How to Dry Weed Fast

How to Dry Weed Fast

Okay, so you want to learn how to dry weed fast but still get the maximum potency and (at least) a tolerable flavor out of those juicy buds, right?

Well, then fasten your seatbelts!

Let’ delve into the top 3 self-tested ways about how to dry weed buds fast without ruining your experience with the herb later on.

But first, here’s a quick heads up, my cannabuddies.

The faster you are trying to get your marijuana buds dried, the worse for the taste and effect after consumption.

Please, keep this in mind because I don’t want you to suffer as I did during my very first quick weed drying trials.

Fortunately, the methods listed below are the most well-working ones in the case you are in a hurry for enjoying your green medication.

However, free air drying and proper curing remain the best options you have in order to reap all the benefits of the herb after you cut your green ladies.

#1 – The Toaster Oven Quick Drying Technique

(Duration: 20-30 minutes; Difficulty Level: Beginner-Friendly)

Using a simple toaster oven for drying your weed works like charm.

But what’s more, I simply love this method because it does manage to keep most of the trichomes intact.

Nevertheless, I would describe the smoke as semi-smooth but absolutely not anything like yuekee.

All you need is to switch your toaster oven on and prep your weed.

Cut the buds in even, small chunks but don’t grind them, OK?

Then place the weed on a baking tray or any heatproof tray or deep dish you can utilize for this purpose.

You are not going to dry your buds inside the toaster oven. You are simply going to place the tray OVER the oven toaster (on top of it).

Doing so will help you dry your green medication much more gradually as to keep the potency and at least some part of the flavor.

Now, all you have to do next is to turn the weed chunks over every 4-5 minutes.

Thus, you will let them dry equally on each side.

For best results, use a spoon and not your bare hands to turn the buds over or much of the precious cannabinoids will stick to your fingers.

20-30 minutes of waiting is totally worth it, especially when compared to other common methods for quick drying which simply turn your weed into crap!

#2 – The Tinfoil Super Quick Drying Method

(Duration: 2-3 minutes; Difficulty: Beginner-friendly)

Alright, so far I guess you have probably learned my opinion about quick drying – yep, think it sucks!

But I also know that sometimes, life just gets you in a hurry, so it is good to have options.

I like the tinfoil method much more than quick drying in the microwave.

All you need is a piece of tinfoil (I used about 4”), your weed, cut in equal chunks (then again NOT grinded!), and a light bulb of 60-80W.

Don’t get into a big fuss about the type of light bulb you are going to use. A simple incandescent or fluorescent bulb will do the trick.

Now, you want to place the tinfoil over the bulb, with your pieces of weed inside the tinfoil.

Keep stirring every 30 seconds with a suitable spoon. Repeat for the following 2-3 minutes.

And you’re done!

#3 – The Double Boiler (Heat Plate) Drying Technique

(Duration: 20-30 minutes; Difficulty: Easy)

Using the steam, created by a pot, filled with water and another pot, placed on top with your weed intact is surely a nice way to keep the potency of your quick-dried buds.

For this purpose, you can use a simple double boiler. But if you don’t have one, it is easy peasy to mimic the process.

Simply fill a suitable pot with water (not all the way up, though, or during the evaporation water may start splashing and get your weed wet).

Then place another smaller pot or any type of heat plate over the water.

Cut your weed in equal pieces and spread these evenly.

Afterward, once the water has reached a boil, the steam will do all the job for drying your weed.

And since the temperature is not that high, this is a much gentler and better working option that oven-drying, for example.

Actually, you can find many tutorials on how to dry weed buds fast but please remember that not all of these will work fine.

Sometimes it takes some time and practice and sometimes, you also need a pinch of luck as to come across the right directions.

Well, I believe luck is on your side today because as I briefly mentioned above, those methods we listed took some trials and errors (Ooutch!).

Bonus Pro Tip: The Best Method for Quick Marijuana Buds Drying – Envelope + Sunlight

For this method, you don’t even have to cut the buds! Just place a few in an ordinary envelope and place it on a sunny window.

Personally, I find it most comfortable to place the envelope straight on my car window on a sunny day.

The small space (the car) works better than placing the envelope somewhere in your house, although that works as well.

Keep an eye on your buds every 30 minutes just to make sure you don’t let them become too crispy, depending on the temperature.

With me, this method took about 3-4 hours in mid-summer but as a conclusion, I’d say it is totally worth the waiting!

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, knowing how to dry weed fast is not the question.

The question is how to dry your weed buds fast in such a manner that you manage to keep the most of their potency and (eventually) flavor.

Well, after all, I guess it is all a matter of personal preferences!

I have 0 doubts about your success with quick drying after reading this article.

Enjoy your green medication!

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