How to Make a Cannabis Grow Box

How to Make a Cannabis Grow Box

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Growing your very own marijuana plants is sure both rewarding and exciting.

Indoor weed cultivators are often faced with the need to build a stealthy and reliable growing space.

Thankfully, weed grow boxes are widely available and you can choose to order the perfect type to match your needs.

But here we’re focusing on how to make cannabis grow box all by yourself!

By the end of this tutorial, you will be ready to design a reliable and easy to utilize compact grow box for your green beauties from scratch.

In fact, the entire process is super beginner-friendly, so don’t freak out even if you think you suck with engineering (like me!).

And since I succeeded to make my very own marijuana grow cabinet, I bet you can, too! So let’s get down to work, buddies!

How to Make a Cannabis Grow Box Tutorial (Get your grow box ready in less than 1 hour with as little as 50 bucks!)

Step 1 – What Tools you Need to Start Building your Weed Grow Box

Okay, now the first thing you need is pretty obvious – you want to get a suitable box.

The easiest (and one of the cheapest) way to start is to opt for a 30-32 gallon plastic tub.

As a rule of thumbs, remember that a 30-gallon tub will allow you to grow a single marijuana plant.

So in the case you are planning to grow more than 1 green princess, you will simply need to look for a tub/box, which is double in size.

The size of 60 gallons would be great for taking care of 2 marijuana plants, while 90 gallons would make a fit for 3 plants.

Don’t forget that you can literally turn every available box-like stuff you have in your home, such as for example, an old cupboard or a useless fridge.  Tents are also great but remember more plants = more things to take care of.

Also, keep in mind that the 30-gallon plastic tub works amazing because it is effortless to cut the needed holes as to install your lights and fans.

If you are cutting a wooden cupboard, that might be much more difficult, especially if you are a girl (like me).

When looking for a suitable tub, it is also best to opt for dark-colored ones, which will help you limit any undesirable light, penetrating from the outside.

Next, you will need a reflective surface, such as sunscreens. That will help to transfer the lights in your cute grow box equally and efficiently.

You will also want to get equipped with duct tape, long wire ties, spray glue (it is much more easier to work with this one as opposed to any ordinary glue,), a safety blade, and a sharp knife (or any other well-working tool to cut the holes).

Step 2 – Let’s Prep the Box!

Most boxes will stand on their end with no support. Thus, you can simply place your box and start with cutting a circular hole on top. Aim to cut about 5-6 inches, about halfway back.

Afterward, proceed with cutting one more hole.

Now, you want to cut a rectangular hole at the bottom of your box. Aim to cut this one approximately 6” across and 3” tall.

Step 3 – Make your Box Light-Effective

Once you have cut the holes, you want to use your sunscreens to make that grow box hospitable and cozy for your precious green princess.

Start lining the interior, using the spray glue.

When it comes to the edges, a tape will work better than glue to make sure you do your job properly.

Of course, you will need to cut the screens to match your interior but that’s an easy one and even a child can make it happen, so I have 0 doubts in you!

Step 4 – Install your Lights

When I designed my very first weed grow box, I was so over-motivated to do it like a pro that I decided to opt for LEDs.

Well, here’s the truth that I learned from painful experience – go for something simpler, you guys!

For this particular project, using a 30-gallon plastic tub, CFLs will work like charm.

CFLs are easy to find, cheap, and reliable. Oh, and pretty effortless to install.

You will need at least 500Watts for this purpose. Moreover, you want to get equipped with a simple clamp lamp, a fluorescent cabinet light (about 10” length and 8W), and nonetheless – CFL bulbs.

During vegetation, your green babies will flourish under 100W Daily Light CFLs (these are at the 5000K light spectrum.)

When it comes to flowering, you will need to grow bulbs at the 2700K light spectrum.

In order to install your fluorescent cabinet lights, simply poke a few holes through the box and run a wire to make the lampstand still against the side wall.

All you have to do next is simply position your clamp lamp as to make sure it stands still, as well. Then screw your grow bulb and you are pretty much good to go!

Step 5 – Planning your Vent Setup

If you can leave your grow box open all the time with no worries, regarding the smell or some unexpected visitors (take my conservative parents, for example!), then you can go well without the need of any vent setups.

However, if you wish that you can leave your grow box unattended every now and then, and/or mostly closed – then no worries.

Simply cut a small clamp on top of your lid as to make a good fit for your fan.

And that’s that! Can’t be any simpler, don’t you think?

The Bottom Line

As a kindly reminder, don’t forget to line the lid of your box with some screen material, too.

Hope this doesn’t sound too dummy-proof but I forgot to do this with my first trial, so I know it is pretty much possible J

Ultimately, you now have everything you need to know about how to make your cannabis grow box from scratch.

Enjoy your cannaventure!

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