how to stay energetic when high

How to Stay Energetic When High

A supposition has been going around the verge of the cannabis world when you felt so high that feeling lethargic is the next or ending thing for you. The matter will mostly reside on how your body reacts to it, absolutely, yet it has been a major, and almost all cases that you feel lethargic when you are high.

As then, the question of how to stay energetic when high has been searched around the World Wide Web to find the best answers to it. The lethargic or any kind of droopy situation is a hard situation to get off as relaxation is the number one antagonist in your busy life.

How to Stay Energetic When High: Resolutions

Constantly keeping your energy is named as a hard task to do as who can resist the idea of resting well or the deterioration of your energy once you’ve used it for too much. If so, how about more on the case of feeling high when the next hit of it is the lethargic feeling.

As then, this paper will bring you some resolutions that you can and must follow for you on how to stay energetic when high. Consequently, this is a case of you battling relaxation caused by cannabis and your role to keep this working and working.


  • The maintenance of being organized is quite a tricky thing to do but once you’ve done it several times, the way to do it once more will be easy.
  • You should not lose your entire control of doing the daily tasks that you needed to work with.
  • Do not be swayed by the idea of relaxing for a long time after hitting some cannabis as this will degrade your working hours and skills.
  • Make a priority list that you need to follow strongly. Always stick to the list you had listed and planned to finish within the day. Hence, a simple to-do list will keep you highly focused.
  • If you are not in the part of making real about your task, it will never be a mistake to take a break. However, the mistake part of taking a break is when let it eat you the entire day or how it will drag you to procrastination.


  • A long healthy diet plus balanced exercise will help your energy in the best position as your metabolism will quickly grind various cannabis contents that impose exhaustion and hangover.
  • Doing exercise while being high, make sure you are not too high as this can lose coordination or balance, will do the honor of keeping the cannabis out from your system easily.


  • If you have already established a sleeping pattern at the noontime, then it’s best to stay away from it or do not do it as this will not keep your energy high.
  • You must control the ability to sleep by enjoying yourself to focus on some other things that can heighten curiosity or engage you in fun activities.


  • The lethargic feeling automatically lights its way when you are doing things following your lazy side.
  • The pressure of couch-locked will possibly happen when you are working your task in a sloth manner. As then, you must move from time to time to erase the probability of couch-locked.


  • There are two wide-known types of cannabis that you can use, either Sativa or Indica. Educate yourself with the concepts on what specific strain you are using or just known whether it’s an Indica or Sativa as Indica is known for therapeutic benefits and Sativa for leisure benefits.
  • Additionally, you must know how strong the marijuana you are using as this will determine how much you should use it on a daily or weekly basis.


  • You must have a piece of wide knowledge about your tolerance level as this will help you how to take marijuana in a dosage.
  • Furthermore, knowing your tolerance level will help you restrain any form of overdosage.


  • If you are situated within the corners of your house or your friend’s house, you can reside in taking a bath when you feel the marijuana seducing you to sleep as this will rekindle your active spirit.
  • The good feeling of the cold or warm (not too much) water which you prefer will help you stay awake for a long time.


  • Drinking water is not one of those best solutions but you can rely on this way.
  • If ever you lean on this way on how to stay energetic when high, then you need to measure your water level as too much of it will do no good as well. Yes, water is good for dehydration but the compounds from the cannabis within your system may not go well with it.
  • If possible, smoke only cannabis when it is highly needed or only take smaller doses. The restriction you will put against yourself on using cannabis will not diminish your energy levels. However, leaning unto the other side of the coin when using cannabis is a companion, then you need to follow the given rules on this paper to keep your energy constantly.


The flux of reaction on using cannabis will somehow result in the termination point which is feeling sleepy, lethargic, or lazy. It has been often cast that after a series of bringing you the effects of cannabis, relaxation is a strong camaraderie. Keeping yourself known from the things on how to stay energetic directly wraps the fundamental thought that you should not be tempted to take relaxation highly.

As then, the ways on how to stay energetic when high is to take a possible measure of maintaining organization, diet plus exercise, control your daily sleeping schedule, move a lot, know your suited strains, know your tolerance level, take a bath, or even drink water. The way on where to work it well will now matter to you as you are the only one who knows well of your body. A bit of simple advice, do not engage in using cannabis if you don’t want relaxation, lethargy, or sleepiness to fetch you while doing your needed to-do list.

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