How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

The majority of employers out there put a lot of seriousness when it comes to company drug testing. As an employee that frequently uses marijuana, do you know how to pass a marijuana drug test? 

Whether using it for recreational or medicinal, the majority of companies are strictly implementing drug testing for their employees as a standard to make sure they provide a productive, ethical, and safer working environment. 

We completely know that your intentions of using marijuana are not as bad as what your employer thinks that is why you’re finding the best ways to pass a drug test. 

Considering that the conventional urine tests are already been traced by drug testing companies, you must find better ways to pass a drug test. To help you out, here are some of the best hacks we’ve found out from people who successfully passed a marijuana drug test.

1. Hydrate yourself more than regularly

You should urinate more often than possible so that you can flush out the THC metabolites out of your body. However, don’t try adding water to your urine sample as laboratories are very clever in their current process nowadays to find out if it’s cheated or not. Since you’ve added water, it will change the temperature of your urine sample that is very noticeable by laboratory technicians who will instantly tell that you’re submitting to them urine mixed with water. 

What you can do best is to drink a lot of water 6 to 8 pints each day roughly 2 weeks before your scheduled drug test. As much as possible, schedule your test in the afternoon so that you can chug up water or your favorite hydration drink early. 

Before you start chugging down water, take a vitamin B supplement so that it will help maintain the yellowish and orange color of your pee to kill any suspicion. 

2. Take diuretics

For those who don’t know, diuretics are substances that help in stimulating your body to urinate more than the usual. This is often used for detoxification. Diuretics are simply juices from fruits or vegetables or drinks that contain caffeine which is very common over-the-counter purchases. 

However, the more potent diuretics can be obtained through prescription. These types of diuretics are used to help women who have menstrual problems. This is also more effective than a regular diuretic to pass a drug test. Just a warning though, strong diuretics have negative health effects on people who have pre-existing medical conditions. With that in mind, you have to for the more natural option which is safer. 

3. Use synthetic urine

The most infamous way to pass a drug test with ease is to purchase fake urine or synthetic urine that will never see any traces of THC metabolites. Synthetic urine and even real human urine are highly available online for one sole purpose and that is to help stoners like you to pass a drug test. These products are sold in kits which are formulated to be mixed with tap water easily and heat it to achieve the appropriate temperature using a thermal pad. 

However, this is only applicable for a scheduled drug test since you have to order it online. If you have a surprise drug test the next day, then you’ll be in a world of trouble as you don’t have ample time to prepare. 

4. Ask your family or friend to use their urine

Another doable way to pass a drug test is to ask your family or friend to use their urine as the sample for the lab test. Before you get too excited though, bringing it with you and heating it to achieve the appropriate temperature is quite tricky. Also, the urine’s pH level and its bacterial growth are very noticeable if it is used later in the day. 

5. Skip the workout method

A lot of people resort to working out and sweating out to get rid of the THC metabolites in their bodies. However, this will only increase the level of THC that is mixed in your urine after it is being released from your fat cells. With that in mind, skip exercising two to three weeks before your drug test. For other drugs, sweating out is very effective, but not marijuana. 

6. Get enough sleep

Our body naturally repairs and detoxifies itself during our sleep which helps in flushing out the THC metabolites along with toxins out of your body. With that in mind, you have to sleep at least 8 hours a night without any distractions so that your body can speed up its metabolism and detoxification. So, get rid of that nightly movies and afternoon coffees and get to bed early so that you’ll boost your chances of passing the drug test. 

7. Don’t panic

Everyone will surely panic if their company announced a surprise drug test. This is because if your stress level increases, it will trigger your body to release stress hormones that cause our fat cells to expel the THC metabolites that can be mixed with our urine and sweat. 

So, you have to relax, meditate, and find the best way as early as possible. You can follow the above-mentioned hacks right away and figure out which one you can utilize the soonest and the easiest to prepare for the surprise drug test. 

How to pass a marijuana drug test? Final Words

If ever you’re stuck with a surprise drug test on very short notice, you should be always remaining as calm as possible. Since we’ve already provided you the best hacks that have a very high success rate in passing drug tests, just focus on the easiest hack you can use. 

For occasional marijuana users, all of these hacks are proven to be very effective since you only consume less compared to stoners. All you need to do is to follow the hacks correctly and be mindful of the risks involved. There is no room for complacency so we wish you the best of luck!

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