how to make hash oil

How to Make Hash Oil

If you are searching for the best tips on how to make hash oil in the comfort of your home, then you are in the right place!

In this article, we are featuring an easy-peasy step-by-step tutorial which will help you produce the highest quality hash oil all by yourself.

Thumbs up, our hash oil recipe is also entirely beginner-friendly. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this hash oil party started!

#1 – The Materials you will Need to Make Hash Oil

High-Quality Marijuana

First off, you will need good quality cannabis. As a rule of thumbs, not only buds are suitable for making hash oil.

You can also use stems and fan leaves, as long as they are THC-coated.

For this particular recipe, we will use 1 ounce of weed but you can always adjust the quantity as to produce more hash oil.


The alcohol serves as a solvent to help you gather only the most potent and resinous parts of the weed you are using and turn it into hash oil.

There are many types of alcohol you can opt for but we do recommend Everclear alcohol as a superior choice.

Everclear differs from denatured alcohol, for example since it is the much more health-aware option.

Double Boiler, Mixing Bowl & a Wooden Spoon

The double boiler is where you will actually heat the weed-alcohol concoction as to help the alcohol evaporate and leave only the sticky, resinous substance you are going to collect.

But before you even put your mixture to heat, you will need a suitable mixing bowl to stir well the cannabis and alcohol.

Wooden spoons work best for stirring well the concoction since wood doesn’t interact adversely with some elements, found in alcohol, as metal spoons will do.

An extra container & a Cheesecloth

Once you have first stirred in the concoction carefully, you will want to strain the mixture and repeat the process once again before you reach the point of heating the solvent.

Thus, you will need an extra container, apart from the mixing bowl.

By placing a cheesecloth over your container, you will be able to strain well the plant material in the best way.

Parchment Paper and Dark-Glass Containers

You will need the parchment paper once you have already finished separating the resin from the alcohol.

You can’t just pour your Hash Oil straight into the final containers where you will keep it because it requires to cool down first.

And so finally, you want to opt for dark-glass containers which will help to minimize any access to light as to preserve the potency of your Hash Oil.

Syringes are another suitable alternative, as they will allow you to control easily the amount of Hash Oil you administer into one dosage.

#2 – How to Prepare your Workspace the Best Way

Do not underestimate the preparation of your workspace, where you plan to make hash oil! Safety comes first.

Alcohol is a very flammable substance so you must not approach absent-mindedly to the procedure.

For best results, executing the hash oil extraction outdoors is the most suitable alternative, as opposed to indoor operations. The outside environment limits the chances of explosions.

Nevertheless, indoor spaces are fine to make your hash oil, as long as you open all the windows and/or use the additional built-up fans in your kitchen.

Wear glasses and a mask to limit any adverse reactions due to the evaporations. Make sure you are also equipped with non-latex gloves to keep your hands safe from burning. Hot-pads are also handy.

#3 – Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Hash Oil

1 – Put 1 ounce of weed (or your preferred dosage) into the mixing bowl. Next, pour Everclear over the marijuana, as to cover all the plants’ parts equally.

2 – Now mix the cannabinoids well, using your wooden spoon or spatula. Do this for a good 2-3 minutes to ensure the success of this procedure.

3 – Once you are done stirring energetically for a couple of minutes, place the cheesecloth over your additional container or mixing bowl. It is time to strain the plants’ material.

4 –After pouring the cannabis mixture using the cheesecloth for straining, simply bundle up that cheesecloth and squeeze it well. Don’t worry if a few tiny parts of the weed still manage to fall behind despite the cheesecloth, this is nothing fatal.

Do not throw away the plants’ material left behind from the first straining, as you will need to repeat the process.

5 – You will now hold a dark green liquid which is almost ready to be moved on to the heat. However, you want to strain the mixture once again because the first straining removes only part of the cannabinoids.

6 – Take the plants’ parts which are left behind from the first straining and transfer them back to your mixing bowl.

7 – Pour Everclear alcohol once again as to cover the material from the first strain, just like you did in the very beginning.

8 – Now simply repeat the process. Mix energetically and well for a couple of minutes, then strain the mixture once more.

9 – As a result, you will now have 2 completely extracted and well-mixed parts of green liquid in your container. So the next step is heating the concoction.

10 – Pour water in the first part of your double boiler. Afterward, pour the weed-alcohol mixture in the top pan.

11 – Turn on the heat and wait until the mixture forms bubbles. Then quickly turn the heat down as the boiling water will do its job.

12 – Sustain the heat only as to ensure your concoction keeps bubbling for 15 to 20 minutes.

Once the time has passed, you should get thick and gorgeous hash oil, ready to scrape from the pan and transfer it to cool on the parchment paper.

And all that’s left for you to do is simply ENJOY!

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