how long does it take to grow marijuana outdoors

How Long Does it Take for Marijuana to Grow Outdoors?

When a breeder decides to grow a marijuana, one of the most sought questions that they usually have is how long does it take for marijuana to grow outdoors. To keep things fairly short and simple, the overall timeline of the growth process of cannabis depends on different factors.

If you begin planting with a seed, you need to wait for them to sprout. You also need to wait for it to grow in their sizes, which is usually during the vegetative phase. Also, you have to spare some time for it to flower and produce different active components such as the THC.

To give you an idea, below is a simple timeline of the overall growth process of marijuana when done outdoors:

  • 1 to 3 weeks : Flowering phase begins
  • 3 to 4 weeks : Buds begin to form
  • 4 to 6 weeks : Buds start to puff up
  • 6 to 8 weeks : Buds will become mature and its pistils will grow dark
  • 8 weeks and so : The end of the flowering phase, and harvest can begin

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

If you are already a user of marijuana, the idea of starting your own weed garden must already cross your mind. Taking this action can sometimes take a lot of effort especially if your goal is to produce a pro-quality bud. However, trying out different kinds of methods such as growing your strains outdoors can always be a fun, relaxing, and rewarding hobby. If you are a beginner, it is still possible to have a successful and solid outdoor crop for as long as you properly follow all the ideal practices a good breeder has.

Growing marijuana outdoors may not be an easy task especially if one of your concerns is finding the right growing area for your buds. There are a lot of things you need to consider when you want to grow cannabis outdoors. One is finding the right location for your buds. An example of an ideal location for an outdoor garden is an isolated area that is near in riverbanks. You must also target the area that has a nutrient-rich soil with minimal rocks and can easily be reached by sunlight.

Before trying to grow marijuana outdoors, it is important to have some basic knowledge of all the things that should be learned in doing such. Here are 2 factors that you must consider for growing cannabis outdoors:

  • Climate is one of the important and basic knowledge you need to understand when growing outdoor marijuana. You must know the climate of the area where your weeds will be growing. Although cannabis is known to be highly adaptable to different conditions, they can still be quite receptive to some extreme climate changes. For example, when your location has very high temperatures, your plants may tend to have massive damage, resulting to death. Another is when there are intense winds and strong showers. This can result in serious damage that even the thickest strains can be affected. Also, excessive watering may lead to the formation of molds especially when your plants are in the flowering phase.
  • Apart from climate, you also need to understand how the length of days may shift seasonally, depending on the area where you are living. A good tip that you can use to understand the climate changes in your area is to have a special climate zone map. This has different aspects such as proximity and elevation to some of the major water objects. Utilizing different local resources is also a good idea because some gardeners may tend to share some knowledge on how to yield different kinds of vegetables and flowers. This can then be applied when you cultivate cannabis. Also, having some special growing and gardening experience can also be rewarding, and you will eventually find growing cannabis outdoors a very easy and enjoyable thing to do.

Benefits of Growing Cannabis Outdoors


Space is one of the greatest things every breeder appreciate when they grow their marijuana outdoors. If your concern is having a small house and you just can’t start growing cannabis, sorting to growing outdoors is always the best alternative. There are also some instances that even if you have a spare space inside your home, it can still be sometimes annoying when you section off a specific area and rig it with lighting and temperature controls. In order to start growing weeds outdoors, you have to secure an area that can receive sunlight for about 4 to 6 hours a day.


Cost is one of the things that most people are afraid of when they hear the idea of growing weeds. Deciding to grow weeds can have some upfront costs especially on your setup. Some people believe that purchasing a grow setup can be impractical. For this reason, growing outdoors is also the best alternative. When you grow outdoors, you mainly rely on natural sunlight and temperature, allowing you to save expenses. Growing outdoors can be free of charge but you have to take note that you still have to invest in their nutrients and the seeds itself.


Most growers think that allowing their strains to yield indoors can sometimes be a real headache. When you grow weeds indoors, there are a lot of factors that you should consider which some people find complicated. For example, you have to fiddle with the ideal and automated light schedules, together with the temperature control. If you cannot properly master this step, growing cannabis indoors must probably not for you. That is why growing it outdoors can always be a great alternative.


The concern on how long does it take for marijuana to grow outdoors is just a basic issue of all the hundred things you need to understand when growing cannabis. Growing weeds outdoors can really be a different experience especially when you are used to growing weeds indoors. This also makes the difference for some of the growers who are usually laid back and want to have a more organic technique. Whatever method you choose, practicing all the right things to do is still what matters most when growing your own supply of weeds.

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