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What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds will become female plants. These plants will have great results as long as you provide proper lighting, nutrition, and hydration. With feminized cannabis seeds, you know how many plants you need to grow from the time you germinate your feminized seeds. Come flowering time, you don’t need to bother with separating male plants from female plants as you only have female plants inside your garden. 

Feminized cannabis plants are also regular plants as these still require a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark lighting schedule to bloom. There are many advantages to using feminized cannabis rather than rely on regular cannabis seeds. 

Why are Growers into Feminized Weed Seeds?

Many weed growers prefer to use feminized cannabis seeds because of the following reasons:

1. Feminized cannabis seeds will reduce accidental pollination

Since you’ll only be growing female plants, you won’t have to deal with male plants that may accidentally pollinate your females. Also, feminized cannabis seeds will let you grow good weed as you concentrate only on cultivating female plants. You can focus on providing the best nutrients, good soil, enough water, and training.  

2. Feminized cannabis seeds will help you grow weed in confidence

Regular cannabis seeds will leave you doubting as to how many females and males you have in your garden. Would you believe that some growers even get no females in a pack of seeds? When you use feminized seeds, you can confidently cultivate only a few or more plants than you can ever need. Also, you can grow almost any kind of strain without worrying about accidental pollination. If you are new to growing cannabis, feminized seeds will give you an advantage over using regular weed seeds. 

3. Female cannabis will save you money, space, and time

You can save money from buying resources like plant food, water, electricity, growing soil, and other growing accessories when you grow feminized strains. You will also save space as you only have female plants in your garden. Also, you’ll save time as you won’t have to spend time checking and checking for any males when you use feminized seeds. 

How Do you Cultivate Female Marijuana Seeds?

Consider the following when cultivating female marijuana seeds. Feminized seeds are grown just like regular strains but you can skip the part when you need to check and remove male plants. You already know that your feminized seeds are all female and thus, there’s no need to worry about pollination and any surprises at the end. If you have never used feminized seeds before then this is your chance to grow cannabis without the hassle.

Indoor growing is best

Feminized weed seeds are grown just like regular or photoperiod weed as these also require a 12/12 lighting schedule. Cannabis can grow indoors or outdoors but we recommend growing your feminized plants indoors. With an indoor growing area, you can better check your plants for any problems. You can prevent pests and keep track of mold, mildew, nutritional deficiencies, and root problems.

Use organic fertilizer

Use organic fertilizer as much as possible. This will help provide the best nutrition for your feminized seeds and feminized plants. Take note that cannabis plant nutrition varies depending on the growth stage of your plants. During the vegetative stage, your cannabis plants require more nitrogen and less phosphorus and potassium. Micronutrients are also a must but are needed in minuscule amounts. During the flowering stage, your marijuana needs more phosphorus and potassium as these are needed for bud growth and development. 

Use a water schedule

Always water indoor plants when soil is dry and never when wet or moist. Monitor plant growth and environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. If you’re growing feminized strains outdoors, you must water before the sun is at its peak. Water during the early morning as water will not evaporate quickly and will seep through the soil and reach the roots more efficiently. In some cases, research on what cannabis strains need when it comes to water. Some strains may need to be watered more frequently than others while some may not need watering daily.

Soil vs hydroponic growing

Plants grown in soil are known for their rich flavor, taste, and aroma. Also, a plant is stronger and more resilient to different diseases when it is cultivated in soil. Hydroponic growing also has its advantages and disadvantages as well. In hydro, your plants are submerged in nutrient-rich water and thus, water and nutrients reach the roots to be utilized by your plants in a more efficient manner. But this also has some cons as the roots can be easily affected by any fluctuations in pH, humidity, and temperature.

Buy the best quality seeds

The best feminized seed strains will grow high quality marijuana with high CBD and great yield. You can only purchase the best feminized seeds from a reputable, reliable seed bank online or from a local seed bank as well. So research well the best local or online seed bank to get the best value for your purchase.

Growing medical marijuana

Medical cannabis is a type of cannabis strain that has higher CBD levels than THC content. High THC Marijuana has psychoactive effects but a CBD strain will have therapeutic or medicinal effects. This means, when you take CBD marijuana you can have very little or absent psychoactive effects as these may have minute levels of THC.

Growing medicinal marijuana demands special cultivation techniques as you need to maintain a clean and sterile environment to grow your supply. Also, you must be careful with the amount and type of nutrients you will apply to your crops as you must guarantee the best growth and yields. We recommend using only commercially-prepared nutrients for weed rather than your own DIY compost or supplement. Doing so will minimize mistakes and problems that may arise with using unregulated and imbalanced plant food.

Also, measure environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and soil pH regularly to avoid any problems. Correct any imbalance ASAP. Feminized seeds require high humidity levels during the germination and seedling phase. By the time your feminized seeds have sprouted, you must switch to higher humidity as this is what seedlings need. Feminized plants in the vegetative phase require lower humidity levels as you need to prevent mold and mildew growth. Low humidity levels must continue until your plants are in the flowering and harvest stages.

Determine CBD and THC levels

If you plan to cultivate recreational and medicinal marijuana, you must diligently get your crops’ CBD and THC content. Why do you need to do this? If you truly want to cultivate the best weed, you can’t do it without learning about your plants’ CBD and THC content. Once you have baseline data, you can use this to better your techniques and help you cultivate better tasting, better quality, better medicinal value marijuana.

Feminized seeds are recommended for beginner growers. If you’re just starting to grow cannabis, we recommend feminized seeds to help you grow confidently at home. Find out how to purchase feminized seeds safely so you can get the best value for your money

How to purchase the best-feminized seeds?

To buy good feminized seeds, you must find a good seed bank that sells good cannabis seeds. A good seed bank could be a local seedbank or an online seedbank which will offer high-quality feminized seeds. Also, check the following:

  • Must have a wide variety of seeds available (regular, feminized, auto-flowering, CBD seeds, and fast flowering seeds). Feminized seeds should be in a variety of strains (Indica or Sativa strains) or high CBD feminized seeds for medicinal cannabis growers.
  • Must offer special deals on delivery/shipment and discount offers on feminized seeds. Even the smallest offers will help you save money on feminized seeds.
  • Must offer the delivery method you trust. The seed bank you will order from should have the delivery method that you prefer especially if you live abroad or you live remotely. This will make sure that your orders will reach your delivery address.
  • Must have stealth delivery options. Stealth delivery is a type of delivery that will hide your identity as well as the contents of your packaging. When you use stealth delivery, your orders will be removed from their original packaging and placed inside items that are unrelated to cannabis. Feminized seeds can be placed inside toys, books, CDs, clocks, and picture frames. The box or the package is also unmarked which means there are no names, delivery addresses, logos, and brand names that will tell that there are cannabis seeds inside. Stealth delivery may cost more but it is the safest way to ship feminized seeds.
  • Must have reliable, payment options. Buy only from seedbanks that have the payment option you prefer. Most physical seedbanks will take only cash or check but online seedbanks will take credit cards (major credit cards only), check by mail, bank transfer or money transfer, debit cards, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, and online payment options like PayPal or Skrill. Almost all seed banks online do not accept cash on delivery or COD payment options.
  • Must have several contact methods. You may need to contact the company for any questions about your orders or you want to change anything in your order and thus, a seed bank with different contact details is very important. Aside from a phone number, you must also have the company’s contact email, physical address, chat support, and a customer contact form. Don’t order from seedbanks online with only an email address or a physical address only on the site as these may be scam sites.

Once you have a seedbank site that you can order from, read the company’s order terms and condition, When you’re done, choose which type of seeds you want to order; in this case, you will choose feminized seeds. Select the strain and next, choose the amount of feminized seeds you want.

Click check out when you’re done but if you want to continue shopping, just check on other seed varieties. It’s time to check out, fill in the customer details form, and pay for your orders. Your feminized seeds orders will arrive depending on your location. If you’re ordering from a local address, it will only take a few days or a day to reach you. But if you live abroad, it can take a few weeks for your orders to arrive.

Can you make feminized seeds on your own?

Yes, you can make your own feminized seeds but it’s not easy as it takes practice and great skill to do. A female plant in the pre-flowering phase will be sprayed with colloidal silver or silver mixed with water solution. When a female is sprayed with this solution daily, it will soon grow male parts or balls and sacs. These male parts will eventually burst and rupture to produce feminized pollen.

Once the females have managed to produce feminized pollen this is applied on the buds or female parts of another plant to pollinate the bud. After one week or shorter, the buds will grow in size and will soon produce feminized seeds. These feminized seeds are harvested the same way as to how regular seeds are harvested.

You can use an Indica or a Sativa strain to make feminized seeds. A cannabis seed with feminized characteristics will pass it on to its offspring just like other characteristics like high yielding qualities, being easy to grow, kush smell, flavor and aroma, early flowering, and many more.