How to Grow Weed Discreetly

How to Grow Weed Discreetly

Although more and more countries are already legalizing the use of marijuana, you still have to remember that police force, especially in the United States will not hesitate to throw you inside the jail if they caught you growing your strains. That is why a lot of consumers and growers are starting to learn the techniques on how to grow weed discreetly. If you decided that you will grow your own supply of weeds, you have to make sure to keep it away from those people with prying eyes. Another trick is to disguise it in a way that it can look like the usual garden.

Let’s dig deeper on some of the tips and tricks that you can do to discreetly grow weed in the comfort of your own zone. Mask the

The smell of the Weeds

Almost everyone is aware that a cannabis plant produces a very powerful and distinctive aroma. This usually intensifies when your plant is in the flowering phase. So if you are planning to grow discreetly, you have to take the appropriate action so that the aroma of your weed won’t waft across the walls where you intend to grow your cannabis. Choosing the right kind of strain that you will grow can save you from being caught. Some of the genetics you have to avoid are the strains coming from the “Skunk” family-like Critical + 2.0 and Cheese. These plants feature a strong smell so you might want to avoid growing them.

You can install and use a carbon filter to avoid the air from your grow room to come out and roll out the smell of your cannabis. But you must be aware that no matter how good these filters are, they still won’t last forever. So if you are growing your crops close to your neighbors, you have to change your carbon filter every year.

Choose the Right Strain

The smartest trick to do when growing weed discreetly is to pick the right stuff. If you have no any idea on how to grow weed discreetly, this is possibly the basic technique that you should do. Be aware that there are strains that can give you an obvious weed garden. This will allow those prying eyes to notice your garden even if they don’t intend to. The right sativa will give you a spicier and sweeter aroma and this will allow you to easily disguise properly. On the other hand, you should avoid Indicas because they can give a skunky and strong smell which can be hard to mask.

Hide from the Trees

Now that you already know how to mask the aroma and the look of your strains, you now have to make it look more incognito. You can plant your strains with similar plants so that they can blend in the background.

Get rid of unwanted noise

This technique is usually overlooked and is usually prone to suspicion. If you are using devices such as pumps, fans, and hydraulic system, be aware that they will produce a constant buzz. Although it won’t make a too loud noise, the persistence of its sound can alert the people around you especially if you have thin walls and open doors or windows. So the right thing to do is pick the right room where you will grow your weeds.

Make sure that you and your neighbors are in good terms

It is not always an easy task to get along with the people that live near to you but if you want to grow weeds indoors, having a cordial and good relationship with your neighbors can be a good thing. Marijuana is socially stigmatized, and you have to be aware that not everyone will have the same perception as you when it comes to marijuana. That is why having a friendly relationship with the people near your location is a good way to avoid misunderstandings. If you are in good terms, they can easily inform you in an amicable way if they are hearing noises or smelling your weeds.

Don’t Sell

If you are a very concern in attracting much attention of your growing weeds secretly, you have to forget the idea of selling them to anyone. I’m sure you want hefty cash easily after making a harvest, but you have to be aware that selling your crops can be very dangerous and risky.

If you are living in an area where marijuana is illegal, cultivating and selling can put you in serious penalties such as fines or worse, put you in jail.

Keep it secret

Growing weeds and keeping it a secret might be very simple and yet difficult. It’s not easy to keep your traps shut so if you can’t do this, there is a big possibility that it can be spread like a growing wildfire. So if you want to keep your weeds and stay safe, you should not tell it to anyone. Keep it secretly as possible.

Growing Weeds Indoors Vs. Outdoors

Growing indoors or outdoors has their own benefits but when we talk about stealth, growing indoors is the best way to choose. You can control the smell and sound when you grow indoors and your strains are always out of view. When you grow outdoors, people will often wander through your garden which can put you at risk. A lot of growers are usually busted by their nosy neighbors. Also, bad weather can also interfere with your overall growing process if you choose to grow outdoors.

Importance of Knowing the Law

Many states in the United States have governing laws when it comes to the use of marijuana. There are some states that will send weed users in the jail for years and give them counseling, while some will just be fined, or if you are lucky enough, some will just ignore and do nothing at all.

Every grower should take into account and spend some time knowing the laws governing within their countries. If you are serious about learning the right ways on how to grow weed discreetly, you should master the techniques in minimizing your risks of being jailed and prosecuted.

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