How Long does it Take to Grow Weed

On my journey as a cannabis connoisseur and cultivator, one of the most common questions I got from friends is none other than how long does it take to grow weed.

Ultimately, I’d say there is no strict time frame for having your marijuana plants reach the harvest point.

However, there is some smart guidance you can employ for understanding better when you can expect to lay your hands on those juicy buds.

Above all, the time for cannabis growing depends on the strain you choose to plant.

How Long does it Take to Grow Weed: the Ultimate Breakdown

I know you want some straightforward answers, dear cannabisseur fellows; but as far as the strict time for marijuana plants growth is considered, it is impossible to find a fit-them-all resolution.

On an average, growing your weed plant can take anything between 8 weeks to 7 months for indoor setups.

When it comes to outdoor cannabis growing, the time frame goes for anything between 3 to 6 months.

And if that isn’t a huge time gap!

The easiest way to determine how long you will need to wait before harvesting those delicious buds is to follow the guidelines, provided by the cannabis seeds retailer.

However, those guidelines are still simply an average checkpoint for us, marijuana growers.

Thus, it is crucial to keep in mind that there are some major factors, affecting the speed of marijuana growth.

Most of these factors are extremely personal because they include the lights you use, the temperature range, humidity levels, as well as fertilization and watering schedules.

Nonetheless, it will be up to your desired rates of yields which will also determine how long it takes to grow your marijuana plants.

For example, if you have put your efforts into growing big cannabis plants, nurturing multiple fat buds – then it will be definitely worth the extra waiting.

The only factor, related to the pace of weed plants growth which is not on your side of the fence is the genetics of the strain.

Although, since you are the one who picks the seeds to plant, it is you again who is in charge of finding the best ones.

Doing so will grant you the sweet rewards of strong cannabis genetics; a good genetic inheritance will help the plants be less susceptible to your mistakes but also to attacks by various pests, for example.

Now, let’s take a look at a no-nonsense cheat sheet on marijuana plants growth timeline, starting from seedling to end of flowering.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds

This phase can take about 1 to 7 days. The earlier a seed sprouts, the better the chances for a healthy, sturdy plant.

But then again, that is only in general. It might be the case you are dealing with excellent genetics but you did some mistakes during the germination. Subsequently, this can cause the process to slow down before you notice any of the seeds sprouting.

From Seedlings till the end of Vegetation

This period can go from3 to about 8 weeks.

Typically, as soon as week 4 of vegetation kicks in, an indoor marijuana grower can switch to the 12-12 darkness-light period (the so-called photoperiod which triggers the flowering stage).

The longer you give your green beauties the time to stay in vegetation, the more buds you can expect to see later on.

Anyway, if you’d simply wish to save some time, it is absolutely fine to skip on the waiting and start the photoperiod.

But What about Autoflowering Strains?

Autos are amazing for their ability to switch to flowering all on their own. That means there is no need for you to trigger this process.

Moreover, autoflowering marijuana strains are often called “early finishers” because most can be ready to harvest within as little as 8 weeks!

Usually, autos enter the flowering stage at about week 3 of vegetation.

Are there any other early finishers apart from autoflowering marijuana strains?

Yes, there are also hybrid and Indica strains which are known as early finishers.

Sativa varieties are rarely in that category, although some exceptions are possible.

That’s why picking the most suitable seed for yourself, as well as choosing a reliable seed bank is of utmost importance.

On another note, hydroponically grown weed is a great option for those who wish to grow their green medication faster.

With the right setup, you won’t simply reach the harvest point earlier; you can literally get gigantic cannabis buds!

Flowering Stage

And so finally, the flowering stage can range for between 5 to 16 weeks.

Now, that monstrous gap is almost hard to digest, I know. But after all, growing marijuana is not physics or maths; you are dealing with living creatures and not numbers.

Ultimately, most marijuana varieties tend to spend between 5 to 8 weeks in the flowering stage.

The Bottom Line

Knowing how long does it take to grow weed does not come with ready answers; however, the process does involve a whole lot of fun and learning.

As long as you use the right tools, give your cannabis plants the love and attention they need, and you always, ALWAYS opt for high-quality seeds (with some research done before purchasing these!) – then you can make the time needed for marijuana growing fit your schedule.

Wasn’t that painful, after all, right?

Just put that big smile on your face and enjoy the ride.

If you have more valuable tips, insights or experience regarding the herb – then don’t hesitate to join in the comment section below.

Hit the like and share button to help spread the knowledge about easy cannabis cultivation among the rest of our brothers and sisters cannabisseurs.

We appreciate your time and your support is the spark that keeps us going!

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