Fast Version Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Do you wish to grow marijuana plants that can produce weed fast? Then, we have the best cannabis strains for you. We have fast version marijuana seeds that will grow fast and can be harvested faster so you won’t have to wait too long to smoke your buds! All our fast-version cannabis seeds are of the best quality and are strains that all growers are looking for.

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The mellowness of the Sherbet strain will satisfy your newbie side in trying cannabis…

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Black Domina is not your rare cannabis strain. It is an Indica-leaning plant with impressive…

skunk strain seeds

Skunk Fast Version Strain Marijuana Seeds

The elite Skunk is a classic in the cannabis industry. It has proven its worth, making it one of…

What are fast version marijuana seeds?

Fast version cannabis seeds are seeds that will grow into fast version, quick-growing plants. These cannabis plants will harvest faster as you won’t have to wait for a long time to harvest. These plants will bloom just like their regular cannabis counterparts but will only remain for a short time on the blooming stage, allowing you to harvest earlier. 

Fast version cannabis seeds are simply quick-growing regular cannabis and thus, will still need a special lighting schedule of 12-hour light and 12-hour darkness to bloom. But instead of taking a long time for your buds to form, it will only take a few weeks to be ready for harvest. 

Why are growers loving fast version marijuana seeds?

Fast version marijuana plants are now the favorite of more and more growers because of the following reasons. 

1. Cannabis plants won’t take too long to harvest

No need to wait too long for your lovely buds to form. Fast-version plants will grow large, dense, and delicious buds quickly. Instead of taking 9 to 10 weeks (or more) before harvest time, you only need to wait 8 weeks or less. Your plants will be ready to dry and cure right after harvest.

2. Let you grow more weed in a year

Because you can grow weed in just 8 weeks, you can grow twice or even thrice a year if growing conditions are well met. 

4. Save you money and time

You will save from a week, two weeks, or more of electricity and water when you harvest early at 8 weeks. The money you saved may be used to buy other necessities and equipment you need. You also save a lot of time when you grow fast version plants. Immediately right after you harvest, you can sow new seeds to grow more plants. 

How do you cultivate fast version cannabis plants?

Fast version cannabis plants grow similar to regular cannabis plants as these also have photoperiod qualities. Therefore, you need to place your plants in a strict 12-hour dark and 12-hour light period to bloom. Fast version plants can be grown indoors or outdoors but to grow plants safely and more efficiently, we recommend growing indoors. 

Indoor growing is best for almost all types of cannabis strains as you can protect your plants from pests and insects that eat delicious marijuana plants and buds. Indoor growing also lets you monitor your plants better as you can easily spot any kind of problem especially nutrient deficiencies.

You can also cultivate fast version plants in soil or hydroponics. If you want to use soil, go for organic soil that has natural, safe and organic ingredients. With organic soil, you don’t need to use fertilizer or supplements time and again. 

Finally, monitor your plants closely and more accurately using a digital thermometer and hygrometer. Correct any problems early on to avoid costly problems in the future. Consider all these tips to ensure healthy, well-developed fast-version cannabis plants come harvest time.