how to grind weed without a grinder

How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Almost every connoisseur has experienced, at least once in their cannabis life, wanting to smoke their weed but for some reason having no bud grinder with them at that moment. Smoking weed is simple. You just have to break those goodies up and start burning. But things happen — and sometimes, things happen even to those people around you. So when life is in danger, we adapt. We have to find a way how to break up our nugs. How to grind weed without a grinder? In this article, we will be providing you with some simple and ingenious ways of grinding your weed. Because, after all, a stoner being hindered to take his dose is one of the evilest things to see.

How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

1. Knives Out for the Buds

Okay, let’s start simple that’s almost a no-brainer. Every kitchen has a knife — at least they should have. Knives are highly functional not only in terms of cooking but also in terms of not having a grinder. Just chop your weed buds into pieces. Make sure it’s sharp. Blunt knives are not only ineffective but also dangerous. Moreover, if your knife is not sharp enough, the weed will stick to the blade. We prefer using hard chopping boards that don’t have scratches. This is to avoid leaving out weed on the board.

2. Broken up by Scissors

Scissors are another basic tool that can easily be found in any household. They are very effective in breaking down your cannabis buds. Most effectively if used with a shot glass. Put your weed in a shot glass and cut it to pieces using your scissors. If you don’t have a grinder, you can only wish to be Edward Scissorhands.

3. A Coin Can Break your Weed

An old-school way of grinding weed is through a coin in a pill bottle. Put your weed and a small coin inside a clean, empty pill bottle. Take note: the coin should be disinfected (washed or rubbed with disinfectant) before using it. Leave enough space so the coin can tumble around the bottle. Close the bottle tightly and shake it thoroughly. Don’t be surprised if your weed is broken up into perfection.

4. Do it the Ancient Way: Mortar and Pestle

Looking for an ancient way of grinding? Use mortar and pestle. Human civilization has been using mortar and pestle to grind herbs, spices, and medicines for thousands of years. A mortar is a bowl-like container and a pestle is a hard, blunt small club. This method grinds weed effectively with almost no loss. We suggest using ceramic or other smooth stone or wood to avoid leaving out some of the weed in the mortar and pestle. But non-smooth material still works.

5. Slice it Like a Pizza

While every house should have a knife, some kitchens have a pizza slicer. Pizza cutters and herb slicers are both effective tools in terms of cutting your goodies, just like your knife. Further, since they rotate, they provide a bit of a solution to the sticky problem you usually encounter when slicing weed using a knife. Just make sure there’s no cheese or ketchup left before you slice your weed.

6. No Grinder? Use a Grinder — for Coffee

How to grind weed without a grinder? Use a grinder. This is a bit of a cheat, but why not? If you happen to have a coffee grinder, then just throw in your cannabis, and start grinding. It is probably the easiest way to grind weed even in large amounts. Not only that you found a solution to your problem, but you might also drink a cup of coffee tomorrow with weed traces — if you didn’t clean your grinder in the first place. 

7. If You Can’t Grind it, Grate it!

Do you think using a cheese grater is a crazy idea? Well, the feeling is mutual. But it works well! The results can be as consistent as you like and you can decide how fine your weed will be grated. The only problem you might encounter is when the nugget gets too small for your fingers to hold. If so, then just use a knife or the tip of the scissors.

8. Use a Processor or a Blender

We are going to include this in this list even if we do not recommend it. But if you are desperately in need of a grinder and none of the tools in this list is available, then why not just use your blender. It’s difficult to clean, you will have weed left on the blades and at the bottom of the tub, and you might get overly refined weed. Nothing could go wrong. 

9. Just Use Your Fingers

Sometimes, you don’t have to think of any tool if you have the best tool in your hands literally. Just use your fingers. In the Mediterranean countries, they usually use hands. Nothing beats natural. This works best if you have dried buds. But if you like sticky buds, then this can be hard. But you can put your weed on the fridge first before breaking it up. 

Bottom Line

How to grind weed without a grinder? You may also want to consider building your own using short tin cans and thumbtacks or short nails (though this is very inconvenient compared to other methods). If this list does not amuse you, or at least, does not apply to your situation, the best solution, still, is to have a grinder. It’s the most efficient, the handiest way to grind your cannabis. Nevertheless, if your reason is you don’t have enough money to buy a grinder (which can be expensive), then you got to try these methods. Some of them are easy and effective, very close to what a grinder can do. But to save you from any hassle, it is still proper for you to have two grinders, one for regular use, and one for backup. It’s your duty as a stoner after all.

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