how to store marijuana seeds

How to Store Marijuana Seeds the Right Way

Learning how to store marijuana seeds the right way will save you a lot of money in the long run. It will also make you save high-quality marijuana seeds that will germinate in your next growing season.

Reality dictates that with the right methods of storage for your marijuana seeds, you can easily increase your seeds’ lifespan. Some growers who have stored their marijuana seeds that are in an ideal condition reported keeping them for 10 years, or even longer. As a rule of thumb, marijuana seeds need to be kept in a dry, cool, and dark place.

On top of that, there are also other things that can be taken into consideration.

NOTE: The longer you store the seeds, the higher the chance that they won’t germinate. However, if you can’t grow them all at the same time, then this post on storing marijuana should be useful for you.

Pack Your Seeds Properly

First off, if you want to know how to store marijuana seeds the right way then you have to learn how to pack the seeds properly first. Well, packing your seed can be easy but there are things that you need to consider.

If you purchased your autoflowering, feminized, and regular weed seeds from a breeder and the seeds were packed in a controlled container with moisture controls and vacuum seals, you may decide to leave such packaging completely intact in storage. However, this is not recommended for long-term storing.

Based on our experience, the best marijuana seeds storing technique is by using a mason jar. Make sure to put it away from light and moisture. Put grains of rice with the seeds as the grain of rice absorbs the moisture thus protecting the seeds.

For the best protection possible, you can decide to leave some silica gel or rice to the pack, or perhaps invest in a vacuum sealer.

A Note on Moisture

While at a dormant phase, marijuana seeds are still expected to carry on life processes. The moisture absorbed from the air is combined with the stored nourishment inside the seed in order to create a food that is soluble.

Afterward, it is then combined with oxygen coming from the air in order to release heat and water. Keep in mind that too much exposure to air moisture can make the seed burn up all of its stored food faster, thus producing extra heat which can even lower the ability of the seeds to germinate.

At this point, the need is to make sure that the exchanges are kept at a minimum while storing your seeds in order to potentially prolong their life.

Several growers use silica gel in order to dry seeds. It may also be used in maintaining the stable moisture levels inside a permanent container for storage.  If you are planning to use silica gel, you may want to use equal weights. It is highly recommended that the seeds are placed inside aluminum zip lock bags, stored in seed jars with the right amount of silica gels in order to maintain the right amount of moisture levels. However, it is very important to understand that if the moisture levels are too low, it may also seriously damage your seeds.

The Right Temperature

When it comes to temperature, your seeds can still survive extreme temperatures which may otherwise kill the mother plant, so long as they have been dried thoroughly. Frozen excess moisture may possibly freeze and damage the seeds. As such, the seeds need to be stored in a cold or cool place. Thus, floor level locations are often preferred since those that are somewhat nearer to the ceiling may be relatively warmer.

If you are planning to store your marijuana seeds for a longer-term, the best option for storage is placing them inside the freezer or fridge. The most important thing is that the moisture content of your seeds, as well as the container, should be low, with the container being air-tight. The recommended temperature inside a refrigerator is about 4 degrees Celsius.

If you decide to use the freezer for your storage, there are certain things that you also need to ensure. One, make sure that the seeds are not taken out long enough, or too much because a change in temperature may have an impact on the seeds. If you plan to remove your seeds out of the freezer, make sure that you leave the container tightly closed while the seeds warm up to the temperature of the room. Otherwise, you may notice condensation forming on the seeds.

Impact of Light

Similar to temperature and moisture, light also plays a vital role when it comes to stimulating and supporting the overall process of seed germination. Just like several other foods, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals that deteriorate rapidly when exposed to light. Therefore, the vigor and viability are seeds can be affected if they are overly exposed to light while being stored. By making sure that everything is kept in moderation, you will certainly be able to store your marijuana seeds appropriately.

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