how to clone marijuana step by step

How to Clone Marijuana Step by Step

Are you ready to learn the best practices on cloning your cannabis plants successfully?

In this article, we are revealing all the useful tips and guides on how to clone marijuana step by step.

Follow our easy-peasy tutorial and you will be on your way to enjoying sufficient crops and maximized yields upon harvesting!
After all, cloning your cannabis plants don’t require you to have any previous experience as a marijuana cultivator.
However, the benefits of cloning are numerous.
Thus, once you know how to do this properly, you can expand your marijuana garden tremendously, saving both time, money and efforts.

Step 1: Choose and Prepare your Marijuana Plants for Cloning

Above all, you need to begin your cloning mission by picking the most suitable Mother Plants, from which you are going to cut the stems.

As a rule of thumbs, you should avoid cloning in the case your Mother marijuana plants are exhibiting signs of disease, such as wilting or curving leaves, for example.

Choose only the healthiest, strongest plants for cutting your clones. Doing this will help you grow healthy plants in return.

It is not recommended to pick your clones before the Mother marijuana plant has entered the second month of vegetation.

Some marijuana growers start cloning as soon as their plants have reached their first month of vegetation.

However, if you lack experience with the herb, it is best to wait for a few more weeks, as to ensure your plants recover fast without causing you any issues.

Nevertheless, stay away from cloning once your plants have reached the flowering stage when any cutting can cause severe damage to the future buds-to-be.

Make sure you stop fertilizing your Mother cannabis plants before picking the clones.

For this purpose, quit fertilization at least 2 days before cutting the clones.

Step 2: Sterilize your Tools& Workplace

It is utterly important to keep the hygiene very high when you start cloning.

Both your Mother cannabis plants and your cuttings will be very fragile and you don’t want to risk exposing them to dust and grime.

When it comes to the tool you are about to utilize for cutting your clones, it is best to opt for suitable scissors.

Do not simply crash the stems with your bare hands because that doesn’t indicate any good for your cloning mission.

Moreover, sterilize your scissors to avoid any bacteria from getting in touch with your plants.

For this purpose, you can simply swipe the surface of your scissors, using alcohol.

Going over the scissors with a cotton pad, soaked in organic Rose Water is another fantastic and all natural approach to ensure the proper sterilization of your tools.

Step 3: How to Cut the Stems Properly

First off, you want to focus on cutting the branches, which are situated lower on your marijuana plant.

Your green beauties will need the upper leaves to fulfill the process of photosynthesis and reward you with those fat, succulent buds.

However, cutting upper stems is still okay in the case your marijuana plant has developed rapidly, meaning it has enough upper stems already.

For best results, aim to cut the stems within a 45 degrees angle for that smooth and nice cutting.

Be precise but also aim to act quickly. Just one sharp and confident cut – and that’s it! About 10 inches of cutting are considered great for cloning.

Anyway, if you are planning to use Rockwool for the rooting, you want to cut your stems within a size which will match your medium.

As a result, cutting more or less of the average 10 inches is still fine.

Step 4: How to Speed Up Rooting & Recovery for Successful Cloning

Now that you have cut your clones, you are half way through with your mission!

However, it is extremely important how you will root your clones so that they actually survive and flourish.

Nevertheless, you need to be prepared that your mother marijuana plant will suffer from a light shock after the cutting.

Thus, you will want to do everything possible to help speed up recovery, as well.

As a rule of thumbs, make sure you place your cuttings in water immediately. If you fail to do so, air bubbles may form and block further proper water absorption.

You can start rooting your clones in water, Rockwool or simply choose to put them directly in the soil.

Rooting your cuttings in Rockwool is considered superior to the rest of the 2 methods because of the maximized air flow and the excellent water retention.

If you choose to root your clones in the soil, you need to stay on the watch for overwatering or under-watering your fragile green babies.

Don’t forget to opt for nutrient-rich soil and keep a track on the proper pH levels to ensure your clones grow healthy and strong.

When using soil to root your cuttings, it’s a great idea to make use of growth hormones.

Doing so will help your clones adapt much easier to the new environment.

In the case you opt for simply rooting your cuttings in water, then you don’t need to utilize a growth hormone.

Just keep your clones warm and cozy and wait to see she roots pop out!

How to Clone Marijuana Step by Step: The Aftermath

We hope we have been of your assistance in adapting the best practices regarding marijuana cloning.
Apart from being an effortless procedure, cannabis clones can reward your investment amazingly and turn a single seed into more than 5 future plants!

Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the same flavor and effect, as your green babies will be 100% identical to the Mother plant.

Wish you happy marijuana growing!

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