First Time Growing Weed Tips

Check out the ultimate list of the top 5 first time weed growing tips to help you on your quest to becoming a better marijuana grower!

And hey, don’t forget to always keep the good vibes going on J

Nowadays, cannabis cultivation is easier than it has ever been before, thanks to the thousand connoisseurs of the herb who are utterly willing to share their invaluable experience.
Moreover, there are so many additional growing tools to be of your assistance.

Thus, the only thing standing between you and successful marijuana growing gig is your willingness to dive into the adventure!

So let’s do it.

#1 – Always do your Research!

Talking about doing things, the first one to start with when it comes to marijuana growing is research.

However, remember that you can’t really need to put into practice all the information you stumble across.

In fact, let me share you a little secret.

When I was just at the very beginning of my first cannabis cultivation journey, I was that close to quitting.

Up to date, this memory makes me burst into laughter but back in those days before planting my very first green beauty, I was very, very frustrated.

And nevertheless, this was a good 10 years ago so you can imagine there wasn’t such a huge number of go-to guides or tutorials on marijuana growing.

But still, it was just enough to lead me on the brink of giving up.

I thought maybe I don’t have what it takes to grow my own weed!

I was angry and upset because I had zero experience with looking after any living creature, apart from myself.

But you know what?

A little bit of patience, some positive outlook, and well-done research can literally take you a loo-o-o-ng way. Just make sure you filter only the information YOU need.

For example, if you are determined to look after an auto-flowering marijuana variety, focus on this one and leave the rest behind.

Indeed, the marijuana growing journey is simply a beautiful trip with many ups and downs, so don’t be that harsh on yourself.

#2 – Keep a Positive Outlook on Marijuana Growing

Yep, as I already mentioned above, embracing a positive approach towards cannabis growing is a game-changer.

As a rule of thumbs, remember one single thing – your green babies will do everything possible, literally everything possible to flourish!

That is simply a law of Nature.

In fact, this law has helped all the numerous species on this planet, including human beings, to survive and evolve.

Thus, your green princesses are already programmed to strive to live their life fully, regardless of the difficulties or obstacles.

Did you know about the cannabis variety which grows in the cold lands of Russia?

This type of marijuana species is called Cannabis Ruderalis.

It has a strikingly short flowering period and it is the earliest finisher, getting ready to harvest within as little as 7 weeks!

And all of that, without being nurtured in the most nutrient-rich soil, without following the best light-dark cycles, and while facing extremely low temperatures, especially at night.

However, it still manages to keep evolving and existing, despite the unfavorable conditions.

As a conclusion, trust your green beauties a little bit more.

Once you do what you have to do in order to provide the most suitable growing conditions, your marijuana plants will always signalize if something weird is going on.

And guess what?

More often than not, you can briefly take action to counteract any issues. So cheers up and keep going!

#3 – Start with a Few Cannabis Plants

As simple as it sounds, fewer cannabis plants mean fewer issues to take care of.

Yep, it really doesn’t get simpler and truer than this! If you are just getting started, stick to growing no more than 3 plants.

Nevertheless, by choosing to plant a single strain, compared to multiple ones, you are much more likely to succeed in your mission as a marijuana grower.

Remember that different strains have slightly (and sometimes not that slightly at all!) demands, which can definitely become very perplexing when you lack experience with the herb.

#4 – Monitor your Weed Plants Frequently

Now, this tip may seem very obvious but it is very easy to mess things up.

Even a single day of leaving your plants unattended can spell serious trouble for you as a newbie marijuana grower.

In the case of indoor growing, you can’t be 100% sure if the lights are positioned properly.

The only way you can be certain of what’s going on is to monitor your plants so that you can catch any abnormal signs timely.

On another note, if you choose to opt for a convenient weed grow box, the entire set up can be done to work for you. But then again, keeping track of what’s going on is still advisable.

In the case of outdoor marijuana growing, you need to be prepared to act in many surprising situations, as well.

But then again, as long as you pay attention to your green beauties, you will gradually get to know them better and you will start feeling more and more confident as a cannabis grower.

#5 – Utilize the Right Marijuana Growing Tools

You can’t go without pH testers(whether it’s going to be stripes or meters, or anything that will fit your preferences)!

Imbalanced pH levels in weed plants lead to poor absorption of essential elements.

Thus, even if you are feeding your plants will the right nutrients, monitor them and water them properly, you can still face troubles due to the lack of consistent pH levels.

And when mentioning nutrients, don’t you dare overfeed your plants, buddies! This is very tricky, especially to novice cannabis growers who think more is for the better.

First Time Weed Growing Tips in a Nutshell -Just stay moderate, put a smile on your face, and enjoy the ride!

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