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Homemade Grow Cabinet Step by Step Guide

The different life stages of marijuana plants can take place in a homemade grow cabinet. It’s something that you need for indoor cultivation. You may be in a daze as you don’t know where to start. Continue reading this article so you will know how to make it on your own.

You must know how to set up other things aside from making the cabinet. There are several things that you have to consider to successfully grow your plant.

Things that Make a Homemade Grow Cabinet Effective

Homemade Grown Cabinet Draft

Before making the homemade grow cabinet, you must have a draft or plan for its tangible outcome. Start with measuring the space that it will occupy and make some preparations for the requirements such as ventilation, light, water, and nutrients.

This project is also like an investment as it needs an economic and physical job. Measuring and double-checking is what you ought to do. The size of the cabinet won’t only depend on the available space but how much weed you want to grow.

Medical marijuana users will base it on their needed supply. It can be weighed on the sensitivity and the kind of the disease that is being relieved by weed. An average patient consumes a gram or two per day. This dose would require you a monthly harvest of one or two ounces.

But then harvesting can be done in two months as the flowering stage takes 2 months. You can choose auto-flowering strain as they need a shorter time to mature.

Location of the Grow Cabinet

Location is one of the important things in making a growing cabinet. Your choice can help you conceal your operation. You should have all the control over it as there’s no point in creating it if you don’t. Before fully accepting a hypothesis, think of some essential details.

The location should be conducive to gardening. For example, you can place your homemade grow cabinet in the cellar. You can make use of the underground space. The thermal level of the earth is more stable than above the ground. Cooling down and warming up is slower. A cellar remains reasonably cool during summer and still freezing in winter.

If you live in an apartment, it’s recommended to place it near the entrance rather than having it in the back part. A vacant and available room can also do the job. You may also squeeze it into a closet or a wall cabinet.

Make sure it’s not in a big room on a higher floor with huge windows that face the south. Heat control can give you trouble. You may not believe but the sun as the natural source of light can give excessive heat.

Steps in Making a Homemade Grow Cabinet

You can turn an unused fridge into your grow cabinet but you can bring out your artistic side and create something out of cardboard boxes. Not to mention, the value of recycling.

1. The working area should be a flat surface where you’ll place the cardboard box in a standing position. The length is of course longer than the width. It must have enough space to allow the plant to show its full potential. It will grow bigger in a bigger box.

2. It’s time for you to take note of the diameter of the fan for ventilation. Measurement of grow lights and outlet plus is also necessary. You can check it twice for the sake of precision.

3. When you’re sure of the measurements, mark the box. You have to designate the first fan about three inches from the base of the box. The second fan should be three inches away from the top of the box and it can be placed either on the left or right side. You will need to mark the hole for the outlet on the top part or wherever the grow lights can have a good position.

4. When measuring and marking are over, you can proceed to cut the holes. The fans and outlet should fit perfectly.

5. Remove the excess pieces of cardboard for you to test that the pieces of equipment fit well. You can make adjustments if necessary then retest.

6. Coat the interior of the box with the shiny aluminum foil. Wrap every inch of it and use as much foil as needed. It should stick to adhere to the box but you can use glue if you fail to manage. But see to it that you don’t make a mess.

7. Incisions should be made on the holes then flip back the excess foil.

8. Insert the outlet in the box through the hole so the grow lights are sitting comfortably inside the box. Secure the attachment with reflective duct tape.

9. When placing the bottom hole inside the box, it has to be in the area that blows the air outward. Put it in a position with the right amount of duct tape. Airtight is good and more of it is better.

10. You’re advancing to the final step when you finish connecting the fans and the lights. But you still need to check other parts so nothing will be compromised. The box should be completely covered with foil. Marijuana plants love reflected light coming from it.

11. Test all the parts such as the lights, fans, and the door. You can use the surge protector to put all the plugs together. By doing so, you can avoid getting stressed about how to connect them to the outlets.

12. The homemade grow cabinet is now ready for operation. Turn on the lights and the fans. It’s ready to receive your plants which you need to water following the right schedule. If you know how to take your plants then the cabinet will do the rest until you can get a decent harvest.


Making your homemade grow cabinet doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s the reason why some hesitate to put up their own as it would take much money and effort with all the necessary pieces of equipment. But with the aforementioned step-by-step guide, you can try it.

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