how to make dabs

How to Make Dabs

So you are sitting there wondering how to make dubs, huh?

Well, this is exactly what I was doing about 1 year ago after I tried dabs for the first time on a trip to the Netherlands.

It was such a deliberating and invigorating experience!

But I was feeling heartbroken because the state where I live in, the herb is still illegal.

So what was I supposed to do once my vacation is over?

Forget about those delicious dabs?!No way!

Happily, as it turned out, anyone can make dabs from weed straight in the comfort of his/her home.


And what’s more, in order to learn how to produce your very own dabs, you don’t need any special skills or fancy appliances.


Now I am calling all aficionados of the green medication to keep reading this article and in the end, you can get straight to dabbing, my cannabuddies!

Why Dabs?

A dab is a term used to describe a small piece of highly concentrated marijuana extract.

And hence comes dabbing, which characterizes the very process of consuming that extra potent concentrate of the herb (aka the dab).

Sorry if this explanation sounds too amateur to you but I bet the newbies to cannabis slang will be grateful.

After all, life is a constant state of learning, don’t you think?

So what’s the point of dabbing anyway?

Can’t you just smoke 2 fat, stuffed joints simultaneously and get just as high as with dabs?
Well, not really.

Since dabs are very powerfully concentrated, the effect after consumption is both much more saturated and longer lasting, as well.

In fact, novice users of the green medication should be extra careful when dabbing.

You may feel way too overwhelmed, guys!

That’s why it’s a good idea to start small and gradually increase your intake.

Now let’s get started, shall we?

Learn How to Make Dabs the Easiest Way!

(+ What’s the Big Hype with Dabbing)


dabs have become labeled as dangerous by way too many people.

However, this is predominantly (and we might even say deservedly) because of the Butane-extracted dabs.

On the one hand, with some basic knowledge about chemical reactions and a solid pinch of research, you can also use Butane for your weed dabs.

But this can be dangerous and it also takes both time and practice.

Hash Oilextracted with the use of alcohol, is a way better (and safer) alternative to Butane for satisfying the dab-lover inside you.

For this recipe, you want to pour Everclear alcohol over the weed you have available as to cover it well.

Then you mix for some good 2-3 minutes with a spoon and strain well using a cheesecloth.

Afterward, you repeat the same process.

Generally, you are simply double-straining your weed.

Finally, you place the double-strained liquid on heat until bubbles are formed.

Your last and the most important key part is to only sustain the heat on low and watch the liquid until it evaporates and only a wax-like substance is left behind.

But the easiest-easiest way to make dabs actually takes less than 3 minutes and all you need is a hair straightener and some parchment paper.



Prep about 1 gram of weed by simply placing it on a piece of parchment paper.

Fold the paper so that it gets a sandwich-like grip on the bud.

You are applying the heat of the hair straightener as to extract the active cannabinoids.

Thus, you simply want the bud well-squeezed inside the hair straightener.

That makes the cannabinoid-rich resin stick between the parchment paper once you trigger the heating process.


Switch on the hair straightener on medium.

After a minute or less, place the parchment paper with the weed intact inside and press firmly.

You should hold nice and firm – keep pressing for about 5 seconds.

Use all your strength to squeeze the hair straightener because this is how you will extract more of the active cannabinoids.

It’s best to hold the 2 ends of the hair straightener as this makes up for a tighter grip.

If you keep pressing at the middle or at the bottom of the hair straightener, this will require twice the efforts while challenging the rewards.

On another note, make sure you have something to protect your hands from getting burnt, such as suitable gloves (cooking gloves work like charm).

Step 3

Once you have accomplished the first round of 5 seconds hair straightener squeezing, put the parchment paper aside.

You will notice a sticky substance, which is your future tasty dab.


So now, all you have to do is to repeat Step 1 and Step 2 about 3 more times (or until you notice there is no other substance left behind after your try).

Just please, don’t use the same parchment paper again.

For best results, take a new piece for each repetition of the hair straightener extraction.

Once you are done and the sheets of parchment paper have cooled down, you just have to scrape the sticky substance.


What are you waiting for?

Hope you are feeling much more confident and excited with everything you learned so far about how to make dabs.

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