How to Clone a Weed

How to Clone a Weed Plant like a Pro

Are you ready to learn how to clone a weed plant all by yourself?

Great because we are listing everything you need to know to master the process of cloning just like a pro!

Most importantly, in order to clone your marijuana plant/s, you don’t have to be experienced with cannabis cultivation. Yes, even newbies can do this with absolute success.

As long as you stick to the tutorial below, you will be able to turn a single Mother marijuana plant into multiple identical green beauties to expand your garden.

Best of all, an expanded pot garden means more of the succulent, THC-covered buds.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get down to work!

#1 – What do you Need to Start Cloning your Pot Plants?

Cloning is such a rewarding process in more than one way.

Apart from granting you the freedom to produce numerous genetically identical cannabeauties, your piggy bank will be also far from trouble.

Just a single female marijuana plant, grown from a single seed, can work for cloning an average of at least 5 baby pot plants.

And if that ain’t a sweet job for all the cannabis connoisseurs by heart!

Nevertheless, the equipment you need to utilize is no less straightforward and affordable than the process of cloning itself.

Check out the list of tools to prepare before you start cloning.

1 – Germ-free Scissors

You will need a sharp and free of bacteria scissors to cut the stems from your Mother cannabis plant.

Both the sharpness and the hygiene of your tools is crucial because, in the absence of these, you can cause harm to the Mother Plant.

In order to sterilize your scissors, simply swipe the surface with alcohol.

Some highly antibacterial essential oils, such as Rose Oil or Tea tree oil can also work just fine for this purpose.

2 – Rooting Medium / Water

Before attempting to clone your weed plants, you want to consider whether you will place the freshly-cut stems to root in water or you will opt for directly rooting the clones in the soil.

Rockwool is yet another suitable option.

Both ways your clones will be perfectly healthy so it is really only a matter of personal preferences.

However, experts encourage marijuana aficionados to take advantage of a rooting hormone before planting the clones in the soil.

That’s to make sure all your clones will survive the initial shock and grow strong roots in no time.

Placing the clones in water does not require the use of a rooting hormone, though.

The water itself plays the role of a rooting medium for the chopped stems before you transfer them in soil or in your hydroponic settings.

#2 – How to Clone a Weed Plant Made Easy

1 – When is the Best time to Clone a Mother Plant?

The best time to cut a few clones out of your Mother marijuana plant is when the second month of vegetation has started.

Just count the weeks from the sprouting of the seeds and check if it’s a suitable moment to begin cloning. If you are experienced with cannabis cultivation, cloning can start as soon as the first month of vegetation kicks in.

However, the longer you let the mother plant develop before you attempt to clone it, the better it will recover from the stress.

Nevertheless, clonings will stand a greater chance to thrive, too. At any cost, forget about cloning a mother plant which is already in the flowering phase.

2 – How to Prepare the Mother Plant for Cloning?

In order to reap the maximum benefits of cloning, quit adding any fertilizer to the Mother plant at least a few days prior to cutting a few clones.

Make sure the Mother cannabis plant is healthy and isn’t undergoing any issues.

Otherwise, you risk exposing both the Mother plant and the future clones to disaster, and potentially, unsuccessful cloning.

3 –How to Prepare your Workspace for Cloning?

As you are going to cut some parts of the Mother plant, you cannot work in a dirty or dusty environment.

Keep the hygiene in your workplace high to ensure the stress caused on your Mother plant will be mild and won’t cause any further issues, related to germs, pollution and/or pets’ hairs attacks.

4 – How to Cut your Clones the Best Way?

First off, you want to cut only healthy, perky stems of the Mother Plant. Look for branches which are located at the bottom.

Your Mother marijuana plant will need the fan leaves, growing in the upper parts, for the process of photosynthesis.

Now, take your scissors and cut a stem, forming a 45-degree angle.

That angle is actually following the natural position of the stems. Act fast and finish the cutting with a single stroke.

You want to cut anything between 8 and 10 inches of a stem. Once you are done, you have only one final step left.

5 – How to Root the Freshly-cut Clones?

Above all, don’t wait until you have cut all the stems before placing them into water or dipping into rooting hormone before you plant into the growing medium.

As soon as you cut a clone, immediately place it in a glass of fresh water or do your job with the rooting hormone.

Otherwise, tiny bubbles of air will quickly enter the chopped stems, resulting in a poor rate of a successful cloning.

The Bottom Line

Told ya we are going to show you the best tutorial on cloning, buddies!

All in all, now you are ready to even teach your friends how to clone a weed plant by themselves.

As long as you keep good hygiene and you act fast and strict – cloning might just become one of your favorite tasks as a marijuana gardener.

Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to show us some support.

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Together we stand strong.

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