of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Jack Herer, then this strain must be yours as the genetic lineage of this falls under the way of crossing the three named strains on this sentence.

Strawberry Banana

  • Strawberry Banana has a shortcut name which is the “Strawnana”, which is an indication of its original name.
  • Per its name, this cannabis strain offers you the strawberry and banana undertone. Additionally, the sweet note will carve you to have more of this bud.
  • The peaceful feeling would wrap you entirely but the sensory awareness will remain. You will slide easily to take nap due to how calming this cannabis is.

White Tahoe Cookies

  • The popular Indica predominant strain, White Tahoe Cookies, is out from crossing three famous strains namely Tahoe OG, Girl Scout Cookies, and The White.
  • A hash undertone partnered with OG and sweet notes are the satisfying terpene and aroma profile that you can taste and smell.
  • This will help you do well within your day as it kicks away the anxiety and chronic pain. As then, a remedy for the chaotic mind and physical pain this cannabis strain is.


The contingency of you finding the famous Indica strains may likely reside on what type of Indica strains are the best for me out from the opinions of various people. In that event, you are now looking and knowing the underlying concepts about it that also activates your pleasure to have it by hand. Perhaps you are a long time user and wanted to savor the famous Indica strains.

The other side may be out from consequently leaning to Sativa strains then why not try for more. However, the ending point would always matter in your decision on why and how. As then, the list above is just part of the worldwide list of the famous Indica strains that you can enjoy.

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