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How to Cut Clones the Right Way

Asexual reproduction in terms of growing Cannabis plants is done by cloning. Doing it means knowing how to cut the clones the right way. A cutting is collected from a mother plant which bears the desirable traits that the cultivator wants. There are many advantages of cloning such as skipping the need to germinate seeds and let them develop into seedlings.

The Ideal Mother Plant to Get Cuttings

Cloning is mainly about capturing the desirable traits from a specific strain. Being selective means getting a healthy mother plant to give you your wish. You can start the hunt from the moment the seedlings popped up. Observe their stature and keep an eye on the ones that stand out among the rest.

They should be the strongest, fastest to grow, heaviest in yield, and most distinct in aroma and taste. You may also want to consider the following things:

  • Has a pungent or exotic aroma
  • The flavor is bold, smooth, and sweet
  • Impressive resin production and highly potent
  • Robust growth in manageable height
  • Quick flowering time
  • Resilient to pest, molds, and pathogens that cause diseases
  • Large production
  • The right steps on how to cut the clones can be done applied during the vegetation stage. But some growers would allow their favorite plant to produce flowers first then they get the healthiest clones later on.

Important Factors and Steps on How to Cut Clones

You may also take the option of getting your cutting during the flowering stage. But it may need more time to develop roots. It delays growth as you need to make them return to vegetation for two or three weeks. 

The cutting should be taken from a healthy plant. Healthy cuttings mean a faster rate of rooting and growing. You should target the bottom part of the plant as the stems receive less light and thus, smaller buds grow. As long as they’re healthy, they will be perfect cuttings with two nodes. 

  1. A neat cut is done at a 45-degree angle on the last node of the cutting. So you have an adequate area for the roots to rise. It opens the way for fast growth. 
  2. After you obtained the cuttings, dip them into cloning gel or rooting hormone. Then you can directly place it in your medium. 
  3. Remove the leaves at the bottom and only top leaves remain. It should be done once the cutting is settled in its growing medium. 
  4. Trim the tips of the remaining leaves to encourage water uptake and photosynthesis. It slows down evaporation while cutting down the surface area of the existing leaves. The cuttings will be able to hold on to much water for the rooting to take place.
  5. The clones are placed in their designated medium and trimmed, you can put them in a dome. The place will provide the high humidity needed by the cuttings. Water can be absorbed by their leaves first and it is delivered to their roots. The light schedule should be 18/6. A metal halide or fluorescent lamp can be the provider of light for 18 hours. You can also invest in a propagator to ensure healthy growth.

More Tips on How to Cut Clones

– The mother plant shouldn’t be given fertilizer a few days before obtaining cuttings from it. With excess nitrogen in the stems and leaves upon taking cuttings, this state will deceive the clones to move forward to vegetation. It happens as all the energy is focused on rooting.

– Sterilizing your tools for getting cuttings is essential. Disinfect your tools like scissors or razors.

– It’s best to use scissors when cutting the clone from the mother plant.

– You can also use an auto-cloner and the rooting hormone should be placed in it instead of dipping the plant in the liquid.

– If you’re still a beginner, you can start with a single clone first. Those who have enough knowledge or advanced growers can make multiple ones. 

Is it Ok to Pass in Using Rooting Gel or Rooting Hormone for the Cuttings?

Novice growers and experienced ones wonder about this matter. It’s OK to skip using rooting gel or rooting hormone. Some advanced cultivators prefer not using either of them. They think it would be best to allow the roots to grow naturally.

If you want to try going natural, these steps will help you:

  1. Fill an opaque container with water without chlorine in it.
  2. After securing the cutting, place it right away in the water. Remove the lower leaves so it can float. 
  3. Let the cutting soak in the water. Place it on the windowsill without exposing it to direct sunlight. 

The ideal temperature is around 23 to 25 degrees Celsius. You have to wait eight to ten days for the roots to appear. It needs two and a half to three weeks for transplant. When cuttings develop roots with a length of two to three centimeters, it’s the right time for transplant. It’s acceptable to add Vitamin B1 or aspirin to induce faster root growth.

The Ideal Environment for Marijuana Clones

Aside from knowing how to cut clones the right way, you have to establish an ideal environment for them. It’s very important so they will be stable.

– Make sure to stick to the right temperature (23 to 25 degrees Celsius) and humidity (75% to 85%). You can use a heat mat under your propagator or tray to control these factors and add perlite underneath.

– Humidity is essential and you may need to mist the cuttings. 

– You have to check the cutting once a day just to make sure that the ideal environment is maintained.

– Remove dead cuttings out of your propagator as decay is not a good thing. It would only get the attention of bugs and fungi can also develop in your growing area. Pathogens can spread and it would kill the remaining clones.


Cuttings can be sensitive while you stabilize them so that’s why you must know how to cut the clones the right way. Be attentive with the steps so you can make them grow as a healthy marijuana plant.

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