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How to Make Cannabis e-Juice at Home

Are you interested in consuming cannabis through vaping? There are many ways of consuming marijuana. However, if you prefer consuming it through vaping, you might as well need a marijuana juice for that. How can you possibly get marijuana juice? This might be the question on your mind right now. You can supply juice by buying it in the marijuana store or maybe, you can make your own. 

In this article, you will be able to learn how to make cannabis e-juice at home. You will discover the amazing process of making it as well as the things you have to prepare. Now, let us explore more about cannabis e-juice

How to Make Cannabis e-Juice at Home: Details and Information

Marijuana e-Juice is a way for users to get the effects fast and stealthily. They would also give a great taste to the users. It will make you satisfy if you make your juice at home. Aside from that, you’ll be confident in using it because you know the things you put it in. 

When you compare your home-made e-juice to the juices that are being sold in some company, it is more reliable because you might get contaminated juices from the company. Let us know the things you need to prepare in making e-Juice at home and you must know the steps on how to make e-juice at home. Let’s get started and learn the 3 easiest ways on how to make cannabis e-Juice at home. 

Extraction of the Rosin

When you use rosin in making and creating your juice for vape, it will be clean as well as a quick method. This is also considered as an extract that is low-risk. You won’t need harsh chemicals or even solvents in the process of making it.
You would just need to apply pressure and heat in extracting the cannabis resin. If your flowers are resinous, you can use buds in making rosin. 

Here are the things you need to prepare:

  • Cannabis flowers that are dried
  • Straighteners for the hair
  • Parchment sheet
  • Vial (small glass)
  • Syringe
  • Terpenes 
  • Lighter
  • Toothpick

Here are the steps to making it:

  • You have to get the resinous buds as well as a plump. Put them on the parchment paper. Get the straightener for the hair and turn it on to 121 degrees Celsius. If your straightener does not have a set of low temperatures, make sure to heat it till they will be in a slightly cooler state.
  • Put the buds that were wrapped in the middle of the straightener and press it gently. If you notice that the goo is not flowing that is the time you can release it. Remove the wrap in the buds to see the fresh rosin. You can do this step again until you’ll get 0.5 grams of rosin. 
  • Put the rosin that is covered with the parchment sheet inside of the fridge and leave it there for about twenty minutes. In scraping off the rosin, you will need the toothpick for that and place them inside of a small glass vial. You can add the terpenes inside of your jar. 
  • The next step will be the mixing of the rosin as well as the terpenes with the oil. You can do this by flashing heat on the glass vial. Put the underneath part of the container in the flame for about 5 seconds or when the solutions will create bubbles. The flame should be removed and you can mix it with the use of the toothpick. Afterward, you have to put the solution inside of the syringe and it is ready to be used.

Short-term Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

It refers to a fast way of making e-juice. This is a good method for those users who are in a rush of looking for juices for their vape. The ways of making it is easy and it only needs to break up the buds and mix the buds with the vegetable glycerin, and you need to apply heat. 

Here are the things you need to prepare: 

  • Raw cannabis flowers
  • Vegetable Glycerin (Food-grade)
  • Oil (Vegetable)
  • Pyrex dish (Small)
  • Pyrex dish (Large)
  • Two glass jars
  • Stove
  • Two thermometers
  • Sieve
  • Cloth (preferably cheesecloth)
  • Spatula (it should be rubber)
  • Spoon (metal)

Here are the steps of making it:

  • Tear the flowers apart and put the pieces of it that are small inside of the Pyrex dish. Choose the small one. Add a bit of VG inside of the dish, and then mix it. You can add a bit amount of VG till the flowers’ pieces become saturated without making your mixture very thin. 
  • Get the other Pyrex dish that is large and put the vegetable oil inside. Make sure it is enough to cover the bottom part of your smaller Pyrex dish. Use the stove in heating the mixture. You can put them inside of the hot plate. Make sure that the temperature would be 104 degrees Celsius. 
  • Put the smaller Pyrex dish inside of the oil, which is hot, and put the other thermometer in the mixture of VG and buds. Make sure to heat them to about 82 degrees Celcius. It is to let those cannabinoids diffuse to the vegetable glycerin. The temperature must stay like this for about forty-five minutes and you can do the stirring of the mixture more frequently. 
  • Get the Pyrex dish that is small from your oil bath and leave it there for minutes to make it cool. Then, straining the mixture would follow. You can do this by putting the sieve above your glass jar. In pressing the buds, you can use the rubber spatula. If you want to get much THC extraction, you can repeat the second and the third steps with the use of fresh vegetable glycerin. 
  • Your juice should be purified. You need to clean and to dry the sieve. Get another glass jar as well as cheesecloth. Put the sieve above the jar and put 4 layers of the cheesecloth. Your juice should be poured on the cheesecloth. You can use the spatula in squeezing.
  • Put the juice that you have purified back in the small Pyrex dish. The oil bath should be heated up and put the small Pyrex dish into it. The temperature must be 104 degrees Celsius good for 30 minutes. It will make the THCA in a psychoactive THC through decarboxylation. 
  • You can use a syringe or a dropper in loading up the juice to your vape 

Long-term Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Your cannabinoids will diffuse in your mixtures for a long period. Therefore, this method needs your patience. The procedure of doing it does not require high temperatures.

Here are the things you need to prepare:

  • Marijuana buds
  • Vegetable Glycerin ( Food-grade)
  • Pyrex bowl ( it should be safe from the heat)
  • Foil (aluminum)
  • Tray (can be used for baking)
  • Oven
  • Two Mason jars. 
  • Spoon (Metal)
  • Sieve
  • Spatula (rubber)
  • Freezer
  • Cheesecloth

Here are the steps:

  • Flowers should be broken up into small pieces. Do not grind the flowers. 
  • Get the baking tray and put the aluminum foil in it. Put the material of your plant in it. Preheating would be the next thing you should do and make sure that the temperature is 121 degrees Celsius. Put the buds on it and let it decarboxylate for about thirty minutes. After that, you have to remove the buds and let them cool. 
  • Put the buds inside of the mason jar. Add a bit of vegetable glycerin. You can add VG and make sure the mixture becomes thick as well as clumpy. Do not let it becomes thin or very liquid. Screwing the lid would be the next thing that you should do. Put the date on it and make sure to store me for about a month.
  • After that, get the lid and mix the mixture very well. Do this one after a month. Put a tablespoon of Vegetable Glycerin and stir it. You should store it for a month again. Do this method for another month.
  • If it is already the third month, you can stir your mixture and do the straining method with the use of the sieve onto the mason jar. Press the mixture using your spatula. You need to clean your sieve again and the jar. Put 4 layers of the cheesecloth on the sieve and do the straining again to the first jar you used. 
  • In adding your e-juice, you can use the syringe. 


In this article, there were three ways mentioned on how to make cannabis e-juice at home. You have to juice the method that best fits you and you think you can do it easily. Make sure you have understood the steps in doing it so that you will be able to finish the method well. 

You also need to prepare all of the necessary tools and things needed in the process. Take note to carefully make the process and it should be with the right procedure.

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