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How to Lollipop Your Cannabis Like an Expert?

Cannabis herbs have a limited quantity of energy. As a cultivator, you will wish to assist them in undeviating energy to the locations providing the greatest feasible bud. With that, pruning and training are somehow important when you wish the heftiest harvest feasible and without cultivating several numbers of marijuana plants utilizing the Sea of Green (SOG) technique. However, there is another easiest method, which cultivators of all ranges can utilize untimely in flowering to increase the production of bud, which is called lollipopping. But, what does lollipopping mean? When to lollipop your cannabis? Where to lollipop? And most importantly, How do you lollipop your cannabis?

In this post, we will answer all the questions to give clarification on the matter and help you achieve an increase in the number of buds as well as to have higher yields. 

Lollipopping: The Meaning

Lollipopping is an excessive yield pruning method preferred or recommended by indoor marijuana growers. The conviction of this technique is “a smaller amount is more.” It is not accurately what you will name it a scientific technique to increase the production of buds, but it does well. By eliminating the bottom bud areas from a marijuana plant, each of the herb energy is concentrated on larger and blubber buds above. 

When to Lollipop Your Cannabis?

The majority of the cultivators agree that the 3rd week of blossoming is the perfect time to begin lollipopping. After a few weeks in the flowering stage, most marijuana strains will start to show several bud areas in the middle of sprouts. Cannabis strains will pull out throughout this stage and some of them stretch more compared to others. By eliminating the bottom bud areas early in flowering, the herbs will misuse a little time and energy expanding fuzzy buds.

Where to Lollipop Your Cannabis?

This part is the most vital part of the procedure of lollipopping. Lollipopping should be restricted and handled for the greatest yield. The bottom third of the marijuana herb is the lollipopping area. This area is given a few lights and is the number one origin of popcorn buds. Some of the cultivators will peel to the extent that they reach the midway of the herb, however, far away to 50% is not suggested.

Remove the bottom popcorn bud areas to steer the production of buds to the top level. Do not be overly excited and peel too much of the sprouts because this can make the herbs appear having an excessively long and straggly stem. Secondary sprouts must as well be eliminated within the lollipopping area of the marijuana herb.

How to Lollipop Your Cannabis?

The majority of cannabis cultivators opt to lollipop through the hand. However, when you feel cozy to utilize scissors that is okay as well. If you are well known to top marijuana herbs by compressing off the end of primary stalks, this technique will be an easy task. Below are the steps on how to lollipop your cannabis.

  1. Begin with sharp and cleansed scissors to prune your herbs. For instance, the curved cutting scissors are the best for having accurate trims near the intersections. For larger and chunkier boughs, it is good to buy a pair of shears. Start by eliminating easily perceived leaves. The initial few boughs adjacent to the lower part of the herb clearly will not have sufficient light to fully grow. Remove them first.
  2. When you have handled the areas of the most apparent issues, it is suggested to follow pruning and eliminating any boughs, which do not shatter at the minimum of 50% of the highness of the herb. Since the herbs pull out throughout the prior weeks of blossoming, these boughs will be transmuted and cannot grow well. Lollipopping is not necessarily included in eliminating the whole boughs, but pruning is sometimes utilized in alongside as needed. 
  3. Then, begin eliminating the boughs that are developing in the center of the herb, particularly those below the canopy. Not just they will probably not receive sufficient light, but this inside leaves also plaster several areas that may grow to substantial buds. Besides, in this phase, you must eliminate any boughs or foliage, which are vanishing or yellowing.
  4. Lastly, you will wish to be lollipopping the entire individual bough on your herb. Some cultivators suggest leaving at least three nodes at the end of every bough. On the other hand, it relies more on the cannabis strain, its measurement, and the condition of each plant. The moment that you are pruning will also go into action. When your herbs are smaller and you are cutting late, for instance, it is suggested to cut underneath the top, which are 4/5 nodes. In any situation, eliminate each growth that leads to the uppermost nodes on every bough.

Quick Tips on Lollipopping Your Cannabis

  • When you have already finished every branch, it is suggested to give your herbs at least 2 to 3 days to get better before overturning the lights. Besides, please take note not to over-prune because it can inhibit their development. 
  • When you have not done lollipopping, begin gently, and have your way to a perfect pruning technique. With that, when you encounter some mistakes, you will not damage the entire crop. When you achieve the correct procedure, you may have your differentiations on how efficacious this technique is.
  • Always utilize a clean and disinfected pair of scissors to eliminate everything from your cannabis herbs.
  • Use the chance to rigorously check the bottom or lower side of the foliage for the indications of bugs or other insects. Have a closer look to have an assurance that there are no small eggs.

Final Ideas on How to Lollipop Your Cannabis

Lollipopping your cannabis is an easy technique to follow. Just keep in mind that the reason behind this technique is to eliminate the leaves and eventually focus on the development of your herbs on lesser sites. While it may appear contrary to intuition to eliminate leaves and bud areas, you will know that the accurate lollipopping manufactures larger, heavier, and more powerful buds that create a heftier harvest. 

Also, always bear in mind that you must begin in a gentle manner and with reinforcements. When you are a novice to this method, take into consideration attempting distinct levels of lollipopping and pruning on dissimilar herbs but similar strains and have a comparison on the outcomes in the time of harvest to discover the pleasant spot.

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