How to Grow the Perfect Cannabis Plant

Knowing how to grow the perfect cannabis plant is both science and art. But above all, your success depends on your motivation as a marijuana grower.

Bearing this in mind, some proper research will really help you become well-prepared on what to expect during your cannaventure.

However, it is also possible that you get lost and feel perplexed by the tons of information, available on the web.

Thus, your best teacher remains your experience. Don’t be afraid of some trials and errors on the way. None of us was born the perfect cannabis cultivator.

But after all, your cannabis plants are simply plants and they are willing and destined to flourish.

The better the growing conditions, the better the results upon harvesting.

#1 – Always Start with High-Quality Seeds

Your first step for growing the perfect marijuana plant starts with opting for high-quality seeds and/or clones.

Seeds with strong and sturdy genetics will make up for healthy and highly resistant to various issues plants.

Moreover, weed with reliable genetics will reward you with juicier buds, carrying a great potency.

If you choose to start with just about any seed that you stumble across, that doesn’t automatically mean you will face failure.

However, your plants might be much more prone to pests, diseases, among others.

Always keep in mind that marijuana sellers don’t win anything from selling you buds with top-notch seeds intact.

As a matter of fact, the drying and curing process which makes up for the flavor and quality of those delicious buds is entirely not seed-friendly, as it aims to enhance the taste and effect after consumption, and not to preserve the seeds for future marijuana operations.

#2 – Choose the Most Appropriate Strain

High-quality seeds mean nothing if you don’t pay attention to the specifics of the strain.

For example, Sativa strains are notorious for being capable to grow gigantic plants. However, Sativa varieties need lots of light, lots of space, and lots of warmth.

Thus, if you fail to ensure any of these conditions, this will definitely impact the quality of your crops.

Space might not be the biggest issue, though, as it may not affect the potency that much but merely the quantity upon harvesting.

On the other hand, some Indica strains are excellent to grow in climate zones, where temperatures tend to fall low at night (but not lower than 10 degrees Celsius (30 Fahrenheit), as this might spell disaster to your garden).

But then again, when you are familiar with the demands and features of each strain, you can adapt and react accordingly as to ensure the best growing conditions.

#3 – How to Grow the Perfect Cannabis Plant Tutorial

Even though the numerous rules, related to marijuana growing might seem a bit intimidating at first, things are actually much easier than what they appear to be on the surface.

Check out this quick and handy outbreak on growing the perfect cannabis plant!

3.1 Pick the Best Growing Environment

Outdoors VS Indoors

First of all, you must choose whether you will go for outdoor or indoor cannabis growing.

Your decision is all a matter of personal preferences.

Maybe you live in a favorable climate zone for marijuana cultivating but you cannot grow outdoors due to conservative or suspicious neighbors, for example.

Growing Medium

Secondly, you want to choose the most suitable growing medium.

Whether you will grow in soil, using soilless methods, or opting for hydroponic setups, will play a very big role in your entire marijuana growing mission and planning.

Go for the growing medium that resonates best with you and doesn’t be afraid to experiment or dive into the unknown!

With marijuana growing, you will only get better in time, so there is very little to lose, as long as you are patient and consistent.

Nutrient Supplies

You cannot go without the help of essential nutrients, even if you are planting in nutrient-dense soil.

But above all, remember that nutrients merely serve to support your plants and they are not meant to be overused.

Too many nutrients can literally kill your green beauties so be moderate and monitor closely how your precious emerald princesses react to the nutrient supplements.

For best results, keep a diary and a schedule handy.

3.2 Use Suitable Containers

Your marijuana plants have to major growing phases – vegetative and flowering.

During vegetation, your green babies are still small and fragile, and they haven’t developed completely.

You don’t want to challenge your plants’ root systems by placing them in larger containers than needed.

Start with small plastic cups, then proceed with transferring your plants to slightly bigger pots. You may have to make 4-5 transfers and you need to be careful not to shock your plants too much.

Recovery from the transfer is typically easy to overcome and everything turns fine in as little as a few days.

3.3 It is All About Consistency!

The most crucial factors in growing delicious and multiple buds are sustaining the right temperature, humidity levels, as well as access to light, along with proper watering.

If you are an outdoor marijuana grower, some of these conditions will be already granted to you by the climate.

However, you may still need to support your plants in the case of rapid fluctuations in temperatures, for example.

The Bottom Line

The more you plan your growth strategy in advance, the better you will be able to react in the case of any issues.

You can really go a long way with planning, starting from choosing the most suitable strains all the way to harvesting your crops.

Remember that with marijuana plants, it is all about the Timing. But don’t forget that a pinch of love always makes a HUGE difference.

So put a smile on your face and contaminate yourself with the excitement of a true cannabis cultivator.

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