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Expert Tips on Growing Cannabis in the Woods

There are various approaches to cultivate cannabis plants. You can grow cannabis either indoors, outdoors, in a greenhouse, or anywhere in which each place has given you the point of interest and assurance. Numerous cannabis growers tend to pick the indoor setting, it is still not out of the list that growing weed outdoor has both give a big advantage to space and natural setting.

For instance, the mainstream way which is growing cannabis in the woods advances you to have the best natural sources of sunlight, air, and sometimes of the water when it is near a riverbank. Along these lines, the choice of growing cannabis in the woods may also prompt you away from jail bars if you are situated in a place that doesn’t legalize cannabis.

Growing Cannabis in the Woods

For any country of the world that legitimizes growing cannabis, growing cannabis in the woods is not an issue at all. Notwithstanding, for those countries that are still beneath the limitation of growing cannabis, then the best way to grow cannabis is indoors.

The arrangement of supporting the idea of growing cannabis in the woods is famously known as “guerilla growing”.

  • Guerilla growing infers that you cultivate and reap your cannabis in the woods to lower the chances of you getting caught growing an illegal plant in your country.
  • Guerilla growing supports publicly growing cannabis in a wide public space where natural resources will help it grow well.
  • Guerilla growing is the best support of sunlight, air, and no problems with space will happen.

There are various favorable positions you can attain when you opt to grow cannabis in the woods. Yet, you need to know and follow some tips on how to do it well. As then, you didn’t even wish but your wish is my command as below this paragraph brings you the tips on growing cannabis in the woods.

Type of Cannabis Strain

  • There are two types of cannabis, either it can be an auto-flowering or photoperiod. The initial step you should take is by considering what type of cannabis you wanted to grow.
  • This is not discouraging you to not use photoperiod strains but auto-flowering are the best types to grow in the woods as they can adapt to sudden fluctuations in the environment.
  • Regarding size, auto-flowering cannabis strains do not eat too much space as they tend to be smaller compared to photoperiod cannabis strain.
  • However, if you are a full-time cannabis grower that has all the time to take care of your cannabis, then you can choose a photoperiod cannabis strain to grow in the woods.

Correct Location

  • You can always say that growing cannabis in the woods may not prefer any correct location as the soil is too natural. No, you are wrong about assuming that because you need to examine first if the place is suitable enough for your cannabis strain.
  • Just some pieces of advice: do not cultivate your cannabis that can draw the attention of various passers-by, examine and check the type of soil the woods has, get a hang of access and quality of the water, and make sure that it can get enough sunlight.


  • You need to inspect if some wild animals or insects roam around the woods that may bring harm to your cannabis strains.
  • Additionally, check the plants in the woods if there are some signs of molds and mildews as this may likely occur to your cannabis at some point.
  • Cultivate your cannabis out from people’s homes as they may tend to harvest it knowing that there is no owner about it.
  • You can likewise add drinking water within the top of your baby cannabis plants. This will also act like the kind of humidity keeper that will keep your baby cannabis plants clammy and watered correctly.


  • Do not ever plant your cannabis seeds straightly onto the soil, you need to germinate it initially within the corners of your home and replant it after some time in the woods.
  • Check the pH level of the soil. The ph level that screams appropriate for cannabis strains must be around 6.4 to 6.5 pH level.
  • Try crushing the soil before planting your cannabis strains. Make sure that it is compact when you squeeze it and must have the option to break away from the time you poked it.
  • You can put some vermiculite in the soil as this will help the soil to drain properly. Vermiculate is the type of partner that abolishes the poor draining system.


  • Cannabis cherishes the rays and heat coming from the sun, so you must put it in a place with any event that three (3) hours of sunlight may hit your cannabis strain. Five (5) hours is also acceptable.
  • Minimal light within the woods may deteriorate the life of your cannabis strain and won’t give you a high amount of yields.
  • Furthermore, the best reaction of cannabis to sunlight is the morning sunlight. As then, make sure that morning sunlight may hit the most compared to afternoon sunlight.


  • The changes in season and the different types of climate must be considered when growing cannabis in the woods.
  • You should plan on what time of the year or what month you should cultivate your cannabis, considering the constant kind of climate your country experiences.


  • This part is extremely intricate as you need to carefully examine if the soil in the woods is too wet or not. The high wetness of soil may opt to rot your cannabis strain.
  • It would be best if the soil is somehow dry and your work to do is by increasing the moisture through watering your cannabis plant from time to time, but with the correct dosage of water.
  • You can also check if the soil is dry or wet by roaming around the woods if a stream is near on it or how far it is. Consider measuring the distance of the stream, and also by examining the soil.

Growth Development

  • Continuously ensure that you are setting some time to check your cannabis plants in the woods to attain what they are lacking.


The outdoor setting of growing plants or consequently the idea of growing cannabis in the woods employs the way to cultivate cannabis in a natural space and away from nosy neighbors. Sometimes, this highly justifies the idea of growing cannabis in an open and wide space area. The natural source of sunlight and air within the woods lowers your cost to spend on some devices when you are growing cannabis indoors.

Yet, you must never forget that there are some things you need to consider growing cannabis in the woods. I highly hope that you read carefully this paper talking about expert tips on growing cannabis in the woods as this will open your senses on how to do it well and how to reap your cannabis in high numbers. Once more, know the place and follow the tips.

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