How to Keep Marijuana Fresh

How to Keep Marijuana Fresh

Throughout the long run, marijuana or cannabis packaging, medical or legal, it has gotten more refined with a highlight that tends to maintain freshness. The packaging of your cannabis or marijuana products may have a lapse date on it as it was plucked out from its raw plant. The first thought you may think is how to keep marijuana fresh within the time you have bought it.

Keeping your marijuana fresh for an extended time requires you to do some safety or precautionary measures to attain its raw compounds. As then, this paper will help you on how to keep your marijuana fresh- the suited ways to keep your marijuana lasts longer.

Ways on How to Keep Marijuana Fresh

Owning your favored marijuana could be somewhat testing, yet having it’s quality and contents fresh for quite a long time is regularly a more prominent challenge you need to survive. Your raw grown marijuana or purchased marijuana may have been packed in the best way but no one could stay on what day it will expire as the matters will rely on your hands.

The matter of how to keep marijuana fresh is by how you handle your marijuana correctly. Even though there is no firm rule with regards to marijuana’s expiration date, here are some ways that will help you keep your marijuana stays fresh.

Three (3) Major Factors on How to Keep Marijuana Fresh

Air Temperature

  • It will always be highly essential to store your marijuana in a cool place to make sure you keep it fresh. The temperature must be cool enough but not in the sense of total cold as it will make your marijuana brittle.
  • Preserving a constant air temperature will not just help your marijuana to be still fresh as it can also save the psychoactive potency you can get from it.


  • The second major concern on how to keep marijuana fresh is through its relative humidity. As then, the humidity levels of your marijuana must sit around the correct stages or levels.
  • An excess of moisture within the air will keep your marijuana susceptible to mold and mildew buildups. However, if the moisture is too low, the trichomes of your marijuana may debase the terpenes and cannabinoids content.
  • Additionally, even if your air temperature is correct but the humidity is not right, then surely you won’t keep your marijuana fresh.
  • With regards to various researches, it has been proven that a relative humidity or RH level somewhere n the range of 59 and 63 percent is the best ideal way to keep your marijuana reliably and consistently fresh.


  • The bright beams coming from the sun may unforgivably bleach the buds of your marijuana if it reeks of too much hotness.
  • Truth be told, the light exposure that your marijuana decided to take in is the most remarkable factor in terms of long-term security or stability rate.
  • According to some research back in the year 1970, held at the University of London, it has been found out that marijuana keeps up their potency for around one year down to two years if the room setting is dark and has been partnered with good temperature conditions.

Detailed Procedures on How to Keep Marijuana Fresh

Glass Container with Lid

  • Glass containers with lid are a decent and economical alternative to keep your marijuana fresh for a long time. In a tightly sealed container, this will establish an artificial sealed climate and forestall any microbial development set off by external variables.
  • A Glass container that has rubber in its lid is also the best option as it can help in no leaking in and out of air.

Titanium Containers

  • The essential point on how to keep marijuana fresh is to limit marijuana’s contact with oxygen. As then, this is what titanium containers prove.
  • On the off chance that you are prepared to dish out a couple of your money, titanium containers are incredible containers as it allows the perfect measure of air and bolts out any undesirable external component.
  • If the case of not trading off the flavor is your number one goal, then resort to titanium containers now.

Medicine Bottle as an Alternative Container

  • Any empty and clean medicine bottle can serve as an alternative on how to keep your marijuana fresh.
  • The medicine bottles are intended to guard the substances dry and to keep it away from contamination. Therefore, your empty medicine bottle can be a great choice to perfectly seal your marijuana.

Freezing is NOT the key

  • If you opt to make an ice hash, then this freezing is the major key, but if you are keeping your marijuana fresh then opting to freeze it will never be an option.
  • Be that as it may, marijuana is not under the vegetable and fruit category that needs to be in a refrigerator just to maintain freshness. Freezing your marijuana may somehow turn sour quicker than you have expected it to be.
  • The constant opening and closing of the refrigerator build the odds of contamination out from the external microbial room.

Isolate your Marijuana to other Organic Matter

  • Do not ever put any other food or material within your marijuana container as this will only taint your marijuana.
  • Any form of other material being placed with it will help the mildew and mold in a favorable place.
  • Just a simple and basic good judgment that your marijuana’s content doesn’t sit well with your vegetable or fruit’s content.

Vacuum Sealing

  • Vacuum sealing lessens the occurrence of any airborne contaminated compounds as your marijuana has been tightly sealed.


Purchasing quality marijuana or harvesting marijuana from your garden is the first step. Be that as it may, how you keep your marijuana fresh is a continuous method you need to do. The knowledge on how to keep marijuana fresh will attain your measure of safety binding the underlying terpenes, cannabinoids, and other components your marijuana has.

To do so, here are the summarized points and some additional information on how to keep your marijuana fresh throughout an expandable time.

  • Avoid keeping your cannabis in those thin plastic bags.
  • Avoid freezing your marijuana.
  • Avoid keeping your marijuana in paper or aluminum foil.
  • Keep your marijuana in a cool and dark place but not overbearing of coldness.
  • Smoothly handle your marijuana.
  • Make sure your marijuana is away from heat sources like an oven, stove, etc.

Lastly, you must follow the standard procedures concerning the three major factors that will help you keep your marijuana fresh.

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