growing weed in a cup

Growing Weed in a Cup – Can this be done?

As marijuana cultivators, we are often faced with numerous issues in terms of choosing and utilizing the most suitable growing space.

Thus, if you are wondering whether growing weed in a cup is possible, I can firmly state you are not alone!

It seems pretty convenient and tempting to try cultivating your cannabis in a cup.

On the one hand, doing so will save you some issues, regarding the dimensions of your growing room.

But on the other hand, opting for a cup in order to reach the harvesting point of tour green beauties also comes with some risks.

As a rule of thumbs, you can actually grow your cannabeauties in a cup. Yep, that is entirely achievable!

However, you need to acknowledge the fact that your cup growing operation won’t reward you with maximized yields.

Nevertheless, not all marijuana strains will flourish in a growing space as limited as a cup.

And what’s more, if you lack experience with growing your very own green medication, you may even end up suffocating the roots.

So let’s delve into the topic in-depth and once you finish this article, you will be able to determine accurately whether cultivating your green princesses in a cup will do the job for you!

A Personal Success Story of Growing Weed in a Cup

For a start, I have been medicating with marijuana for more than 10 years now.

Meanwhile, working as a traveling freelance writer has faced me with the need to adopt various techniques in terms of growing the herb.

Thus, when I had to spend almost 6 months in Spain, I literally had no other choice but to look for suitable alternatives for conventional growing in big containers.

That’s because cannabis is not legalized in Spain. Subsequently, as I was living under rent, I could not possibly afford to utilize an entire room for growing.

Moreover, my time was limited and I could not opt for creating a weed grow box or anything of that matter.

All I could do was strive to take care of no more than a single green beauty.

Nevertheless, I had to make sure my marijuana plant will be effortless to hide into the wardrobe whenever my hosts stopped by to collect my rent each month.

So it seemed that there is no other way but to try cultivating the herb in a suitable cup.

I started checking out various marijuana growing forums and very soon I found out that, indeed, it is not impossible to grow your weed in a cup!

The challenge is big, though, because as I briefly mentioned above, not all marijuana strains will make it in a limited space, such as cups.

Fortunately, I was able to order auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

Autoflowering marijuana varieties are not merely the sturdiest of all species; they are also the most compact ones in terms of growing space.

On another note, some Indica varieties might succeed in surviving and flowering in a cup, too. That’s thanks to their rather bushy appearance and the limited growth patterns, regarding height.

Typically, as soon as your green babies enter their 3rd week of vegetation, you can force them to start flowering.

In order to do so, you will have to switch to 12-12 light-darkness cycle.

By undertaking these timely actions, you will be able to limit your plants’ growing in height.

And as your plants grow in size, so does their root system.

Anyway, when it comes to autoflowering cannabis varieties, you don’t really need to do anything about the notorious 12-12 light-darkness cycle of your plants.

That’s one of the major advantages of growing autos since they lack the demands for a specific photoperiod.

However, growing weed in a solo cup will face you with a greater chance of dealing with both root and nutrient problems.

At first, the cluttered roots inside the cup will make your plants constantly thirsty for water.

Later on, as the flowering stage develops, it will get harder and harder for your green beauties to absorb nutrients.

That’s exactly why growing your cannabis in a cup is definitely NOT the best option. But then again, it is also not impossible.

As a rule of thumbs, remember that you will need at least a 1 to 2-gallon container to succeed.

You will also absolutely have to train your marijuana plants well in order to avoid them growing too big.

Don’t forget that smaller plants, grown in a small container, will recover much harder from any issues.

Bearing this in mind, you have to be ready to face the risk of literally letting your plants die if they get sick while in the cup.

However, if you are really very careful and dedicated to monitoring your green beauties regularly, you can still manage to harvest some pretty nice buds.

My personal experiment for growing weed in a cup ended up with about 6 oz of harvest.

Admittedly, I was not that experienced yet so years later when I decided to repeat that experiment, I almost got a good 10 oz out of my green ladies, cultivated in a solo cup!

So above all – do whatever suits you best as a marijuana grower and don’t be afraid of trials and errors!

Failing with your cannabis cultivation sucks at first but you always learn invaluable insights on the way.

Wish you a happy and successful cannaventure!

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