How Tall are Marijuana Plants

How Tall are Marijuana Plants

Each cannabis cultivator, regardless of the experience he/she has with growing his own weed, needs to understand how tall are marijuana plants.

That’s important both to indoor and outdoor marijuana growers.

When it comes to indoors cannabis cultivation, you want to make sure the dimensions of your growing room will fit the demands of your green beauties.

And as far as outdoor growing is concerned, you may have issues with conservative neighbors or simply wish to avoid driving unnecessary attention to your garden.

However, if your cannabis plants, grown outside, exceed a particular height, they might become very easy to spot.

No matter of the major reasons why you are wondering how tall does cannabis grow, you sure have a point on that one!

So let’s delve into the top expert’s guidance on understanding and utilizing the growth patterns of your emerald princesses!

What Factors Affect the Size of your Cannabis Plants?

As a rule of thumbs, remember that all cannabis plants have much in common with us, humans.

Both you and your cannabeauties need light, food, and love to flourish.

Moreover, the genetic inheritance you and your cannabeauties carry plays a huge role in the height, which is possible to reach through the process of growing.

1 – The Strain/s you Choose

The first factor which determines the ability of your marijuana plants to reach a particular size is the strain you choose to take care of.

All seed banks provide a full description of the growth patterns and demands of each marijuana variety.

Thus, for example, Indica strains are mostly shorter than Sativa species and appear much bushier.

Nevertheless, auto-flowering cannabis strains tend to be the shortest of all.

However, despite the genetic traits in terms of the size your plants can reach, is tremendously impacted by the factors listed below.

2 – Lights

Give your marijuana beauties the best lights and watch them thrive!

If you succeed with providing the most suitable light spectrum, as well as well-controlled hours of both light and darkness, you can achieve amazing results!

When given the right lights, marijuana plants can easily grow twice or even triple the size of what they would otherwise exhibit.

3 – Growing Medium

Growing weed in soil is the most traditional and tested in time way to cultivate cannabis.

However, growing marijuana hydroponically is quickly becoming the hottest trend.

That’s for an array of reasons but the fact that your cannabis plants can reach gigantic sizes is absolutely a crucial one.

Hydroponic growing makes cannabis spend most of its energy into nurturing those succulent buds, instead of wasting parts of this vital energy in growing roots, searching deep for the nutrients they need.

4 – Training Techniques

There are multiple training and pruning techniques that can literally help you shape your marijuana plants the way you want them to grow!

Moreover, there are both beginner-friendly training methods, such as low-stress training, as well as methods which are better suited to seasoned cannabis cultivators, such as monster cropping.

5 – Nutrients

The right nutrients can make your green beauties grow vigorously and literally huge.

When I was just starting my marijuana growing adventure, I was strictly against nutrients since I am dedicated to organic living.

But some years later, as I finally decided to give nutrients a try (after all, flushing works to clean your marijuana plants from those nutes!) – well, I was more than amazed by the results!

I compared 2 marijuana plants of the same strain – Northern Lights, which I used to grow with and without fertilizers.

The latter managed to outgrow the ones grown with no nutrients with more than 3 feet.

And what’s more, I was rewarded with yields, twice as maximized, as opposed to growing without additional nutrients!

How tall are Marijuana Plants Indoors vs Outdoors vs Hydroponically Grown Varieties

As briefly mentioned above, hydroponics is one of the best ways to make your cannabeauties grow like crazy!

Indoors, you are pretty much the only one who is in charge of providing all the conditions, needed from your plants to develop.

Thus, as long as you are not limited in terms of growing space, you can make your green beauties turn huge or compact, depending on your personal preferences.

When it comes to outdoor cannabis cultivation, you depend a whole lot on the climate.

But in the case of the right environmental conditions, weed grown outdoors can grow three or more times taller than you!

Yep, since there are no limits for the roots, regarding the typical containers, only the sky is the limit!

The Bottom Line

Marijuana plants do not fit into straightforward frames.

They can always surprise you and when it comes to how tall are marijuana plants, after all – the answer will highly vary!

From being short, bushy and compact, reaching only the height of your knees, cannabis can grow as tall as to outreach the size of an average house.

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