how to prepare weed for hair growth

How to Prepare Weed for Hair Growth

Dating from the past up to this day, there are various mixtures and things that guarantee you to achieve the length of your choice on your hair just by using it. From the famous salesman down to a low-key seller, you would probably be easily caught once your main agenda is to keep your hair as long as it can be.

The mixtures and brands are various, really, yet how about the unique one or the type of mixing weed and your hair shampoo? As then, how to prepare weed for hair growth is the next line that would openly begin your scene on how it will help you. As unique or unexpected it can be but it can help you.

Fun and Easy Steps on How to Prepare Weed for Hair Growth

If you are fond of weed or perhaps owned some weed, then you can use the weed you have to help you extend the length of your hair. Consequently, this is only a process or way of how to proportionally mix your weed and your shampoo, cream, or conditioner for hair length.

As then, the fun and easy steps on how to prepare weed for hair growth, under this paragraph, will help your problem with hair growth. Just a piece of simple advice, you need to tap your mathematic skills as it needs you to be so careful about the mixing ratio.

Method A

  • If you own some weed extracts, then mixed it with your choice of coconut oil.
  • Boil some water on your pot and carefully add the weed extracts or trims.
  • Lower down the temperature when you add the coconut oil.
  • Let the weed extracts or trim sit well with the coconut oil within 20 minutes.
  • Next, put your stove off then strain the new mixture by using a cheesecloth.
  • Have some time to let the mixture of weed, water, and coconut oil cool down at some point before you place it in a cold spot.
  • When the mixture is now fully cooled, the fatty and quite greasy coconut oil ought to be in a solid structure gliding on the water.
  • Cautiously release the spot of oil within the sides of your chosen container and scratch the earthy colored material that resides on the bottom part.
  • You would now be able to place the pieces or lump of oils back on the container where it comes from or you can have a new container.
  • Lastly, you can now apply this new formula on your daily to help grow well.

Method B

  • Gather some weed extracts, trims, leaves, buds, or anything that you can and easily buy within your town.
  • Choose your favored hair cream or any other paste-like hair cream you have at home. Always remember to have hair cream and not your body cream.
  • Grind your weed down to its tiniest particles so that it can be easily mixed with your hair cream. You can use mortar and pestle or your coffee grinder to keep your weeds as small as it can be. Do not forget that your weed must be the tiniest powdery material.
  • Measure the ratio of your ground weeds to your hair cream. The ratio must always be similar. For instance, one to two tablespoons of weed will go well with two to four tablespoons of hair cream.
  • As then, the ratio must be highly balanced.
  • Mix now the weed and cream and make sure that it is very well mixed. Keep an eye on the appearance of your hair cream as you need to make sure that your hair cream has been entirely together with the ground weeds.
  • After mixing it, do not put your new mixture in the refrigerator as it may result in being grainy.
  • Lastly, you can now use this hair cream weed when you are taking a bath.

There are various ways on how to mix your weed with your hair formula and the moment you do it, make sure that you are doing it properly and not in a haste manner. How can you ever achieve the best formula or mixture when you are not doing it well? Therefore, no matter if it’s method A or method B, always do it diligently.

Some Facts about How Weed Can Affect Hair Growth

  • Cannabis, marijuana, weed, or bud does not only bring you the remedy to various conditions or any high-feeling as this can also help in strengthening or growing your hair long. The contents under any cannabis will help you achieve a moisturizing strong hair.
  • Adding weed to your hair shampoo, cream, or conditioner may somehow thicken your hair as well. As then, if you wanted your hair to become thick, then you can resort to using weed.
  • If ever you encounter or already had the problem on your scalp, then it is highly proven and true that weed can help it. Just like how normal smoking or eating cannabis edible helps on curing psoriasis. Therefore, weed can also help with scalp problems.
  • This may be somehow far but utilizing cannabis, smoking, or eating may give you healing properties against sleeping issues. As then, the good sleep that will be yours connects to giving your hair the way to cope up with as you are not facing issues or stress on how to sleep well. A factual statement says that losing sleep results in bald hair.


Your idea of having the best hair growth will be solved through the help of weed. Consequently, the ways on how to prepare weed for hair growth is the key to how to achieve it; doing the ways will then attain to a point of giving you your desired or wanted thing to happen.

Just do not forget the fact that while you are in the scene of preparing and mixing weed with your hair formula, make sure you remember and measure the ratio well. It’s best to be always careful than to keep on repeating an error. Now, I hope you enjoy mixing weed and your hair formula for your hair growth.

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