how to get rid of spider mites on weed

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Weed

The last thing marijuana growers want to see playing around is spider mites on weed.

Yuck + OMG!

You may have heard that spider mites are nasty, nasty villains, which are extremely hard to get rid of.

But whatever you have heard or seen will be little to compare to the actual threat, which those hungry maggots pose on our beautiful marijuana plants.

Before we proceed any further, remember that spider mites are not something you want to mess with.

Once you spot their presence, it is a MUST to switch into ninja mode immediately.

That’s because these ugly intruders are some of the most resistant ones.

Together with their ability to reproduce at the speed of light, this means nothing but WAR.

Okay, enough talk!

Let’s head straight to everything you need to know; from what spider mites look like to the best ways to make these unwanted guests vanish once and for all!

#1 –How to Recognize Spider Mites on Weed (or What do Spider Mites Look Like?)

Spider mites are not only devastating to your cannabis crops; they are also masters of disguise.

With this in mind, it can take way too much time before you even know you are dealing with these lawbreakers.

But since your fast reaction is what will determine the end of the battle with spider mites, there is no time to waste!

Check out the signs to look for when you are suspicious about dealing with spider mites.

1 – Tiny Bites on Top of Marijuana Leaves

First off, spider mites will be almost impossible to spot with a naked eye.

Although zombie-like persistent (and so hard to get rid of!), spider mites are super small in size.

Typically, they reach no more than 0.5 mm. Wow.

Thus, you want to look for the traces they leave behind.

However, their tiny bites are very tricky to relate to a spider mites attack.

That’s because the leaves appear as if your plants are undergoing a nutrient deficiency.

In simple words, those bite marks do not look as bites at all!

However, once you get to inspect the leaves really close, you can quickly attribute the symptoms to the nasty spider maggots.

Look for tiny speckles of white, yellow or/and orange.

If left untreated, a spider mites attack will make entire leaves turn yellow, and eventually die prematurely.

Those speckles or spots are actually the traces of spider mites’ festive dinners, which deprive the leaves of life.

Spider mites literally suck out the essential elements from the leaves with their sharp mouths. Grrr!

2 – Even Tinier Black Spots on the Under of Cannabis Leaves

However difficult to recognize on the upper part of the leaves, you can tell for sure that you are dealing with spider mites once you examine the under zone of the leaves.

You will be able to face the intruders, which will only appear as microscopic black spots.

Keep in mind, though, that spider mites tend to appear often but not ALWAYS on the under parts of the leaves.

In the case spider mites are left untreated for too long, you will notice their silky webbings.

That’s not a point you want to reach, though.

#2 – What are the Best Ways to Treat Spider Mites on Marijuana Plants?

As a rule of thumbs, remember that spider mites are real monsters, which have a kind of extraterrestrial power.

They are very sturdy and easily become resistant to a single treatment method.
What’s more, even when you think you have already eliminated them, spider mites are simply waiting patiently to hit you back.

It’s almost as if they are boot camping while you are triumphing over your success for killing them!

So be serious about what you are doing and don’t stop your battle with spider mites at least for 2 more weeks after you think you have made them disappear!

Here is what you need to do in order to win the war with spider mites.

1 – Control the Heat and Increase the Proper Air Flow

Spider mites love high temperatures and a stagnant environment.

Installing a vent and making sure it keeps the airflow constant can help to make spider mites feel out of ease.

That will not make them disappear, though, but it will definitely increase their population so that the further treatment goes successfully.

2 – Focus on the Entire Growing Area

Never ever treat only the affected plants when you are dealing with spider mites.

You need to focus on the entire grow room or garden.

Spray and sprinkle everything around with the right solutions.

3 – Apply Pesticides

Pesticides are the most efficient way to kill spider mites.

However, we do not favor the application of chemical pesticides as cannabis cultivators.

Anyway, when there is no other choice, we simply need to do what will work best.

In the case your green ladies have already started flowering, just avoid applying pesticides directly on the juicy buds.

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Also, when opting for pesticides, make sure you do not breathe the air in the room for about 24 hours after spraying your marijuana plants.

4 – Apply Organic Solutions

Neem Oil, Diatomaceous Earth, and Insect predators, such as ladybugs and predatory mites are mighty warriors against spider mites.

All of these organic solutions should be applied altogether with suitable pesticides, though.

Yes, spider mites are really very resistant, so we need to target them in more than one ways!

Mixing 9 parts of water with 1 part of alcohol can also help for spraying directly on the affected areas.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, spider mites on weed are a serious concern, and even experienced growers fear those resistant and hungry criminals.

For best results, apply a different method for killing them every 2-3 days.

Afterward, reapply the first method and repeat the procedure for switching to another remedy.

Finally, even when you think spider mites are gone, follow up with one more treatment.

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